Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


10. Don't leave me hanging

Amber's Point of view- 

I don't even know where Danielle lives. I'm soaking wet and my heart aches. 

I went under a tree taking out my phone dialing Danielle. It rang and no one answered. I wiped my eyes dialing again. 


"Da- Danielle pleaseee come pick me up.. i-its raining... And i hate this. Can I- I just get hit by a car." I wept 

"Woah, woah what about louis" 

"He says he- he loves me, he- he's crazy my he-ad hurts" 

"Where are you?" 

"A few houses down from louis" 

"Be there quick" 

The call ended. I took a deep breath. My head is killing me. Thank god the raining is calming down a bit. 

Liam's black car pulled up besides the tree a worried Danielle coming out 

"Amber" she brought me into a hug. I didn't hug her back. Im soaking wet  and I don't want to ruin her outfit. "What happen?!" 

"Can we go to your place?" I asked looking down 

"Come on" she said opening the back door for me. I carefully got in. 

"Want my sweater?" Liam asked. I simply shook my head no. Liam and dani whispered a few words. Soon all I could here was the radio as I starred out the window. The car came to a stop. 

"I'm sorry for ruing your date" I finally spoke, stepping out the car. Danielle kissed Liam goodbye. Opening the door. 

"You didn't ruin our date" Danielle said taking off her heels 

"Yes I did" I walked off to my room. Taking off these wet clothes and dressing into pj bottoms and a white long sleeve shirt. I picked up the wet clothes hanging them at the bathroom. I looked into the mirror, bags under my eyes red from crying. A few mascara running. 

"Liam wanted to take me to a fancy restaurant. The line was long we never really made it in" Danielle spoke.  I looked at her through the mirror "now you going to tell me what happen?" She leaned on the door. I went up to her bringing to her hug. 

"I wanna go back home?" I cried 

"There, there" Danielle said patting my back "come on" she lead me to the couch i sat down. As she went to make some coffee. I pulled a blanket on the couch on top of me wiping my eyes. 

"Thank you" i said as Danielle handed me the cup. I took a sip dani waiting for me to speak. 

"He said he loved me?... I told him I didn't.. Im such a horrible person why cant I remember my own boyfriend? Was he even my boyfriend?!" I wept 

"Before me and Liam dated, you and louis were the perfect couple. I was jealous of how much he loved you and how cute you two were" 

"Were we engaged?" 

"Hah not yet" 

"Tell me more, like were we always together?" 


"So he did love me" I whispered putting my finger tips over my lips remembering his kiss. 

"Why were you crying?" Danielle asked 

"Cause there was a pain on my heart, my head just everything the fact that he is waiting for me to regain my memory.... he is wasting his time, when he can have someone better. Because I cant feel what I felt before..." 

"unless you have heart problems... I know for a fact you still have feelings for him" 

"Why?!" I put the blanket up to my face 

"Cause some where deep inside you know damn right who louis Tomlinson is and you're dying to kiss him" Danielle smiled, I bit my lip 

"oh yeah and We kissed" I said 

"How was it. Did you feel the magic?!" Danielle grinned 

"Oh my gosh" I laughed feeling my cheeks burn 

"Don't leave me hanging!" 

" it was a nice kiss, but he asked me do I remember kissing him. And I told him I wish I could I'm such an emotional wreck!"  I felt like pulling out my hair 

" poor lou, hey Ima call him" 

"Wait let me go back to Sweden than you call him" 

"I call him then we can go to your house and you show me that phone remember?" Danielle patted my leg getting up towards her room. I took a deep sigh laying on her couch

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