Heart and Soul

Feelings are so strong that they can never be described deeply enough. I can try and describe them, but emotions are just too deep that they can never be shown enough.


4. I loved you

I see you when my heart smiles,

But it feels like you're far from a million miles.

I loved you and I love you still I want you back,

With you my life is a thrill.


Your blonde wavy hair,

Your deep brown eyes.

When you almost kissed me I didn't breathe any air.

I just wanted your lips on mine.


Your golden skin,

That yet-to-be Hollywood smile.

No matter how many people wanted me you would always win.

How I wish to see you soon,

I haven't seen that face for a while.


We are in love,

You know it as well.

We may not have touched for two years,

But it feels like we embraced decades ago.


I say I have moved on but we all know the truth,

Nothing can hide true love.

To you my heart swore an oath,

We are like two doves.


My mother knows that I want you,

I was nervous what she would say.

She knows the truth about your soft spot for me,

She says this love will have lasted forever.

I wouldn't have it any other way.


-Fantasy Dream-


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