When everything is going really good... things get real.


6. Lemonade

All I can do is stand there gaping at what Justin just said.

I can't believe it.

"So what are we going to do?"I finally ask.

"I...I was thinking.. I could.. Uhm you know..."

"What where you thinking?"I say eager to know but trying not to sound desperate.

"Well.. Eerm.. MaybeIShouldGoToCollegeIdontknow..."He blurts out.

What?? Every single girl there would go after him.Even If they don't like him they'll try to stick around him or something.

"I know, sounds stupid, never mind"He says standing up.

"No no, wait, why would you like to study?"I ask getting really nervous.

"Well because I haven't gotten any proper education while on tour and all that stuff.."

"With the most famous teenager pop star in the whole world stuff?"I ask.


"Well, things have changed a lot for you"I say.

"Yeah since I met you.."He says and I feel myself blush yet again.

He brushes a strand of hair and tucks it behind my ear.

"We should go to the kitchen already"I say. 

He follows my steps into the kitchen and offers to help Jessica.

She asks him to take some of the food to the dinning room table, and so he does.

Justin's POV

I help bring the food from the kitchen and find that Zach and Ale are already sitting down, theyre deep in conversation but I know they where waiting for us.

I can't keep  thinking of what I told Gaby.

I don't want to go back on tour, I don't want to disappoint my beliebers but I am really really tired. I might need to take a long brake and try to have a normal teenager life, Given that it's my last year as a teenager. I also want to study because I don't really know anything about how life is or anything. I don't know anything because I don't know what do or don't know. But I would try to live a normal life in the ways possible to me.

I sit down across Ale's brother I suppose it is, Gaby takes a seat right next to me.

She is probably the main reason I don't want to go back on tour, I know I am rushing things a little but who knows what would happend if I dont give it a try?

I'll probably manage to get into sophomore year and catch up though I am far behind in studies and I know it.

Ale's mom prepared macaroni and cheese and vegetables, some curry spiced chicken I think it is, and rice.

It's a weird assortment of food but it all smells delicious so I don't mind how weird it is.

I load my plate with some food and dig in.

The meal goes by quickly.

Be all make small talk and tell everybody some personal experieces.

Ale's family is really nice.

We all head to the door, Ale's mom agreed to let her go out so Zach decided we all go somewhere.

"Where do you lot want to go?" I ask them other 3.

"Oooh to get a lemonade..."Gaby says.

I smile at her and say "Sure where to?"

"Oh wherever there's lemonade"She says innocenly.

I love her eyes, they are so emotive and true.

"Man just get in the car"Says Zach.

We all get into his car.

Gaby and I in the backseat.

Zach takes us to an outlet with an organic drink vending machine.

Gaby rushes to it and puts a coin in.

Huberts lemonade is what she got.

We all do the same.

"Oh my god lemonade is soo good"Ale says.

I walk ahead all around the outlet talking to Zach.

He lets me know a few things, some real talk bro to bro.

I can hear the girl's loud laughs and Gaby doing her weird adorable cat sounds.

We head up to the food court when the sun goes down and get a pizza.

Then, for an unknown reason I pull Gaby bu her hand and exit the foodcourt. I need time with her.

"Whats up"She says.

"Not much, and you?"I ask.

"nothing up homieeee"She says and laughs at her own words.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"She says.

"Because you're crazy"I say, teasing.

"As if."She says grinning.

"As if what?"I ask.

"As if you weren't crazy"She tells me.

"Not as crazy"Trying to give her a disgusted look.

"HA HA"She says.

"Tell me something about you I don't know"I ask her suddenly.

"Okay there was this one time when everyone would call me ugly and it really hurt me, but then one day everything took a turn and everyone found me not that ugly."

"They called you ugly as in a bullying way?"I say surprised.

"Well it hurt me a lot but Ale would tell me I was beautiful, or joke about that I was really really ugly and that if bad looks could kill everyone who looked at me would've died, and that's when i realized I wasn't that ugly."She finally says.

This beautiful girl standing next to me got called ugly? And she admits she thinks she is 'not that ugly'? Well people are surely fucked up. All I can see is a beautiful girl.

"You aren't in any way ugly.."I say.

"Thank you"She chirps. "Another question?"

We ask eachother a shit load of questions, she tells me a lot about herself and so do I. I even tell her about my past relationships,like selena and other bitches. She frowns at the mention of Selena's name, wich i find totally adorable.

I feel my phone buzz several times but ignore it. When I finally decide to check the hour it's already 9 o'clock.

When Zach goes drop the girls at Ale's house I say sorry to Ale's mom for making Zach bring her late but she seems okay with it.

Ale says bye and Zach kisses her cheek goodbye as she goes inside.

I hold Gaby oustide a little longer to say goodbye properly to her.

"Bye Biebs"She says smiling.

"Bye bye lil girl"I say and lean in to kiss her cheek and whisper "Youre beautiful". I feel her shiver and smile at her reaction.

She goes inside and I climb into my car and drive away.

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