Our Bullies

Charlotte and Emily are normal 16 year olds.
Charlotte always get bullied from Niall & Emily gets bullied by Harry.
Niall and Harry always has been a jerk since they became famous. In this bad called One Direction , but they took a 3 year of from working. Niall and Harry became popular and bullies in the school instantly. Niall and Harry are 16 too. The story will change as you read I hope you like it.


12. Everything happens for a reason-Emily


Charlotte's POV

"Don't touch her, let her go, NOW!!" I screamed on the top of my lungs. I couldn't take it anymore, i cant let them do this time and time again. They can hurt me all they want but not emily or marcel. I LOVE THEM. Emily's my best friend and I'm in love with Marcel. Cant they see that everything they do hurts people. 

Emily's POV

Harry's holding on to me still and all i can hear is Charlotte screaming in the background. Everything is getting blurry and its all spinning, then i see a bright light and then its all black. 

Charlotte's POV

Emily passed out by the looks of it. So i run up to harry and start hitting him then he grabs me. Harry still won't tell me whats wrong with Marcel, what HE did to Marcel.!! Harry finally gets fed up with all of this and knocks me out as well, everything is black and i can't wake up. I can hear voices but i can't move or open my eyes.

Marcels POV

I finally wake up and I'm really hurt and dizzy and i just want to throw up. Nobody is around, i can't see anything, but wait--is there something on the ground? No wait, thats not a something that is a someone and look theres another. "OH GOD" I say. "ITS CHARLOTTE AND EMILY!!!" I run to them as fast as i can to see if there all right,there still breathing but emily has blood all down the side of her face. Charlotte is looking more beautiful than ever though, even if she's just laying there unconscious. I wish she knew how much i cared. 

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