Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


15. Come Back....

Louis Point Of View-


Danielle Called me to come over... But I didn't want to go. I didn't want to see Amber and plus I'm here with the lads having a blast. 


"why do you think she wants you over?" Asked Liam... curious that dani didn't mention him or messaged him


"I don't care, I'm not going" I replied putting my feet up on my mums coffee table 


"shes calling again" Niall said picking up my vibrating and ringing phone 


"ok" I said 


"why are you avoiding the call?" Zayn asked 


"right.... its my dani don't be rude tommo" I groaned at Liam's comment picking up my phone 


"what Danielle?" I said annoyed, yeah I have no being to be mad at Danielle I'm just 


"Come over please, I know you saw my message. Amber left" The call ended 


"left where?" I asked still talking on the phone when my brain finally functioned she hanged up. I got up walking to the coat rack getting a jean jacket "Boys you coming or you staying?" They all got up as we got into harry's car.


"what she say?" asked harry 


"I don't know she told me amber left" 


"to like the shop?" Niall asked 


"she seemed worried for just a trip to the grocery store" Harry pulled up to Danielle's apartment. we made it to the front door Liam ringing the bell. 


"Hello Ba-" 


"She left..... she actually left" Danielle interrupted Liam by falling into his arms 


"what do you mean?" Harry asked, I don't think any of us have seen Danielle cry. Maybe Liam but we certainly have not. 


"I- I told her if she liked Sweden so much then to go and sh-sh-she did. I- We got in an argument" Liam wiped Dani's cheeks as we sat around her couch.  "she- she also left a note" she stuttered reaching into her pocket taking out a napkin. I took it it reading 



Dear Danielle,   


Hi You were right... Louis was right what is all my thinking for?... I don't even know but what I do know is. Coming to doncaster was a mistake, well not a total mistake it was nice meeting you and louis... Neil... Zayn Henry and Liam. All this memory stuff doesn't make sense to me an that's probably why I've been doing all this thinking. You told me louis was going to make me remember but really he hasn't and I fell bad. Tell him I'm sorry.... Please, and Danielle I'm sorry I'm probably a terrible best friend and you don't want anything to do with me. Um well thank you for letting me stay here with you in doncaster. It brought back some memories... bye 

Amber xx 



I read Aloud....


"she never did get my name right" Niall said laughing 


"or mine... who's Henry?" 


"Fuck up she tried" I said 


"she said it was nice meeting us" Zayn said, it became quiet 


"nice... nice! meeting us! she didn't meet us she Knows us" I said a tear escaping my eye


"she was probably sleepy when she wrote this.... " Harry said 


"or maybe... she couldn't give one fuck about us" I said throwing the napkin


"Louis, what amber needs is an explanation.... she probably wants back up any kind of information on how she lost her memory and that's what we're going to do" Liam said 


"what do you mean" Danielle said looking up at Liam. "I mean we are going to Sweden" 


"why weren't you listening she said I didn't help her remember anything" 


"that's true but we Love amber don't we?" Liam asked and it grew silence once more. 


"I love her... as my friend" Niall spoke first 


"we All do" Danielle said 


" I love her as mine! my Amber, my love, My happiness" 


"and we're going to help you gain that back because I hate seeing you like this " Zayn said getting up to give me a bro hug 


" thanks zayn" I smiled weakly 


"now I'm going to call Paul so he can help me get tickets to leave.... tomorrow night? does that sound good" Liam said walking to a different room 



A/N) hey guys!(: I would make this chapter longer but my battery is dying. Hope you lovely readers enjoy this chap! suggestions? feel free to comment... bye x






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