Heart and Soul

Feelings are so strong that they can never be described deeply enough. I can try and describe them, but emotions are just too deep that they can never be shown enough.


3. Blue Belle

You come bounding up to me,

With that gleam in your eyes.

You lick my face,

You are the most wonderful surprise.


The greatest gift I ever had,

The gift that gives me most joy.

I would rather have you more than any toy,

I wish I could wrap you up in a box and give it to everyone.


The sparkle and the gleam when the light hits you,

I see aquamarine beauty sparkling when you come through.

You chase me as fast as you can,

Then pounce on me when I have been outran. 


The twinkle in your eyes never goes,

I fell in love with the way that your heart flows.

You're so energetic you always keep me on my toes.


Another virtue is your purity,

As you wash against the soft golden shores.

You're a thing of beauty,

Nothing seen like you before.


We can't live without you,

The world would be at strife.

There'd be nothing left to live for.


Without water there is no life.


Fantasy Dream


This is the adjusted version which won the award!

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