''Im Different, Im Not A Goodie-Goodie Like You! I Break Rules, Hearts, Anything YOU Could Think Of.. We're Not For Each Other...... I Wanna Love You... But I Cant..'' I Yell At Him.. But Whisper The Last Part. ''Just Because We're DIfferent Doesnt Mean We Cant BE Together!!'' He Screams AT Me. By Now I Had Tears Streaming Down My Face... I NEVER Cried, Even At My Families Funeral.


3. School Time! UGHHH

School Time! UGHHH

Niall's POV

Mum Dropped Me Off At School. I walked In ANd Everyone Was Staring. A Group Of People Started Towards Me. Jocks, And A Couple Of Girls Who, Might I Say, Were SEXAAAYYYY! ''Hey, Your The New Kid, Right?'' One Of The Girls Asked. ''Yeah, Pretty Much'' I Replied. She Giggled, An Annoying  One At That. ''Wanna Sit At Lunch With Us?'' The Jock Asked. ''Um... You Guys Wanna Sit With Me, A Good Looking Nerd?'' I Said, Shocked At What He Asked. He Just Laughed At That. ''Yeah Of Course! Ur Cute!'' The Other Cheerleader Said, Giggling. God That Was Getting Annoying. ''Um.. Sure?'' ''YAY!''

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