Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


13. Does it?


A/N) I was listening to The Album salute by little mix while writing this and where Louis and amber enter the burger place These four walls came up and I shed a tear... I suggest listening to it while you read that part.... Well Enjoy :) 


Amber's Point Of view- 

Danielle drove to her flat, happy that I was going on a 'date' with louis. I was still confused on what happen... 

"Are you even listening" Dani said


"Huh what?" I asked 


"I said what dress do you want to wear" she pointed to the four laid across her bed. I went with the blue short summer looking dress although it was cold out. 

"Do you have any leggings" i asked

"Yes, what type" 

"Some to mach this one" I held the dress. Danielle shook her head and walked to her closet. I thought about Louis and the weird feeling I got when- 

"How bout these" dani held a white/ clear sort of tights 

"Perfect"  I shook off my thoughts, I walked to her closet undressing into the blue dress and tights. When I walked out, dani was focusing on her different make up brushes. She handed me light brown boots. I took a seat on her chair as she did my make up. I pulled my hair all to one side doing a messy side braid. 

"Hello?" Danielle lifted up her phone. I don't know why she has it on vibrate. I always loose mine when its on it. "Uh... Okay" "yeah" "mhmmm" "bye louis" she hanged up continuing to blush my cheeks 

"Soo...?!" I asked 

"Oh louis, said he will be here in two" 

"And you' weren't going to tell me?" 

"It's cute how you can sense your nervous" Danielle smiled 

"Psh! Me nervous! Nope... Not one bit... I'm just confused..." 


"Well why did he want me to 'play along' when his sister was near? And why was Lottie so welcoming to me like we have this special bond" 

" I think louis will explain that" 

The door rang and I got this sick feeling in my stomach. Danielle grinned walking out the room. I pulled her wrist before she could leave 

"Danielle please don't open the door tell em I got sick... Yeah.." 

"Why?" She laughed 

"You know how weird and awkward it will be going on a date with a boy who made you cry and you admitted to him you don't love him or feel the same" 

"Ha! Look Amber, you're going on that date and that day you were talking crazy.. Kay?" Danielle pulled her arm away walking to the door. I took a deep breath. I picked up the clutch from the bed, Following after her. 

"Alright ams here" Danielle smiled 

"I sure am"

"Well... Bye Danielle" Louis yelled, I walked behind louis. Not yet having said a a word to him. I hoped Into his car. He seemed so happy I didn't want to ruin his spirit. He drove out of Danielle's park way. 

"You look beautiful" Louis said breaking the silence 

"Oh eh thanks" I smiled, looking away from him. The weather looked decent compared to the other days I've been here. But I love this weather. So why am I complaining... Wait when some one compliments you do it back right? 

" you don't look too bad yourself" I said receiving a chuckle from Louis


"what?" I asked 

"Nothing... It's just you took a while to say it back" 

"So you were expecting me to say you look good" 

"Eh, yeah." 


" anyways how do you feel about burgers" 

" not bad, why?" 

"we're here" Louis announced, taking the keys out the ignition, walking out. I raised my eyebrow closing the car door. Across the little corner restaurant said 'Burger Jim' with a cartoon burger with a little hat atop the entrance. Louis and I took a seat by the window. 

" you probably feel uncomfortable don't you?... " Louis asked and I fixed my gaze at him

"No why?" 

"Well I don't know... You seem quiet" 

"Oh, explain to me this whole 'play along' thing... Why do I have too" 

"Hello kids what can I get you too" 

"A cheese burger" I said 

"I'll take the same" 


"Coke?" Louis asked looking at me I nodded my head "two Cokes" I smirked at the way he said cokes. The waitress walked away. 

"What?" He smiled 

"Oh nothing two cokes" I smiled 

"What?!" He whinnied 

" you said two cokes so posh like" 

"You have an accent too so?" 

" yeah! But...it's mixed now so, it doesn't Sound like your soft toned, posh, perfect tone you know" 

" Amber you're such a flirt!" 

"No even" 


"There you go again with your sure" Louis smiled, looking out the window it was silent. The waitress came back with our cokes. Louis looked back out the window taking a sip out his coke. I bit my lip, his eyelashes naturally curled up and his wavy hair messy put in a bowl. I never really noticed it put his has some nice cheek bones. 

"Eh.. So about your question" Louis turned around. I continued to ogle at him when he cleared his throat. I snapped out of it looking a his lips form into another smile. 

" wha- what about it" 

" look I'm just going to go straight to the point. I... I don't want Lottie or my sisters even my mum knowing you lost your memory. You were really close to them and I can't picture them being as..." 

"As?.." I asked 

"As heart broken as I was when I found out" Louis took a deep breath his voice barely audible. I saw Louis bit his lip look back out the window. " excuse me" he said getting up.

"Louis" I said. He walked out this burger place. I scooted towards the window being able to look at him. I saw Louis cleaning his cheeks, he paced to one side. Kicking a rock, shaking his head. Should I got comfort him?... No am the reason he is crying...  I took a deep breath placing my arms on the table placing my face into my palms. Since when did things become so complicated. I lifted my head to see the waitress placing two burgers at the table. 

"Did ye boyfriend walk out on you" she asked concern 

"No mam... He, he Is taking some fresh air"  I reassured myself. She walked away and I thought did I just call Louis my boyfriend. The door opens Louis coming in his hands in his leather jacket. He sat back i front of me. I examined his red nose and pink cheeks. Did it get colder? His eyes were sad. He dipped a chip into ketchup eating it with out saying a word. 


"Ye-yes" his voice cracked 

" I won't say a word... I-I promise" I stuttered as I reached for his hand across the table. He jumped at my actions. 

"Thank you"  he said removing his hand. 

"Is that it?" I asked, he raised his eyebrows. 

"What?" He asked 

"like.. That's what you meant by play along, don't tell your family I lost my memory" I took a big bite of the burger waiting for Louis to reply. He swirled around his straw in the coke. 

"As far as they know... We've been dating since 2010" I shook my head taking a sip of my drink. "And... You, can you... Can I ask you to at least try to act like we- we're dating" I could tell how hard that was for Louis to say. I looked down and smiled 

"Course" I smiled 

"I have a question?" He asked 


"No never mind, maybe some other time" Louis took a bit of his burger 

"Aw come on! You already got me thinking!" 

"Well we never declared we were over... Cause you know you lost your memory and well I lost contact with you for bout two years. So does that mean we... We're still together" 

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