Broken Little Sister

She keeps to herself, she has no friends, she's one thing; Broken. He's a pop star, he has millions of friends, he's got a perfect life. She's Niall's little step sister and he's Niall's best bud. He likes his best bud's broken little sister.


12. *Not an Update*


I am terribly sorry for not updating when i said i will but trust me with this school work, I haven't had time and plus I got REALLY bad grades, Instead of working in getting them up, they went down so yeah but now its holidays and I plan to write a lot of chapters for this story to make up for it (when I'm not babysitting and watch keeping up with the kardashians. I'm addicted to that show like for real!!) So yeah I'll get them up soon as possible and I'll make them long.

x x x

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