Our Bullies

Charlotte and Emily are normal 16 year olds.
Charlotte always get bullied from Niall & Emily gets bullied by Harry.
Niall and Harry always has been a jerk since they became famous. In this bad called One Direction , but they took a 3 year of from working. Niall and Harry became popular and bullies in the school instantly. Niall and Harry are 16 too. The story will change as you read I hope you like it.


9. :)

 Charlotte POV 

"HOLLY CRAP!" I yell. I look around and see this cute nerd I love nerds they are sweet kind and everything. But he's beat up in bruises. "Are y-you ok?" I kinda stutter "Yes I'm fine but you need to get to of here." He said in a cute accent. "No I'm not leaving love you look very hurt. What's your name." I say "I-I'm Marcel , Harry's twin brother." Marcel said 

"You need to get out please." Marcel said "No im not leaving you , your to kind to be mistreated." I said as I pulled him into a hug he hugged back. "I get bullied." Marcel said and I frowned "me too I'm sorry." I say  "We should escape." I said as he nodded I see the same tree I went outlast time. Marcel's room is close to the bathroom. "Let's go to the tree" I say to Marcel we both went to the tree and we jumped of it. "Marcel please follow me." I say "ok" he replied I started to run to Emily's house. "EMILY OPEN UP PLEASE." I yell I see Harry and Niall damn. "Come in." She said as she opened the door I pulled Marcel in with me and then he falls on top of me. Next thing you know out lips are together and we kissed. *cough* *cough* Emily said "what happened." She asked "well long story short I slept in another room and when I woke up I met Marcel and Harry and Niall started banging on the door so we jumped out the window and we ran to your house and then we saw Niall and Harry and you opened the door and now we are here." I say "ohh." She said

Marcel's POV 

"I'm going to hurt you and Marcel when you two go home." Harry said "Fuck of Harry." I said 

***10 minutes later****

Harry and Niall finally left and Charlotte well she beautiful but Harry and Niall will hurt me if I go near her.

N/A sorry short chapter

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