''Im Different, Im Not A Goodie-Goodie Like You! I Break Rules, Hearts, Anything YOU Could Think Of.. We're Not For Each Other...... I Wanna Love You... But I Cant..'' I Yell At Him.. But Whisper The Last Part. ''Just Because We're DIfferent Doesnt Mean We Cant BE Together!!'' He Screams AT Me. By Now I Had Tears Streaming Down My Face... I NEVER Cried, Even At My Families Funeral.


5. Day 2

Scarletts's POV

''Hey Slag.'' Was What 'Amber' Said. Im Used To It Anyways. ''Hey Hoe'' I Shot Back At Her, Puffing Pot In Her Face. ''EWW!'' He Screamed. Oops I Mean 'She'.... Youre Right! I Dont.

''Why Dont You Back Off Bitch!'' A Blonde Guy Said. The New Guy. ''What They Brainwash You Too? Wait, Dont Anwser, I Already Know The Anwser, YUPPP!!''  I Snapped At Him, Causing Him To Flinch. ''Thank God You Didnt!" He Shot Back. Oh, Snap You Didnt! ''Dude, If I Were YOU I'd Start Running!'' Jake, One Of The Group Members Of Mine, Said. But It Was Too Late. I Had Him Against The Wall. ''Watch Your Back, New Kid.'' I Told Him Through Gritted Teeth.


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