Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


12. Amber is that You?

Amber's Point Of View: 


I told Danielle my parent's were worried and wanted me home..... 50 % true. Yet I just wanted to go back, here in Doncaster, I get head aches and tears. I've been here err three days and I've become familiar with the surroundings. Some a bit more familiar before Danielle explained, she say's I was remembering.... I haven't seen Louis since the phone call and kiss. But here I am still in doncaster and currently inside Manchester I believe and in Urban Outfitters.



Louis Point Of View: 

"Let's Go Already Lottie, you've got a million bags" I pointed out

"Mum said you could use some sunlight and It's only-" Lottie said, stopping to count her bags. I sighed as she entered Urban whatever, Lottie and I have entered forever 39?... Dry seals... Hostile. I think that's what they were and beauty shops. I looked down at my phone standing at a corner as Lottie, wandered the store. Yeah I should probably stay with her. I looked up from my phone my eyes scanning the whole store and stopping on a girl that looked an awfully lot like amber. I took off my shades rubbing my eyes blinking twice. 'You're seeing things Lou' I said to myself. I put the shades in my shirt. Hoping no one would see me. I approached the Girl, seeing it really Is Amber. My palms got sweaty.

"Hi amber" I said, she looked up from the rack her eye brows furrowed, they soon soften her frown turning into a smile.

"Louis" She smiled a bit of question in her voice

"What brings you here?" I asked

"Amber!" A gasp slight yell spoke before she could answer my question.

Amber's Point Of View:

"Danielle" I whined as she walked away to look at more clothes. I'm tired, feels like we've been going in circles. I looked at a rack in front of me, looking at the sweaters

"Hi Amber" I looked up. Confused to see louis, but I smiled at his stupid smile plastered on his face.

"Louis" I smiled, question in my voice still wondering why he was here.

"What brings you here?" He asked, I was about to open my mouth to say something. My name was yelled and pale arms were wrapped around me. I looked up at Louis. Him giving me a 'go along with it' look as he motion hug her back.

"I've missed you soo much" The girl pulled away, tears in her pretty blue eyes.

"Don't cry" I smiled, wiping her cheek.

"Just like old times!" She smiled rubbing her eyes. I looked at louis as he grinned at us, hands in his jacket. "Amber you've hot to come home, mum and fizzy oh phoebe and Daisy will be glad to see you!" She cheered.

"Umm.. Lottie, can amber and I have a minute. Go pay what you're buying" louis said handing her a credit card. Once she left, I looked at Louis confused.

"Who's?-" I managed to say but was interrupted by louis

"Play along please, I'll explain later"

"Play along? Who is she. What are you doing here? Why do I need to play along"

"That's my sister Lottie, shopping... What else and I can't tell her you lost your memory... She... She'll be devastated" louis said his voice confident but became quiet as he said the last words. He looked down starring at his vans. I reached for his hand, he jumped as I took his hand. Looking at me with a confused face.

"What do I need to do" I asked, he smiled. Seriously he's got a beautiful smile.

"Thank you amber" he took me into a hug. I inhaled his smell, giggling at his pumpkin fall scent. " what?" He whispered into my ear

"You smell yummy" I laughed, pulling away from the hug.

"Hey!! Lottie made me go in bath, body, perfume. Whatever the hell their name is and she sprayed me to see which one she should buy" louis laughed. Lottie came back, a big smile also on her face.

"Lottie! Louis!" I turned around to see Danielle, for a moment I forgot she came with me. She greeted them with hugs. All four of us walked out the store. It was quiet but something about being with Louis, Lottie and Danielle made me feel comfortable like I belonged better than my friends back in Sweden.

"So Amber what do you say?! Coming to visit the fam" Lottie smiled

"Um..." I said looking over at louis

"Maybe another time Lottie, Amber has to get ready for our date" louis smiled

"Da-date?" I asked

"Be ready at 7:00 babe" Louis kissed my cheek, walking off with Lottie. I stood their speechless looking at Danielle. I didn't know that was part of the "play along"

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