Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


11. Louis View

Louis Point Of View-


I locked my room door. Laying on my bed, my mirror right in front. "she does not one bit remember me" I whispered 


I need her.


I still love her. 


I got up walking over to my closet. opening the door getting on my toes to get a box on my top shelf. I traced the dust with my finger tips, blowing it off, taking a deep sigh. I sat down on the floor putting the box right in front of me. I slowly took of the lid taking out a collection of photos of amber and I. 


"is this right?" I questioned " I don't even know how it happen how she got in the accident in the first place?" I shook my head and laughed at the picture of my X Factor audition when I gave ams chocolate. "she's so beautiful when she laughs" I said 


"ha look at me I'm even taking to myself I'm going mad" I sighed running my fingers through my somewhat wavy hair. The noises of my phone giving me a slight heart attack. I got up walking over to my night stand.


"hello?" I answered


"Hey Louis How ya been?" Danielle said on the other line 


"Well my own girlfriend doesn't remember me and she could give a rats ass about me, so you know couldn't be better" 


"Louis, she cares about you. I just know she does" 


" Dani, am I wasting my time? I mean she even said herself she doesn't love me. Can we go back to 2010 when things were so much simpler" I heard Danielle sigh. It was quite for a moment until she spoke again


"You're not wasting your time. Look amber is probably going to kill me for telling you this but she was really worried about you, she's got a bit of anxiety that she can't remember. Telling me her heart hurts" 


"ha! that makes two of us, Danielle. You don't know what It's like having an empty feeling like ya've lost someone a long for the person you love." 


" Oh, but I do the 1st time I was dumped Louis...." 


"but I haven't been dumped... wait have I. I mean she doesn't remember me as her boyfriend which means she won't consider me as one" 


"want me to put her on the line?" Danielle asked, my heart pounding I soon started to become nervous




"wait she's telling me no... haha she says Hi Louis... wait she is groaning into a pillow. Aww louis she is blushing. I swear Louis deep down she is still the same amber that loves you" I couldn't help but smile... I hope it's really true "ahhh!" I heard screaming on the other line followed by a "bye Louis" from a different voice... amber's. The line was cut, I sighed today I cried, kissed, smiled and did lots of thinking... if only she knew was she was doing to me...




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