Our Bullies

Charlotte and Emily are normal 16 year olds.
Charlotte always get bullied from Niall & Emily gets bullied by Harry.
Niall and Harry always has been a jerk since they became famous. In this bad called One Direction , but they took a 3 year of from working. Niall and Harry became popular and bullies in the school instantly. Niall and Harry are 16 too. The story will change as you read I hope you like it.


6. Finding her* written by: emily=]

Emily's POV I haven't seen charrlottle in forever. I hope she's alright and if she's staying with Chris. I'm gonna text her and see. E=Emily C=Charlotte E- R u okay? Haven't see u in a while.:) C- Yeah I'm fine but I have to stay will Harry and niall for 2 years;( E- So sorry just come over tonight. C- I'd love too but can t maybe some other time. I'm gijjg to hang out with Chris for awhile okay. E- No its fine maybe some other time. Have fun and school and dontnlet them get you down okay and fight back girl. =] STAY STRONG!!! ;) C- ILY later E- later chika TTYL END OF CONVO* Okay looks like I'm alone tonight I didn't go to school today cuz I'm not felling well but maybe I'll go tomorrow to see chalottle but I'm not sure yet. I think when j see her tomorrow well go to the movies. Then well go back to my place or chrises and eat and talk. * So so so sorry its a super short chapter I'm gonna update again in a minute but this is my first chapter on here I'm the co-author so please follow me if u haven't yet and also charlotte. Please.like,fave,and comment on this movella me and charlotte love to read them and love to see more readers, more fans and more likes and favs as well. Please spread the word of this movella and all of our other ones and we may do the same for you in any of our social media sites you have happen to know of. Thanks so much from me and charlotte. XX!!-EmilyX!!-* P.S his is written in my phone so sorry if its supper crappy.
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