Heart and Soul

Feelings are so strong that they can never be described deeply enough. I can try and describe them, but emotions are just too deep that they can never be shown enough.


7. Alone

Last night was a story of its own,

The party I had been waiting for.

Little did I know I would end up alone,

This had never happened to me before.


I wore my black dress,

It was dark as the sky at night.

The diamonds and pearls sparkling,

Like stars shining their light. 


I spent hours dressing myself up,

To look amazing.

Not for anyone else,

Just for my own self pleasing.


When I got there I heard the deafening sound of music,

I was feeling electrified.

I went over to my friends and we started dancing.

But it turns out that I was ignored.


Turning away,

Running off.

It was harder to stay,

As I was captured in the rough.


A boy got on one knee,

Asked you to dance.

You wanted someone to give you glee,

You accepted and took a chance.


After that everyone repeated,

Boys asking every girl to dance.

But in front of me you all cheated,

At other boys you couldn't help but glance.


I watched and waited,

Ready for the question.

I felt as though my existence was deleted,

I was washed away by psychological abrasion.


They all looked my way and winked,

But didn't dare ask anything.

They wanted me to say yes.

But didn't want to risk the humiliation,

Especially in front of their mates.


My 'friends' asked me if I had been asked,

I shook my head.

They laughed and laughed and laughed at me.

They said that no-one would come,

Not even if they were dead.


What I learned from this is that some boys are just too shy,

They carry about them their pride.

They go for the easiest ones,

Too afraid to ask the finest ones.


People you consider friends,

They don't stay for long.

The word has 'end' in it,

You just need to be strong.


I'm glad I said no,

It would've been wrong.

To say yes to boys who in my heart don't belong.


I still want a boy who I have loved for long.


I am not going to go about defeated,

If I had danced with another,

I would've cheated.


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