Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


9. I wish I Could

Danielle's Point Of View- 

We finished eating about two hours ago, getting a text from Liam. Telling me he will be here in 15 minutes. 

"Okay am" I began getting her attention off the telly

"Mmm" she asked facing me 

"So as you know I have a date with Liam-"

"How could I not you got ready since the morning" 

"I showered and applied make up. now I'm dressed and my hair is straighten so shhh. Anyways while I'm gone you will go over to louis house" 

"Why he hates me" 

"Why do you say that" 

"Just they way he acted yesterday, he seemed annoyed or bugged by me" 

"Trust me he's not " 


"Get dressed!" 

"Shorts and a tee isn't good enough?" 

"Amber you spilled orange juice on yourself" 

"Soo" she whinnied walking back to her room. Shes still childish, I laughed the door ringing

"Daniii" Liam cheered hugging me 

"Hi Liam" I smiled 

"Ready?" He asked grabbing me by my hips. Our faces inches away.

"Not quite, ambers still getting dressed" I tapped his nose 

"Ewww" we both turned to amber scrunching her nose at us 

"What?" Liam asked 

"You guys were about to kiss"  

"Oh you mean like this?" I smiled pressing my lips on to Liam's. He kissed me back but I pulled away to see amber trying to get out the front door. We followed Liam to his car. At least amber changed into blue jeans and a floral top with a grey cardigan. 

Amber's Point Of View- 

Liam parked in front of louis house. I being the first one to step out 

"Well go on" Liam said

"What?" I asked 

"Knock on Louis door" dani said

"Aren't you coming" 

"We have a date" 

"So I'm just a suppose to come here so he can babysit me?!" 

"If you want to regain your memory the person that can help you the most is louis, have fun" Liam drove away 

"What does that mean!!" I yelled, groaning once they were gone I walked up the flower path ringing the bell. I looked around the sky grey and gloomy like it was going to rain. Spoke to soon I felt a drop fall on me. I waited about a minute until louis opened the door. He let me in and we sat at the living room. Dead silent. He looked down at his lap, what I assume thinking? This is stupid

"can I just go back to Danielle's house and you tell her I stayed?" I got up opening the front door a pair of hands grabbing my hips and making me stop in place. My gaze locked on him.

"I asked her if she could bring you but if you don't care then leave"  he let go of me, his eyes looking down as he climbed a few stairs 

"Care? Why would I care?" I asked. Louis mumbled a few words continuing to walk up the stairs. I shut the door following up the stairs. I began walking through these halls like it was my own house. I stopped to stare at a door labeled 

Lottie's Room 

I unlocked the door to see a butterfly wallpaper room. A dresser, big bed nice furniture. I walked over to her night stand picking up a picture of me being hugged by four girls.... The exact picture on my mothers old blackberry. I put it down walking out the room. I took a deep breath approaching another door, I'm positive is Louis. Knocking waiting for him to open it but he didn't, luckily it was unlocked I open the door to see louis face down on his bed. 

"Louis" I spoke, he quickly got up facing the other way wiping his cheeks 

"What" he answered shakily    

"I didn't mean to make you cry... I'm sorry" I sat on his bed by him 

"I wasn't crying" louis said and I laughed 

"Were your eyes sweating!?" I asked, louis smiled up at me but it faded "hey um when do your sisters come back again? I wanna see the rest of my cousins" 

"Cousins?" Louis gave me a strange look 

"Ye... My mum mixed up your name she told me it was Alex. And I saw a picture of me in your sisters room? But then Dani says we aren't" I questioned 

"Amba... We.. We were a lot more than cousins" 

"Go on" 

"You were my girlfriend..." 

"Look I know I lost my memory but a person doesn't forget that" 

"You aren't just a person. You're my everything.My first love. Amber.... I love you and It hurts!" Louis raised his voice it cracking as he spoked hearing the broken in his voice

"Im sorry. But I don't love you back louis. This is insane" I got up running down the stairs, tears rolling down to my cheek    

"How can you say that after everything we went through!" Louis following right behind me. I opened the front door walking out into the rain "tell me" he yelled pulling my wrist before I could run any further

"If you're my boyfriend why did my parents tell me you're my cousin... It just doesn't add up" 

"Cause they're screwed up, logic is the last thing amber, look at me and think deep inside" louis grabbed me by my shoulders staring at me with hope 

"Its raining, I'm getting wet" I looked down away from his piercing blue eyes 

"Like I give a fuck" by now he was mad and frustrated and I couldn't take it, I broke into tears but its not like it matter since I was soaking wet "I'm sorry" louis wrapped me in a hug as I cried on his shoulder. 

I calmed down a bit

"Amber" he said in a low voice, I stepped back to look at him face front 

"Yes" I said shyly 

"Tell me you don't remember this" he said pulling me closer to him. He placed his hand on my cheek kissing me. My lips moved in sync with his. The kiss deepening in depth. I put my hands on his chest pushing my self away tears rolling down my face

"I wish I could..." I swallowed the lump on my neck, running off 


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