When everything is going really good... things get real.


2. Trouble

Gaby's POV

I had danced with Justin for at least 3 hours. My feet hurt.


But it had been awesome. Justin is pretty good at dancing. 

Zach and Ale had gone to sleep earlier than us.

I don't know why swe stayed up so late. But I dont care, It had been so cool. 

Im currently "sleeping". Justin went out early to get us all some food.

I get up and make my way to the shower. I strip off my clothes and get the hot water running. I get in the shower and start washing myself. oh it feels good to get a boling hot water shower.

I get out and towel dry myslef. I go to my closet and take out a pair of shorts, a racerback top and put on my sneakers.

Then I hear someone running in my room. I look around and its Ale. She gets in my bathroom and gets the water running.

Secods later, Zach comes in.

-"did she get into the shower?"- he says. out of breath.

"yeah, why?"-  I ask.

"I needed to get in first, I tried to lock her on her room but I couldnt"- he says smiling.


Justin's POV


I need to tell Gaby what happened with Lulu.

She takes it really calmly.

We decide to go to starbucks to get some drinks.


We get into the car, I open the door for my little lady.


We pull up  into the starbucks and get out of the car.


We order our drinks and go outside and sit on the sidewalk.

Gaby rests her head on my shoulder and I decide to take her hand.

Then someone calls my name. sort of. 

"Hey fcking bieber"- I stand up, everdybody follows, and find myself staring at Lulu. 

She's holding some guys hand.

"what the fuck?!"-I say.

"watch your mouth bieber"- Says the guy.

He takes out a small gun.


"Get that thing away from me"- I say

"I told you I would get someone, I just needed you to go out, and here you are chlling at starbucks"-Says Lulu.


"Wich one do you want me to shoot baby?"- Asks the guy.

"Shoot her"-Says Lulu pointing at Ale.

"NO"- Says Zach.

Too late.

Ale's already on the floor bleeding.

Gaby screams, it breaks my heart.

This bitch Lulu is really really sick.

Zach's speechless.

He takes Ale in his arms and gets into the car.

Ale's crying.

Zach's POV

"Shh bae it will be okay"- Oops I called her babe.

I blush. No time for this sht.


"It will be okay baby, shh"

She manages to giggle despite she's in so much pain. How is that even possible?


I'll call her baby from now on.

I whisper in her ear. I don't care if she screams or cries.

I'm still trying to cal her down.

It breaks my heart to see her in so much pain when she's always happy.


I kiss her cheek.

And with that she shuts up.

She turns her face to me and I kiss her forehead.







We get to the emergency room and she's immediately taken to surgery.


 GOD I WAS SO SCARED. I really like this fun girl.She's like perfect.


She's mine now.

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