Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


5. I'll come with you


 Amber's point of view- 

A/N) This little star * means like minutes later maybe hours. 


 I couldn't sleep

I was curious to find out more. I was curious on what Doncaster looked like... Who were these boys and Lottie. Wait doesn't Danielle leave today?! I quickly got out of bed looking for my phone. Dialing her. 


'Danielle!' I Yelled 


'Please tell me you haven't left' 

'I haven't left'

'Thank gosh' 

'Im leaving soon though I'm just packing up. The boys left yesterday' 

'The invite is still open right?'

'Of course' 

'Do you need my house address or do you give me your hotel?'

'I got it taken cover no worry ill be there in 30' 

She hanged up, I put my phone to charge as I grabbed my luggage packing some jeans, a few sweats and shorts. Old t-shirts and some blouses. I added bras, socks and underwear. Wait I haven't even told me parents. I took a deep breath. Walking down the stairs, my parents not in the living room. I made my way through the kitchen and towards the back yard 

"Mum, dad" I said, they stopped what they were doing and turned towards me 

"I'm going away for a while" I said 

"To the market? Oh can you get me some flour" my mother said 

"No as in country..." 

"You can't travel to a different country with out us" my dad said 

"But I'm 19... Ill be 20 in a month or so" my mother sighed as my dad gave her a look 

"Its fine sweetie" my mum said 

"No..." My dad said, I walked back inside the house. One parent says yes the other says no.... Hmmm. I lifted my luggage putting my phone charger and two pairs of shoes. I ran to my bathroom putting my tooth brush and hair brush. I grabbed my phone putting it in my back pocket as I rolled my luggage out my room. I gently rolled it down the stairs all the way out side. I can't just wait out front for Danielle to come what if my dad sees me and starts to fuss. i began walking about a block down, taking out my phone and dialing Danielle. 





'Don't pick me up at my house, can you pick me about a block down?' 

'I'm on your street, so do I just drive down'

'Yes' She hanged up. I looked both ways waiting for Danielle,  maybe she doesn't know where I live?... I never told her. 


I smiled running to her car, she opened the trunk as I threw my luggage in. I opened the passengers door, buckling up. 

"Why down a block?" She asked, making a turn 

"Cause my parents wouldn't let me go"

"You're old enough"  

"I know..." 

Minutes later- 

We arrived at the airport a couple minutes ago, now were just waiting for the plane to departure. Danielle told me its 22 hours which really isn't even a day... 

"You are telling me you don't remember this cutie" Danielle said showing me her phone laughing at a picture of a boy making a silly face with whip cream all over his face.  

"Sadly no" my smile faded 

"Oh" she put her phone away 

"What's his name?" I asked 

"Liam, Liam Payne he's got the biggest heart... Sweetest smile, gives the best hugs.. I love him" Danielle grinned 

"Sounds like a lovely guy... Are you guys dating?" 

"Yes since X factor, do you remember anything from that?" 

"Please turn off you electronics we are now departing to Doncaster" the flight attended said. I thought about what Danielle asked... X factor.. X factor 

"Actually yes. My mum has a phone full of pictures of Alex and me at xfactor" 

"Wait who's Alex?"

"I think he's famous. Pretty cool huh! I have a famous cousin. But I saw him on a j-14 magazine. Went home grabbing my mums old phone going through the pictures" 

"Do you have the phone with you?" 

"No I got taken away a couple of weeks ago for snooping and taking the phone..." 

"You've got to get it back and show me these pics, by any chance was Liam or I in them?" 

"I only saw about 10 pictures out of 80" 

"Well from those ten what did you see"

"Um little girls, surrounding me on a bed. Ehm three were blonde and one was a brunette... And Alex" I looked at Danielle who looked like she was thinking. She opened her mouth to say something but decided not to. 

I was looking out the window ready to get off this plane. An announcement was just made saying we will be ready to land in 10 minutes. 

"Hey dani" I said turning to her. She was grinning at me "what?" I asked 

"You called me dani, this is progress!" She yelled giving me a side hug 

"Haha yeah I guess I did" 

"But what did you want to ask" 

"How did you know where I live?" 

"Oh um... That's not important"

"I'm scared now" I laughed 

"No I'm not some raspiest stalker or anything. I kinda sorta followed you home" 


"Cause you avoided talking to me at the parlor" 

"Because I didn't know you" 

"But you do know me, look some how you got amnesia, you lost your memory or at least anything from far back in 2010" Danielle said. It became quiet again, as we waited to land. 

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