Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


3. coming back

Amber's dad point of view- (Dave)

The door rang and I went to answer it, my eyes growing wide to see Danielle. 

"Mr. Summers!" She wrapped me in a hug. I waited for her to remove her hands off me 

"What brings you here" I asked 

"Well I saw amber and well she doesn't remember me... Or Doncaster or much really" 

"Sorry about that" I said about to close the door on her face 

"The answer is why!" She yelled pushing with her force trying to keep the door open 

"It was for the best!" I yelled shutting and locking the door. I know i must be a terrible father for what I've done. 

Danielle's point of view- 

I scoffed at amber's fathers actions. How rude to shut a door in a lady's face. I took a step back looking around at the house. I'm really tempted to climb up to one of these windows. Why did I even come back? I mean... I could have just drove off but I had to come back...this is stressful. Maybe I just wanted answers yeah that's it. Buzzzz

"Hello?" I picked up my phone 

"Dani babe, where are you? The dance crew said you left" Liam said on the other line 

"Oh I had to take care of things Where do I meet you guys at?" 

"The hotel" 

"Okay love you!" 

"Love you too" I hanged up, I sighed walking back to my car, driving off 

Minutes later- 

"Dani!!" Liam shouted bringing me into a hug. I pulled apart taking off my heels 

"You hungry?!" Harry asked bringing a sub in my face 

"No thanks Harry" I laid down 

"What's wrong love, where were you?" Liam asked reaching for my hand 

"Well I went to a pizza parlor with the crew and I saw amber" I started off 

"Amber?!" Louis yelled questioning. I should have been quieter "you saw amber? My Amber?!" 

"Yes I did, I followed her home and all" 

"Well give me her address! She has explanation to do and hugging." Louis yelled opening the door waiting for me to come

"No.... Louis you see, she doesn't" I stopped my self, sitting up

"She doesn't what" Liam asked 

"She doesn't remember us" I said looking down 

"It's only been a year or so" zayn said 

"I know and I find it strange, so I tried asking her father but he shut the door in my face saying it was for the best" 

"No one shuts the door on my Danielle" Liam said 

"It's fine Liam" I squeezed his hand. I looked over at Louis smile disappear as he shut the door 

"Doesn't remember us? That's the biggest load of shit I've heard. Maybe she doesn't remember you but I doubt she's forgotten about me" Louis said walking into the other bedroom 

"Louis" Niall said 

"No he's right I only mentioned myself and Doncaster. Never said anything about Louis. So maybe she did forget her good friend... Her best friend The one that was there for her when she was down or had questions and concern!" I yelled standing up 

"Dani please he didn't mean that" Liam said 

"Let Louis be denial" Harry said 

"I'm not in denial!" Louis yelled. I sighed going to the loo. Locking the door and starting a bath. 

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