''Im Different, Im Not A Goodie-Goodie Like You! I Break Rules, Hearts, Anything YOU Could Think Of.. We're Not For Each Other...... I Wanna Love You... But I Cant..'' I Yell At Him.. But Whisper The Last Part. ''Just Because We're DIfferent Doesnt Mean We Cant BE Together!!'' He Screams AT Me. By Now I Had Tears Streaming Down My Face... I NEVER Cried, Even At My Families Funeral.


2. New Kid

New Kid


Niall's POV

''Niall, Honey, Are You Done Packing?'' Mum Yelled From  Downstairs. ''Yessss Mummmmmm!!'' I Yelled Back To Her, Putting My Guitar In My Case. '' Just Making Sure!'' Mum Said. ''Whatever'' I Mumbled. Lemme Catch You Up Here, We're Moving To This Place Called Mullingar, Where I Was Born.. We Moved To London Though And Now We're Moving Back. UGH! Why Did We HAVE To Leave?!?!! I Have To Leave My Friends.. We Were The ''Nerds But Good Looking Group'' We Didnt Really Get Bullied.  ITS RUBBISH THAT WE HAD TO LEAVE! ''Greg Are You Done Packing?'' I Heard Mum Yell To Greg, My Older Brother.


*Skip Plane Ride*


We Just Arrived At Our New House. I Start School In 4 Days.. Yippee!! Note My Sarcasm....

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