Our Bullies

Charlotte and Emily are normal 16 year olds.
Charlotte always get bullied from Niall & Emily gets bullied by Harry.
Niall and Harry always has been a jerk since they became famous. In this bad called One Direction , but they took a 3 year of from working. Niall and Harry became popular and bullies in the school instantly. Niall and Harry are 16 too. The story will change as you read I hope you like it.


11. Not Caring by emily=)

Charlottes POV

'please please marcel you've got to wake up' I just kept saying. In the background I could hear Emily asking Niall and Harry what they did to marcel, he didn't deserve this he was just trying to leave but no, these idiots here always had to hurt others. But no not this time, not to a person that I LOVE, Wow! did I just say love, I guess I do love marcel, hes as cute as a button I my sense anyways. 'aaaaahhhh' charlotte help come here. I turned my head and saw harry grabbing emilys hair,sitting on top of her pinning her to the ground. Then just suddenly something clicked inside of me, I couldn't take much more of any of this ,what the boys do to us, marcel now but no not emily anymore, it ends NOW! Right as I stood up fire in my veins, harry spoke up 'do you really want to know what happened to that poor old raggedy marcel laying over there almost lifeless, well ill tell you' harry said while still over emilys body. I sat there still holding marcel in my arms, not moving a muscle, listening intentitivily. 'We waited ooh so quietly for one of you too come out, but we weren't expecting it to be marcel. So you see its you girls who hut marcel not us!" Harry spokE. I couldnt take it any longer so I stood up from marcel and shouted 'JUST TELL ME WHAT YOU DID TO HIM' then I rie, cried harder than I ever have before.



hope you guys like it I know I know I know its short but I have work to do so sorry loves// love you all. 0-emily

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