Broken Little Sister

She keeps to herself, she has no friends, she's one thing; Broken. He's a pop star, he has millions of friends, he's got a perfect life. She's Niall's little step sister and he's Niall's best bud. He likes his best bud's broken little sister.


5. what?


Ariana's P.O.V

I woke up and propped myself up on my elbows. I yawned and looked around. It was dark but some sun was peeking through the window blinds. I had slept for ages. Lucky me. I sighed and decided to get up. I pulled the blanket off of me and let my legs dangle off the side. My whole body hurt like crazy. I stepped on the carpet and made my way towards the door. 

I walked out and Harry was sleeping on the couch. I made my way over to him and sat by his feet. I placed my hand on his arm and shook him. He groaned and cuddled up to the pillow more. I giggled and tried again but he didn't. I got up and sat on my knees in front of the couch. I came up close to his ear. "Hazza?" i whispered. "Harry?" "Haz?" "Harry?" I whispered. He shot up and propped himself on his elbows. He groaned while running a hand through his curls. 

"What's the matter Ari?" he asked in a deep sexy morning voice. Oh god, he's your brothers band mate Ariana! I mentally cursed myself for saying sexy

"I wanted some clothes so I could shower?" I asked. He looked at me and nodded. He sat up and wasn't wearing any top. I diverted my eyes and got off the floor. He got up, towering over my small body and walked towards a room. I followed him and he handed me some underwear, jeans and a jumper. "Thanks," I said. 

"No problem," he winked. I nodded and made my way towards Niall's room as fast ass possible so he didn't see me blush at him. Oh goodness! I walked in the bathroom and closed the door. 

-Skip shower- 

I came out after i got dressed in my pull and bear ripped skinny jeans and a grey knitted jumper. I did my hair and put it in a fish tail braid all the way to my mid rib caged. I pulled on my white converses. I came out and the boys where on the couches. Geez they take it all up! Meanies!! I sat down in between Harry and Niall's legs. (not in the wrong way just in between the space of harry's left leg and niall's right.) They were playing FIFA!! Boys! I rolled my eyes and stole the bag of chips on the coffee table. 

"Hey uh, boys!" Called a guy, who was Paul! 

"Yeah?" they asked eyes not leaving the screen. 

"The car is here!" he said. He left the room and I looked at Niall. 

"Car?" i asked. 

"Yeah shopping for you, tomorrow we leave for our tour!" Niall said. I nodded. We all got up and headed for the elevator. It was a tight space and I ended up with Harry next to me and Niall. I was worried because I could hear the fans. I was better than yesterday. Niall threw a arm around me shoulder and led me behind the boys towards the back entrance. I got in the car and was seated next to Liam and Niall. I saw Liam with a cap on his head and grabbed it. 

"Hey!" he said. I poked my tounge out at him. "Nah it's fine." he laughed and went back to talking to Louis. *warning i still hats* I put it on and waited quietly while the boys talked on the way to our shopping trip. Tour huh? Oh god.....

A/N: SORRY for the long update and I know its short but i have my friends party to attended to and I'll hopfully update a long chapter tomorrow if i have the time to do it. 

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