Broken Little Sister

She keeps to herself, she has no friends, she's one thing; Broken. He's a pop star, he has millions of friends, he's got a perfect life. She's Niall's little step sister and he's Niall's best bud. He likes his best bud's broken little sister.


6. My life sucks


Ariana's P.O.V

I followed the boys around from shop to shop sticking with Niall or Zayn mostly because Niall's my big brother and Zayn and I had become best friends close! I got some clothes just jeans, sweaters and hoods. We had burger king for lunch but i just drank my frozen raspberry. We left after lunch so they boys and I could catch our tour bus we'd been leaving in tonight. The boys things and mine we already packed and in a car that was taken to the tour bus. 

We arrived at the area and the tour bus was there waiting for us. I was stuck with Niall and Liam for the ride home with Liam's hat still on my head. I had gotten to know them more and they were really friendly, sweet, caring and annoying people but i can now say i have four friends! Which is really good. 

We climbed out the car and all went in the bus for my tour! It was amazing!! I had my own 'bunk' area that just happen to be next to Harry! Grrr! there was a bathroom between me and harry was the other boys! Niall and Liam shared so did Louis and Zayn! Then the lounge area! It was cool with comfy couches and chairs! Big T.Vs and yeah! I had a closet in front of my bunk that wasn't full but had my stuff that i brought in it! 

I said goodbye to mum on the phone and we soon got in and left to start the tour after we had stopped to have our dinner which was pizza, with garlic bread! I ate some pizza and bread with a glass of coke. Harry sat next to me and that after dinner on a couch since the other boys were playing video games in the bunks. So it was just us two....

"Hey Ari," he said as he sat down. 

"Hi Hazza!" I said. 

"So, mind if we hang?" he asked.

"Uh umm, Alright," I said back. No one wants to hang with me.

"Cool, so tell me about yourself," he asked. 

"Uh ok," i laughed. "My favorite colour is white, i hate heights, i dislike it very much! I haven't seen New York my favorite place in the world! I love California! I like mcfly, fall out boy, Hollywood ending, you guy, and other bands! What about you?" I asked forgetting everything single thing about me. 

He told me things about himself and i told him more about me that i could remember and thats how we spent two hours talking about our childhoods and stuff. Harry is really a nice guy and he can get any girl he wanted to if he did. 

It would be amazayn to be his girl. But i wouldn't be one. He see's me as the little broken sister of Niall's, the girl who tried to kill herself and didn't want to be alive, and the one he's has to babysit! Urgh, my life sucks!


Injoy for this one!!!

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