Heart and Soul

Feelings are so strong that they can never be described deeply enough. I can try and describe them, but emotions are just too deep that they can never be shown enough.


5. Our First Almost Kiss

Sunshine beaming down on a romantic day,

Painting our fantasy on a canvas.

Guiding my hand your way,

This was the story of us.


You were no longer in a relationship,

I asked how you where.

You said that your heart had a slight rip,

You then had me hooked then and there.


I then asked if you had found somebody new,

You stopped and turned your head my way.

You winked at me and your smile grew,

I dropped my paintbrush on the hay.


I wanted you to prove it,

You did as I said.

You put your hands around my waist,

You moved closer to me,

Then tilted your head.


I moved closer and put my arms round your neck,

My legs wrapped around your body.

Our lips were touching,

But then your best friend came over and said "what the heck!"


We moved away quickly,

Feeling slightly shy.

We almost had our moment of ecstasy,

We could tell by the look in each other's eyes.


My heart was racing,

My mind was spinning.

Our eyes were closing,

I felt like you were winning.


From there on in I love you so,

Please don't leave me.

I need you so don't let go.

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