When everything is going really good... things get real.


4. Wanting her

Ale's POV

I am waken up by the sound of Zach screamig

"no no no, not again.." He is saying.

I try to wake him up but he won't budge.

"shh shh it's okay.." I say when he finally opens his eyes. Was he having a nightmare? I look at him, he looks terrified. I can't imagine what his nightmare was about.

"Are you okay?" I ask him. 

"uh yea.. no"

"Do you want to talk about it?"I say while he quickly shakes his head. 

"Thats okay"I say and head over to the kitchen to get him a glass of water.

I go back into the room and find him with his head between his hands, i walk over to him and climb onto the bed right next to where he is.

"I'm sorry"He says clearly ashamed of what happened."I haven't gotten these nightmares ever since I m..."He stops.

I choose not to even ask him what was he going to say.

He still looks pretty shaken but i wont force him to tell me what happened.

I glance down and find my phone on the floor.

I lean down to check if i got any new messages.

sure i got many.

from my mom.

I read the last one and it says:Get yourself home now.

I can tell she's pissed. But anyway this is real life and if i don't get home tomorrow she won't let me hang out with gaby for SO LONG anymore.

She always nows if something's up so by now she will have called Gaby's mom to check on us.

Zach is checking my texts over my shoulder so i give him a friendly push and he lays back on bed.

I lay back down beside him.

That's when Gaby walks into the room. Half frowning half smiling.

"He just wont stop snoring!"She tells us.

I smile and point my finger at the couch in the small bedroom.

"Are there any extra pillows around?"I ask.

I go to the closet and don't find any, so I walk to my bed and get her mine.

"thanks"She says.

I don't mind sleeping without a pillow, I don't think I will be able to go back to sleep anyway.

I turn to look at Zach and he grins at me, apologizing.

He then tucks my hair behind my ears and pulls me to rest on his chest.

I feel his heartbeat and suddenly drift off to sleep.

I'm waken again but this time to Justin and Gaby's laughs.

For fucks sake I can't seem to get some sleep.

I get out of bed shortly after waking up Zach.

I swing my legs around the bed and feel Zach behind me planting a kiss on my neck.

The touch of his lips makes me curl and smile, I put on my shoes and head out to the kitchen to tell Gaby I need to go back to my house.

After we all get dressed we head out to get some breakfast. 

And then Zach takes me back to the hotel so I can grab my things and my car.

I hug him goodbye and he plants a kiss on my cheek.

I get into my car and drive home.

Gaby's POV

Justin and I get back to the hotel shortly after Ale and Zach left.

He kisses the top of my head before opening the passengers door for me. As soon as I get in he starts heading towards my house. I don't want to go but i need to.

I ring the doorbell and my mom goes out to greet me.

When she opens the door and realizes who's standing next to me she lets out a gasp and jumps up in excitment once.

I laugh and look at Justin.

"Oh my god is this real life fot you?"She asks me.

I shake my head and then feel Justin's arm wrapping around my shoulders.

I say bye and step inside.

I don't even look back at my mom though I hear her whisper to Justin "I'll keep my eyes on you" and I hear him give her a little laugh.

I go inside and find my brother.

"hey wanna play ball?"He asks.

"YEAHH"I say excitedly.

I go out again while he follows shortly behind.

We play until my mom calls us for lunch.

Then we go out and play again.

I tell him I met Justin Bieber and he tells me that when mom told him he did'nt believe her but after she said she'd seen himm at lunch he couldn't believe it was true.

"Believe"Is all I say.

He just laughs.

I then go inside and head straight to my room to get a shower.

I turn the hot water on and step inside.

The water relaxes my tense muscles and I take my time washing my hair.

I even apply my sugar scrub my mom got me for christmas that i never reallly liked because it smells like oranges, wich I hate.

I over to my closet and pull some jeans and a sweater. I go to plug my phone charger and my phone.

When I turn it on i get like  texts from ale, most of them saying "OMG JUSTIN FUCKING BIEBER"

I calmly reply "hell yeah bitch"


She instanly answers with "Zach tho,.."

I smile and text her "OMG ZACH FUCKING ZACH"

Then I of course get a text from Justin saying "Hey babe"

My insides twirl with butterflies.

He is amazing.

I know I'm a belieber and all but I know him better now. I still can't even get over the fact that he knows my name.

It's surreal.

I'm so tired I just want to watch Tv or read some book.

I decide to read a book.

Breaking down it will be.

I'm so lost in my book that I jump when my mom comes into my room to tell me dinner is ready.

I go down the hall and sit in a stool.

My mom sits a plate of spaguetti in front of me.

I eat silently while humming some songs.

I feel amazing.

Then I kiss my mom goodnight and I head back to my room to check my phone.

There's a text from Ale wiich I just ignore and go straight to read Justin's text.

"How are you doing beautiful?"I read and my stomach jumps.

Summer is almost gone and I don't want to get back to school because I know Justin will get back on tour. But I won't worry about that now.

I text him back a few times and he asks if we can go out tomorrow.

I guess mom will let me so I say yes.

I fall asleep without even noticing i was sleepy.



I'm waken by the doorbell ringning.


I hear my mom calling my name but I decide to quickly go was my face.

Right when water's dripping from my chin my door opens.

I feel his finger pokinng my cheek and I sense him smiling.

I reach for the towel and dry my face.

"hey"He says into my ear making me get goosebumps.

He smiles when he notices the effect he's got on me.

I push him off playfully and he smiles and walks over to sit on my bed.

I laugh and then go grab some clothes from the closet. I grab some high-waisted shorts and a crop-top and head back to my bathroom and get changed.

I hear him playing some music by the time I'm going to fix my hair. I plug in my flat iron and when it's warmed up i start ironing my hair down.

I get out of the bathroom and he stares at me with a small smile playing in his lips.

"what?"I ask.

"just.. wow..."

I just roll my eyes and grab my phone.

I then walk to the door and he hurries to follow me.

My sandals flip flop while I walk.

"have fun" My mom says and kisses my cheek.

I hug her and step out with Justin.

He came in a different car today, It's his silver ferrari and my eyes almost melt when I see it.

He opens the passengers door for me and I climb in.

He drives for a while and we stay silent.

I finally break the silence by asking

"where are we going?"

He chuckles and answers

"You'll see"

"Oh my god I don't like it when you do that"

"really? You don't?"He asks with a 'i know you love it' smile.

I roll my eyes and look out the window.

He pulls over and I take in the sight before me.

He just came to the basketball courts my father once brought me to.

I played with him and my brother, even my mom.

It was kind of like one of the best days of my whole entire life.

He gets of out the car and I follow.

I try to hold my tears.

"whats wrong?"He asks.

"Yeah, just thinking"

"about what?"He says worried.

I smile and his frown softens a little.

"My dad once brought me here"I say.

"Oh, "He says simply.

He walks over to the trunk and gets out the ball.

I feel my face lighten up.

"Reay?"He asks going to the 3 point area.

"Whoever gets the most shots in wins"

"Sounds like you're challenging me"I smile widely.

We play the rest of the morning, though I don't notice time fly by because when we finally decide it's time to take a break it's already past 6 o'clock. He scoots over closer to me in the bench I am sitting.

"was fun huh?"He says sweetly. Still out of breath, He sounds so sexy.

"a lot"I say and he snakes his arm around my waist.

I feel my skin burn right where he touches me.

He then whispers in my ear

"You play really good"

I feel myself getting goosebumps again and he laught in my ear. I feel his hot sweet breath.

"What?!"I say.

"Just look at your skin.."He says grinning.

"..just goosebumps..."I say.

He laughs againg and plants a kiss on my jawline.

It sends chills down my spine.

He plants a kiss on my neck, then on my cheek, then my ear, back to my jawline leaving a trail of kisses to my ear.

He turns me around so he locks his eyes on mine.

His soft caramel eyes travel down to my lips.

And as he leans in I giggle.

He straightens up and laughs,

"What?"I ask.

"I don't know, you tell me"He says.

He surprises me by pressing his soft lips against mine. 

Our mouths part and he runs his tongue down my lower lip.

Our tounges dance together wile our wet lips follow.

He moves his lips to my neck and softly kisses my skin and sucks at it.

I let out a sigh and he looks into my eyes again.

He takes my hands in his and says.

"Your are really special" while pulling me in for a hug and then he plants a kiss on my nose.

Justin's POV

After i dropped Gaby off last night I went to my house and couldn't just seem to get her out of my mind.

I think I'm falling in love, I want to get to know her, she's so sweet and innocent.I want to make her feel happy and comfortable. Whenever I see her I just want to hug her and kiss her and even...


I dial Zachs number and ask him if he wants to go to a party tonight, he agrees and I hang up and go to sleep.

I wake up at 3 o' clock in the evening,. wow I must have been realy tired. I text gaby a "Good day pretty girl"

Most of the day goes away slow but at 9o'clock i'm ready for that party.

I drive to the place where it is being thrown,this big house a guy i know owns, shortly after Zach pulls up and gets out of his car.

We go inside and I hurry to get a drink, as alcohol touches my lips and leaves a cold trail down my throat I wonder if Gaby would approve me drinking.

I get several more cups of vodka and feel myself getting really dizzy and my eyes blurry.



I wake up in the morning next to a girl I don't know.

I was obviously wasted last night because I cant remember a single thing.

I get up and head over to the mirror in the room i misterioulsy am in.

I fix it and head out to search for Zach. he obvioulsy was trashed too because he is shirtless in the couch.

I shake him awake and walk out to my car.

I drive to a starbucks to get a coffee to wear out the effects of the alcohol.

I order a latte and head out to my car.

I've got a killer headache and choose to go somewhere quiet.

I drive home and grab some clothes, then by no reason I make to Gaby's house and ring the doorbell.

Luckily she's the one who opens the door, then she sees the state I'm in and her eyes widen.

"whhh..?"She starts but I put my finger over her lips and slip into her house.

I walk over to her bedroom and she gives a disapproving look.

"Can I take a shower?"I ask.

"sure"she says as i get in the bathroom and get the cold water running.

When I get out i fix my hair and stick it up.

I notice her staring at me and I turn around put my hands around her waist.

She looks confused.

I feel so good by her side though I don't know her a lot.

I take out my phone and decide to play some music.

She dances happily and i can't help it but to laugh and join her.









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