Everything Happens For A Reason

sequeal to 'Louis' so it might be a bit confusing if you didn't read louis... but for those who did HERE IS THE SEQUEL! It says mature, there's really nothing bad but the language


20. A happily Ever After

Amber's Point of View-

3 Months Later


 We moved back to Doncaster, I swear I'm the luckiest girl. The previous family that lived there moved away about a month ago. My nana gave us money to buy our house back. Everyday up to now Louis has been telling me stories of the past as I fall asleep on his chest. Sounds childish... but it has been helping me remember. Louis and I eventually had to tell his sisters and Jay, they were devastated but understood. Everyone has been helping me and I'm glad because with out them my life would have been a Lie. All the love and helping it doesn't feel like I ever lost my memory. Oh and not to mention the spoiling Lo-



" Babe! I've been calling you" Louis stepped into my room 


"Ha funny cause I was just writing about you" I closed my diary. It was a new thing I was writing in case I ever lost my memory again. Or if I just wanted to look back at things.


"oh really?" Louis raised an eyebrow coming closer to me "what about" 


"it's personal Lou" I giggled as he tried to reach for my book. 




"okay... okay I just wrote how much you spoil me" 


"Oh that's boring" I stared at him shocked he would call my writing boring "Here i'll give you something interesting to write about" Louis grabbed my hips pulling me closer to him


"what do you know about writing" I scoffed


" I know a romance makes things much more interesting" he said coy 


"romance" I laughed. Louis began leaving a trail of kisses up my neck leading to my jaw. I tried to keep myself calm and not have my heart fly out of my chest. Louis closed the space between us crashing his hips into mine. I dropped my book placing my left hand on his chiseled jaw and my right on the back of his head. His soft lips meet mine , Louis pulled away whispering 


"You could write how much you make me crazy in love" he breathed heavily. I shook my head putting my lips on his but to laugh in between the kiss. Louis rested his head on mine our foreheads touching, He smiled at me. I shyly looked down his blue eyes too beautiful. "or how much you like it when we smile in between our kisses" I looked back at him and he quickly gave me a peck on the lips. 


" I'll consider it you loser" I laughed at his 'hurt' look expression 


"Gah get married already!" 


I looked over Louis shoulder to see Danielle and the boys. My cheeks turning red.


"you guys saw everything?" I questioned 


"everything" Liam winked, I hide my face in Louis neck in sort of a nuzzle way


"well you left the door wide open babe" Niall smiled 


"why don't you and Liam get married?!" Louis yelled back playfully. Dani looked over Liam and he smiled


"you gave them ideas" harry said 


"how bout we do this double wedding" zayn suggested "That'd be wicked and Niall, harry and me could be like those best mans" 


"I look pretty snazzy in a suit" harry smirked 


"oh my god, You are all crazy" I laughed 


"aww but you loves us!" Niall yelled, everyone running up to Louis and I squeezing us in a hug. 


"it's true I love each single one of you idiots" I smiled 


I knew this is where home was, my friends family and my love. I couldn't be happier. Even if I won't be able to remember everything exactly like it was I know I'll be making new memories on the way. And that it's nobody's fault I lost my memory because Everything Happens for A Reason- Amber xx



The end :') 






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