Broken Little Sister

She keeps to herself, she has no friends, she's one thing; Broken. He's a pop star, he has millions of friends, he's got a perfect life. She's Niall's little step sister and he's Niall's best bud. He likes his best bud's broken little sister.


10. Hanging with the boys


Ariana's P.O.V

I woke to niall sleeping. I yawned and sat up. I rubbed my eyes and climbed out of bed. I paddled my feet to the mini bathroom, i looked in the mirror and signed. I heard my stomach grumble, signalling that i was hungry.

I walked back into my room and put on trackies and a warm jumper since it was cold and raining outside. Niall was still asleep so i let him be and made my way quietly  pass Harry who was sleeping cutely. Wait did i just say he slept cutely? Yes, oh god. I tip-toed into the little area with a t.v an a mini kitchen. I found cereal and made me a bowl. I sat down on the couch and turned on the t.v. I made myself comfy and put on a series of sponge-bob. I made sure that it wasn't two loud so the boys could sleep. After watching about maybe six episodes Zayn came out. 

"Hey Ari, what ya doing?" Zayn asked. 

"Watching sponge-bob, wanna join?" I asked him. He chuckled but nodded. After getting a bowl of cereal for himself, he sat next to me. We were laughing softly so the others don't wake up. Suddenly Harry appeared. 

"Sponge-bob?" He questioned us. I nodded eyes glued to the t.v. He chuckled. I patted the seat next to me. He did waste any time taking it and joining us watching the t.v. Liam joined us along with Niall and louis. We decided to spend the day watching movies, or playing games.


"Guys it's cold, could we turn the heater on or something?" Harry asked. Liam nodded before getting up and turning the heater on. I smiled feeling more warmer now. We we currently watching Family guy and we were laughing and laughing. We made up some wraps and I oftened the last one to the bus driver since the boys were all fighting over it. They all groaned when he accept it. I giggled and plopped down between Zayn and Harry. 

We did some get-to-know games and it was really fun, these boys were so funny and they treated each other like brothers it was so sweet. Niall loved them like his brothers and he was so happy to be in this band. He was always smiling and giggling or pulling pranks or just having his own fun and the boys always joined in with him. 

I was glade my brother was happy here with these four boys that as he claim's are now his brothers. 


OMFG!!!! I'm soooooo sorry for not updating earlier you see my computer had an update change and it would not let me update ANYTHING! I REPEAT ANYTHING!!! I'll try to update sooner but i'll be maybe once a week? or maybe twice a week if i can. Idk. So please hang in there and keep commenting and stuff, AND THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYONE OF YOUS WHO FAVORITED, LIKE AND COMMENTED, I LOVE YOUS ALL MY BLS (Broken Little Sister) FANS!!!! <3 :)


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