When everything is going really good... things get real.


3. Having some fun

Gaby's POV

 It's been a week since Ale was shot, She's fully recovered now.

My mom and dad have let me stay with Justin and the others, how weird, I thought they wouln't let me stay away frm home thta long, I've still visited tough.


I hear someone slam the from door.

"Who's that?"-I ask.

"Just me baby"-Says Justin-"Someone out a nail under one of my tires, so now it's flat".

"oh crap"- I say.

"Yeah I know, fck"-Says JUstin, coming closer to me.

He takes my hands on his and leans in.

Then Zach comes in the room.

"Sorry dudes, Someone threw a rock at my window, I'm going out to check who's there"

"You go, let us have some fun"-Said Justin.

"HAHA okay, I'll scream if I need help"- Zach said with a wink.

"What about Ale?"-I say.

"She's tired, But I'll go get her"-Zach says leaving the room.

Justin closed the door and then he pulled me close to him.

He was so close.

His lips were so close.

JUSTIN BIEBER was so close.

He put his hands on my waist and I put my arms around his neck.

His face was so close.

Then I felt him kiss my cheek.

Then he planted a kiss on my neck that sent chills down my spine.

"What? does it tickle?"-He said, doing it again and again.

Then It happened, he kissed my lips. 

So softly.

So passionate.

So sweet.

Ale's POV


I'm sooo tired right now, but Zach wants me to go out and check who's been throwing rocks at our window.

People these days have nothing to do.

I start going to the elevator.

Zach gives me a little push and I step inside.

Then I feel him hug me from behind and plant a kiss on my neck.

The elevator starts going down just as I turn to hug Zach.

"thank you"-I say.

"No worries girly"-He says.


We get off the elevator and go to the side of the hotel right under our window.

We don't see anybody around.

"Want to go out then?"- Zach asks.

"Yes"-I say.

Then he takes my hand and starts pulling me, gently, to his car.

"where to?"-I ask.

"I don't know yet, First place we find"-He says misterioulsy.

I smile and say

"Hmmmm if you say so"

He just smiles and gets in the car.

Yeah I have to open the door myself.

No he doesnt bother to open the door for me.

But I don't freaking care.

I turn on the radio.

Miss Jackson by Panic! At the Disco is playing

I turn the volume up loud and Sing to it.

"Miss jackson miss jackson miss Jackson, Are you nasty?"

We were blastin it.


We literally drove for an hour.

Then he pulled up in this nice little field.

He got out of the car and hurried to open my door even before I could unbuckle my seat belt.


"Wow"-I say out loud.

"What can't I be a gentleman too?"-He says with a wink.

He then cups my face in his hands and kisses me.


Justin's POV


Omg. This has been the best morning ever.

Like I finally got to kiss Gaby.

I feel amazing.

She's amazing

Can I start loving her now?

Or is it too soon?

I think I choose to call this thing I feel love.

But I'll take it slow.

If I take it too fast It might go away just as fast.

So I'll take care of her and make sure she's always happy from now on.

I'll stay by her side. Call her pet names.

I'll hug her and kiss her.

I'll hold her hands and cuddle.

This is the girl I want to spend the rest of my life with.

She's so cute.

She's so pretty.

She's really smart, she may get distracted easily, That just makes me want to be by her side even more.

Best part, she's a sporty fit girl.

Unsporty girls are an instant turn-off.

Gaby doesn't even need make-up.

She's perfect the way she wakes up.

After she takes a shower.

While we play basket outside.

She's pretty in every way possible.

More than pretty, super pretty.

No, even more than that.

She's beautiful.

I've never called a girl beautiful.

Because I've never met a girl like Gaby. And I never will again.

I might have called girls hot or fine.

But never cute, pretty or beautiful.

It's a once in a lifetime thing.

I plan on taking her somewhere special.

I could even ask Zach and Ale to come on a double date right now.

I take Gaby's hand and we take the elevator all the way down.

We look around for them but they're nowhere to be seen.

Zach's car isn't there either.

I suppose they went out.

I dial up Zach's number and it sends me to the voice mail. 

He must be busy.

I take Gaby to my car and I decide to take her to this little house I once stumbled with in a little countryside city.

The sun is already setting when we arrive.

Only there's a car already there.


There's also light inside of the little house thats a little further in.

double fck,

I get closer to the car.

I know this car.

I think I know who beat us here.

I take Gaby by the hand to the little cabin.

She looks a little confused.

Wide eyed.

I knock on the door.

I can hear music playing.

I can hear people laughing inside.

They won't come open the door.

I just look for the old key under the 'welcome' mat.

I unlock the door and step in wtih Gaby.

I look around and find Ale sitting on the counter, her legs around Zach, Zach's got his ams around her waist, they're kissing softly. Smiling  in between the kisses.

I decide to take Gaby to the love seat by the little TV.

Oh, this will be a beautiful night.










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