When everything is going really good... things get real.


5. College

Gaby's POV

I know it sounds really cheesy but the way i've ended up dancing with justin twice is just too strange.

I try to thing about happy things, unexpected things that have been happening, yet what I can hear right now is unexpected but not totally.

My mind is racing and I am frozen in place, I am currently eavesdropping in the living room while I hear my parents yell at each other in the hallway.

I don't know what to think, it's been a while since their last fight, wich by the way was ridiculous.

I try to daydream, I try to scream silently, I even try to imagine it isn't real but I can't help it.

My mom is crying and screaming things I can't quite make sense of to my dad, My dad hasn't said anything and that just makes me wonder what did he do this time. 

What he did last time wasn't so bad. But he agreed not to do it anymore.

I stand up and lean against the wall that gives to the hall.

Their voices bounce against the wall.

My ears ring.

My head hurts.

I bite the inside of my cheek to keep myself from crying.


"Honey..."My dad starts but my mom cuts him away.


I know everybody has problems, my main concer often is thinking about sarting college at the end of summer given the fact that we,ale and i, are younger than most people starting college given the fact that we both are 17.

We both got accepted at UCF wich happened to be our goal.

We are planning on getting our college degrees and everything.

I know Justin doesn't go to college and I don't know if Zach does.

Though if Zach went he would be a sophomore.

I can hear my moms screams fading away.

I decide to step in the hall to see what happened.

My dad is holding my mom against his chest.

I can tell she's still crying because of the way her body violently shakes.

My dad turns to me and mouths the word "GO".

I take it as if I should leave the house and walk up to my car that's parked outside.

I decide to drive to ale's place and I open the door with the extra pair of keys she gave me.

I say hi to her mom and dad, then her siblings, they always greet me happily.

I head up to her bedroom just to find her almost rolling on the floor laughing and Zach laying on her bed with tears streaming down his face, I mean he's laughing so much that he's crying.

"hola bitch" Ale says to me as I take a seat on the edge of her bed.

"waddup" I say.

"Something wrong?"She says reading my eyes and standing up.

"Worried... about college."I lie, well half lie because I really am worried.

"Man we got into UCF wich is pretty dope"She says beaming.

"I go there too, Just a year older than you tho"Says says from behind me.

Just as I thought.

"You know what worries me don't you?"I ask, praying she gets it.


"Oh c'mon don't worry about that"Zach says reassuringly"He'll make time for you while on tour"

"Do you really think so?"I ask. What if he really decides to make some time for me? We aren't even dating, I would love to but I don't think Justin would really make time while on freaking believe tour for me.


Ale sits next to me and hugs me.

Then she punches me, well my boob.

"BOOB PUNCH!"She screams laughing.

I bend over in pain, but relieved she always makes me laugh, even when physicaly hurting me.


I stand up and go for her.

She jumps in bed and shields herself with Zach.

He opens his arms dramatically to cover her and I can't help it but laugh harder.

He stands up and suprises me by pushing me into Ale's bed.

Where she next slaps my stomach and I rub my tummy pouting.

Zach and Ale start tickling me to the point I'm almost pissing myself.

I excuse myslef and go down the hall to the bathroom.

I can still hear Ale and Zach laughing.

When I get back to her room my phone goes off.

The name JB appears on the screen. I widely smile.

"Is that him? You can only pull up that idiotic smile if it's him"Ale says.

"Yeah shut up"I say and answer the phone.

"Hello gilry"I hear him say, it just sends shivers down my spine.

"Hi"I say and feel my cheeks flush.

"Where you at?"He asks.

"Ale's house."I say hoping he asks to come over.

"Directions?" I hand the phone to ale and she waits while he writes everything down.

30 minutes later we hear the doorbell ring.

Ale's mom is to the front door before we even step out the house.

She opens the door just to find Justin Bieber leaning against a column.

Her eyes widen and she screams.

"Moooommm stoppp"Ale says.

"Ohmygodisittruethen"She says.

Ale gives her an 'i told u' smile.

We go back in and Jessica (Ale's mom) offers to make something for us to eat.

I take a seat next to Justin in the edge of Ale's bed.

Ale and Zach leave the room and right when they step out they burst with laughter and head to the kitchen I suppose.

"How are you?"Justin kindly asks.

"I'm good, and you?"I lie.

"not so good i guess"He admits.

"Why?"I ask concerned.

"Because summer is going to end really soon and you'll have to start college really soon"

"So?"I say.

"So that I don't want that because I somehow don't want to be away from you"

"We'll keep in touch won't we?"He adds.

My insides are burning.

"I know whe are not dating or anyrhing but you are...."

I just stand there wide eyed and my cheeks red.


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