Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


6. Doncaster

Danielle's point of view

Hours later
I'm waiting for amber to get out the loo. We're in Doncaster now but still at the airport. I looked down at my phone buzzing 

My baby would like to face time you 

Slide to answer 

"dani, are you here?" Liam showed his face "is this working" Niall popped his head, zayn and Louis in the couch behind 

" Yeah it's working and we're at the airport" 

"Still in Sweden" I heard Harry yell, Liam moving the phone towards him 

"No Doncaster"

" And ambers with you" Liam asked 

"She's in the loo" 

" wait you're in Doncaster!?" Louis yelled getting into the picture 


"Bring amber over to my place, all of us are here it's perfect" 

"Like I mentioned Louis, she doesn't remember us. If I bring her to your place its too much for one day. We don't want to overwhelm her" 


"No butts bye she's coming!" I ended the FaceTime call, standing up I rolled amber her luggage as we walked 

"Call a taxi?" I said, amber walked to one side then the other whistling, a black taxi pulling over. The driver got out the taxi to help us put our luggages in the trunk. All three of us getting in. 

"Where can I take you too lovely ladies" he said looking at us though the rear view mirror 

"Conga Drive" I said 

Minutes later< 

I tipped the taxi man, going up the stairs 

"I can stay at a hotel" amber said 

"Ha! No way" 

"Dani you're too kind" 

Amber's point of view- 

I followed Danielle up a flight of stairs, this place was really nice and I felt like I've been here before. As dani opened the door I examined the plants growing on the walls. I walked in placing my luggage down, looking around the place. It's all too familiar, but this is wonderful just what I need to regain my memory. 

"I have two rooms, one bathroom, well there's one in my room. One kitchen and a living room, now make your self at home" dani smiled walking down a corridor turning on a few lights. " amber come" I walked down the corridor with my luggage making loud scratching noise on the wood floor. 

"You'll be sleeping in here" 

"Thank you" I said placing my luggage down 

"Sorry if it smells like cologne I make Liam sleep her cause it funny when he's in my bed" 

"Hmm funny alright" I laughed giving her a look 

"Aww you're still the same amber at heart" dani wrapped me in a hug 

"Yeah I wish I never forgot" I mumbled as we broke away from the hug 

"Right down the hall is my room and to your side is the bathroom and that other door is a closet, I'ma be in the kitchen" she smiled walking away closing the door on her way out. I placed my luggage on the bed taking out all my clothes placing them on the bed one by one placing each one into the drawers after about what felt like an hour probably was only thirty minutes I was done. I tapped my phone seeing it was 9:51, and I had missed calls from my parents. I laid back on the bed putting my hood from my hoodie on. I laughed at my stomach growling, I wonder if dani made food? I opened my door sliding to the kitchen in my socks 

"Dani, do you have any snacks" I said 

"I have tv-dinners and left over pizza" she got up from the couch walking over to the Fridge 

"I'll take a pizza" dani got a slice putting it in the microwave "You know I have a faint memory of your house" I said 


"Yes the stairs and the plants on the walls brings back a memory but it not all quite there, I don't know if you get me..." 

"No yeah I get you like you have it in your mind and it only gives you a slight picture you just have to search for it in order to remember more" 


'Beep beep' 

Danielle took out my plate adding another one in the microwave for herself I assume. 

"Thank you" I sat down at the counter 

"Join me at the couch instead" the microwave beeped once again. I followed Danielle to the couch taking a seat 

Dani yawned causing me to yawn as well 

"Contagious" I smiled 

"Haha yeah" 

"I'm quite sleepy" 

"I think we should get some sleep we have a big day of catching up ahead of us" Danielle powers off the tele, both of us walking down the corridor she opened her door as I opened mine 

"Good night" I said

"Good night am" 


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