''Im Different, Im Not A Goodie-Goodie Like You! I Break Rules, Hearts, Anything YOU Could Think Of.. We're Not For Each Other...... I Wanna Love You... But I Cant..'' I Yell At Him.. But Whisper The Last Part. ''Just Because We're DIfferent Doesnt Mean We Cant BE Together!!'' He Screams AT Me. By Now I Had Tears Streaming Down My Face... I NEVER Cried, Even At My Families Funeral.


9. Hello New Friends!

Hello New Friends!


Niall's POV

"Niall Are You Ready?" Mum Asked. "Yes Mum!" "You Know The Way Too School Right?" "Yes." "Okay Love You Sweetie!!" She Told Me And Kissed My Cheek. "Love You Too Mum!" I Shouted From The Door.

*Skip Walk*

I Walked Through The Red Big Double Doors. I Remembered My Locker Number Was 1821, So I Walked Straight Through The Halls Ignoring The Stares From Others. 1818, 1819, 1820, 1821! I Looked At The People Beside Me Locker. A Guy Noticed My Stare, And Said, "Hello, Im Zayn" Holding His Hand Out. I Shook It And Said, "Niall, The New Nerd Kid." "Aye, Dont Worry Bout It, My Friends And I Are Nerds Too!, Maybe You Could Sit With Us At Lunch And If You Have Classes With Us.... You Could SIt With Us. Lemme See Your Schedule." He Told Me. I Gave Him My Schedule. "You Have Biology, Social Studies, Study Hall, Gym, Science, And Math. The Only THing You Dont Have As Us Is, Language Arts. But My Buddies Louis And Liam. They're Nice Friends." He Told Me. "Okay, Thanks!" "No Problem" He Said As The Bell Rang. "Come On, I'll Show You Around The Classes And Show You 'The Groups' At Lunch" "Okay."

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