Heart and Soul

Feelings are so strong that they can never be described deeply enough. I can try and describe them, but emotions are just too deep that they can never be shown enough.


6. Supernatural, paranormal

This is my entry for the competition by E.H Weaver


The dark night sky,

The pale moonlight.

The raging red gleam in your eyes,

My mortality's fright.


You take me away,

To the garden of sin.

You slam the gates shut,

I sense the devil within.


Bring me to the stage,

Lead me into the eternal darkness of the night.

Fireballs shoot to the sky with rage,

Chain me to the altar,

Expose my face to the blinding light.


Raise me high,

I am the sacrificial lamb.

Every year another soul  is captured,

This is the sacrament of the damned.


All I sense is devastating fear,

I will never be rescued or found.

My fate couldn't be more clear,

I am trapped in the devil's playground.


The jeers of the crowd echo in my head,

The noise and the curses from the demons.

Pierce my heart on hell's bed,

You drain my humanity while I lie on the shroud of the dead.


You stroke my hair and lift up my face,

Give me the kiss of death.

Then you lift my spirit up and it perishes,

You tell me to welcome the devil as I breathe my last breath.


I see a white light but then it turns red,

The darkness and devastation sews itself through my head.

A fire-bird arises as I tumble down the stairs,

I land at the doorstep of hell,

I've set fire to my hair.


A warm welcome greets me as I am lead to my prison,

Dragged by my bloody hands and the fire torches sizzle.

I see pain and desperation through evil desire,

I am the new victim who will only energize the fire.

The demon's cries go through my head,

As I am showed the many plans they have for me filled with dread.


Fantasy Dream



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