Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


16. Don't Fight

Amber's point of view-

I ringed on my house door waiting for it to open. It was 1:00 in the morning and my parents were probably wondering who was at the door. After about ringing four times I gave up Maybe I'll get lucky and they will look out the window or wake up early. I slid my back going down the door as I sat on the porch. I'll call the house! I grabbed my bag digging to find my phone dead.

"Lovely!" I yelled

Hours later*

`"Amber?!" I was shook awake, I opened my eyes to see my father.

"Dad?"I rubbed my eye

"Ohhh I missed you" my dad wrapped me in a hug. It took me a minute to realize where I was. I got up, my dad grabbing my luggage, we walked inside the house.

"Oh my god!" A deep sigh of relief was taken. I looked around to see it was my mum. she ran down the stairs to give me a hug. "Honey!" She placed her hands on my cheeks squishing them.

"Mum" I said, she continued to feel me as if I was not real "mum..."

"Amber, your hands why are they so dry and your eyes have you been crying! Or smoking?!"

"Mum!" I yelled, she took her hands off me, to look at my father.

"If you excuse me I'll be in my room!" I ran up the stairs, with only my bag. I sat on my bed looking around my room just taking it in from not seeing it in forever. I took out my phone and charger plugging it into the wall. I walked towards my mirror seeing if my eyes were red like my mum had said and they were... Just a tad bit. I cried on the plane, Thinking that I probably won't ever see them again.... But I had to leave. I was causing too much emotional pain.

3 Days Later-

I've been feeling this empty feeling and it sucks, so I invited Alina and tony to see if they could take my mind off things.

"I'm so glad I could take a break from school to come visit you!" Alina smiled and said she was really glad to be here for the forth time now. Tony still hasn't come.

"Yeah speaking of school how is it"

"Amazing! I've been invited to frat parties. Seniors are total babes but speaking about babes I've got something to tell you" Alina spoke in a delighted manner.

"Go on" I said, my room door opened in coming Tony

"Your parents let me in" he said sitting down by Alina

"You got a new hair style" I said looking that he grew his hair very similar to Louis's.

"Yeah! Alina here suggested I put my hair down" Tony said reaching for Alina's hand. I raised my eyebrow, as she took her hand away.

"Ehm so how was? Where did you go?" Alina stood up.


"Did you tell her?" Tony interrupted me

"I didn't get to it" she said

"Are you ashamed of me. Alina it's the third time now!"

"I didn't get the time to okay tony!"

They continued to yell, I laid on my bed putting the pillow on my head.

"Three times only! Gah!" She yelled

"I told my parents about you! I told my best mate!"

"Shut up! Shut up! The both of you" I yelled throwing the pillow that was on my head. I sighed closing my eyes, silence finally in the room

"I'm sorry" Alina placed her hand on my shoulder

"why fight over something as stupid as this! Why fight at all!" I yelled

"Were sorry" tony said

"Leave.... The both of you" I sighed

"Amber we're sorry"

"I need some time alone" Tony left out my room door first followed by Alina.

Minutes later-

I laid on my bed watching MTV.

"Amber we're going out want anything" my dad yelled

"No" I yelled. Nothing on MTV I having an interest in. I walked over to my window seeing the car pull out. I laid against the widow  just looking out. Mid- afternoon, I personally think my room has the best view.

"Beautiful isn't it" a whisper that sent chills down my spine.

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