When everything is going really good... things get real.


7. Part 7

Gaby's POV

I feel like going to the beach.

I tap on my bathroom door, tha's where Ale is right noe getting a shower.

She comes out everything on but her shirt.

"Wanna go to the beach?"I ask, I'm sure she didn't bring stuff for the beach and I also know my bikinis don't fit her.

"Sure, gotta go home grab some stuff first"She says, confirming what I was thinking.

"Let's get going then, I really want to go"I'm by no reason dying to go to the beach. I grab my beach bag and throw in a towel, an extra pair of flip flops, sun block, and grab my yellow bikini from my drawers.

I dart to the bathroom to get changed, while I hear Ale looking for her car keys.

"You ready?"She asks when I get out.

"Yeah hurry mofo"I tell her. I'm only able to talk like this to her and with her, otherwise I feel uncomfortable.

"hush"She says and walks to the door.

"Wait, gotta tell my mom"I say going to my moms room.

"Moooom, We're going to the beach"I call.

"Okay take care, Call me if you need something"She mumbles.

"K bye"I say and make my way to Ale's car.

We drive to her house where she gets her stuff and everything.

It's a short drive to the beach from her house, or that's what it feels like.

She finally pulls up by the parking lot and we both climb out of the car. My phone starts ringing right then.

"Oh my gooooooodddd hurry uppp!"She says running towards the sand.

"Coming"I say, the name 'Lulu' flashes on the screen.

"Uh, hello?"I ask into the speaker.

"Hey girl, where you at?"She asks.

"Nowhere you mind"I say.

"Oooh someone's in a pissy mood"I hear her laughing.

"Shut up, what do you want?"

"To hang out obviously"She says, her bitch tone obvious.

"I'm at the beach"I say and hang up.

By now, Ale is laying flat on her stomach over the towel she laid out on the sand.

I turn her over with my foot and she squints her eyes.

"who"She says simply.

"Lulu"I say, rolling my eyes.

"I saw a boy checking me out"She says.

"Was he cute?"I ask, grinning.

"Not cuter than Zach"She says rolling her eyes.

"Well, I see a cute boy coming "I announce when I see a tall broad boy with jet black hair walking right towards us.

"Hey!"He says cheerfully.

"Sup"Ale says, looking at him.

"Hi"I say simply.

"Uh, I was wondering if you ladies would like to get a drink with me.

"Sure"Ale says, shrugging.

"Uh, yeah"I say, I'm not sure I've got a good feeling about this guy but a drink won't hurt.

He walks us to a hut with a bar inside.

"We don't drink"I quickly say.

"Oh c'mon, One drink"He says, smiling.

"No"Ale says, frowning.

"One, please"He says, his smile fading a little.

"No, not even one"I say.

"We just don't drink"Ale says, stepping in front of me, I grab her arm but she pulls away.

"Have it your way,I'll drink and you'll get a soda"The guy says.

"That's better"She says, still infront of me.

"I'm Jake"He says, smiling his colgate smile again.

"I'm Ale, She's Gaby"Ale says taking a sit on a stool.

I hurry to take a seat next to her. Jake also takes a seat next to her leaving her to be in between.

"A beer and two cokes"He tells the guy behind the bar, He's wearing a name tag that says 'Trent'.

Trent hands us our cokes and Jake his beer.

"How old are you?"Jake asks.

"Seventeen"I say.

"Are you still in highschool?"He asks arching his brow.

"No, not anymore"Ale says, faking a smile, I'm sure she doesn't like him either.

"Well I'm 18 and I'm in UCF, where are you going?"

"UCF too"I say, I get the feeling we'll be seeing this guy a lot.

"Cool"He says and orders another beer,

He's now drinking down his fourth beer.

His hand keeps trying to rest on Ale's tigh, but she keeps pushing it away.

"Well, we better get going"I say, taking Ale's hand and pulling her with me.

"No no don't go, give me your number"He tells us pulling his phone out.

I refuse to give him my number but Ale finally gives in.

He's really drunk I can tell.

I head out and feel the sand in my feet, warm.

I get the feeling I should run to the shallow salt water.

I decide to go ahead and start running towards the water.

That's when I see him.

Sitting on a bench.

I don't want to say hi.

Not after what he did to me.

I hear my bestfriend gasp behind me.

She takes my arm and pulls me to where we left our towels.

"Was that who I think it was?"She asks with a concerned look on her face.

"Yeah,"I don't know how to feel about this.

"Lets go swim for a bit"She says.

"I don't want to swim anymore"I tell her, because I don't.

"Oh I won't let something like that ruin your day"She says, trying to smile.

"Okay let's swim"

"Yeahh man" She says running into the water.

The second my skins touches the substance it feels incredible, I make myself go further in.

"Where are you going?"Her voice breaks through my thoughts.

I don't answer and go under. I let myself get carried away by the fresh water.

When I resurface I'm way far from shore.

I try to swim but I can't seem to be moving.

I try to scream but water gets in my mouth.

I hear Ale screaming for help in the distance.

I've must been dragged by the current in seconds.

What if I drown? My legs and arms are getting tired.

I seem to be even further.

I keep trying to swim.

I keep swimming.

Trying to stay afloat.

The salty water is making me hard o keep my eyes open.

I need to get to the beach.

I shouldve known better than to go under water and let myslef be carried away.

Next thing I realize is that 



I wake up coughing my butt off.

I try to open my eyes and to prop myself up but someone makes me lay back down.

I can hear Ale crying.

Finally I'm alowed to sit.

I feel someone hugging me and sobbing histericaly.

"You're so stupid"Ale tells me.

A small group of people have gathered around to see what happened.

"How did..?"I start, wondering who got me out and how.

"Jake"Ale says.

He's standing right behind her, panting a little.

Well, he's not that of a bad person there, But still, he could've drowned too, I suppose he's still drunk.

"But he's drunk?"I ask.

"No, I'm not, I don't drink"He says smiling.

"But we saw you drinking"

"Yeah, fake beer, that's kind of a personal project" He says.

I'm not sure if I should believe that but he basically saved me so I decide to drop it.

"Thank you, really"I say.

"No worries"He says, helping me stand up.

The small crowd has started to go, I scan who's there and I see him. Watching me.

"Hey"He calls.

"What do you want?"I ask.

"Are you okay?He says.

So this is the story, David was my first 'boyfriend', because I don't really know what we really were.

The thing is he broke my heart, big time.

I really liked him. Everything happened like  months ago.

I was really happy dating him,but I knew something was up when he called me 'Keyla' instead of Gaby. I ignored it the first time, because I  knew Keyla was the name of my cousin, wich happened to be his bestfriend.

But then he called me one night he was drunk, and told me he really liked it when he did love to me.

I had never slept with him, and then he repeated his words adding 'keyla baby'.

So I hung up and next day I asked him what was up.

I found out he had been cheating on me with my cousin.

I was hurt.

Really hurt, he was my first kiss, my first everything.

"Hello?"David asks.

"Sorry what?"I say

"Would you mind if I talked to you for a moment?"He says, offering a shy smile.

"Yeah I would mind"I say, I don't want to talk to him, not now.

My insides are burning because of the big amount of water i swallowed.

"uhm, bye then"He says, clearly disappointed, walking away.

"See you around"I hear him say.

"Bye"I say, and turn to Ale.

She and Jake seem to be getting along after all.

I notice her smile, and Jake's cocky smile.

Is he flirting?

Of course he is.

I need to go home, or the hospital.

"guys, I need to go"I say walking up to them.

"You go, bye girls see you"He says kindly.

"Bye Jake"Ale says.

"Thanks again!"I call after him

He turns around just to give me a smile.



"Woah man, you should've seen the way he took you out of the water"She says in awe."At first you wouldn't wake up but then he gave you mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and..."

"WHAT?"I ask, woah. 

"What you heard"She says, giving me her sick smile.



Justin's POV


"well then he got her out and gave her mouth-to-mouth resusccitation because she wouldn't wake up and..."

"What?"I cut Ale's story.

I can't believe this random guy they met at the beach gave her mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

I'm grateful he did though, He saved Gaby.

But I don't like the fact that a stranger put his lips against hers.

They're mine.

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