Our Bullies

Charlotte and Emily are normal 16 year olds.
Charlotte always get bullied from Niall & Emily gets bullied by Harry.
Niall and Harry always has been a jerk since they became famous. In this bad called One Direction , but they took a 3 year of from working. Niall and Harry became popular and bullies in the school instantly. Niall and Harry are 16 too. The story will change as you read I hope you like it.


2. Waking up for school

     Emily  POV 

*BEEP* *BEEP* I hear the alarm go. I turn it off , "WAKE UP SLEEPY HEAD!" I yell across the room. "Ugh I don't want to go." She mumbled I when into the bathroom took a shower and whe i came out i put some eye liner , lipstick on and I got dressed. I put on my new white t-shirt and my new skinny jeans with my converse. I flattened my hair when I finished I walked I to the room to see Charlotte still not awake.

I grabbed a bucket and poured water and ice in it , it's kinda heavy but I don't care. When I finally got upstairs I poured it on top of her. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT FOR." She said instantly as she woke up. 

   Charlottes POV 

I woke up and walked to the bathroom. I took a nice long 5minutes taking a hot shower. I get dressed and I put my new t-shirt that has many different color of moustaches with some black converse, and black jeans. I put a little bit of eye liner on , after that I flatten my hair. I went down stairs and I got cereal so did Emily. We wake up around 6am to get ready for school and we get at school around 8am. Haha it's so funny cause we don't actually don't so nothing all that time sometimes we just talk. 


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