Broken Little Sister

She keeps to herself, she has no friends, she's one thing; Broken. He's a pop star, he has millions of friends, he's got a perfect life. She's Niall's little step sister and he's Niall's best bud. He likes his best bud's broken little sister.


9. Dream

A/N: Hey guys, sorry for the long update but I had to get the story up on wattpad and I have a new story out called Fake Girlfriend, so if you all don't mind could you all possible be cupcakes and check it out for me? Xxx

Harry's P.O.V

I really don't know what it is but there just something about Ariana that makes her special. I mean she's so beautiful, the way her black long hair fulls and looks perfect, the way she's so shy when she's around me and the fact that she just makes me want to look after her. Oh what am I saying? She's  Niall's little step sister that's going through a lot. I can't like her or even be with her, that wouldn't be fair on Niall my best mate. 

Ariana's P.O.V

After the shopping trip with the girls. We came back and chatted then they left and I went to bed. The whole day went by pretty boring since we did nothing and now the night had hit and we were all sitting in the lounge bit of the tour bus. And Harry's eyes haven't left his hands since he came out and sat down. I looked at him. What was he thinking? Was it about me? Oh it wouldn't be Ari, he your step brother's band mate for crying out loud. I hoped up and went to the bunks. I went in my room and looked at my things, i had brought. The girls told me i had to have nicer clothes, like dresses, skirts, leggings, nice tops and nice shoes along with make-up and stuff. So now I have more clothes than i had before when I went shopping with the boys. 

"Hey, Ari," Niall said as he walked in and sat down next to me on the floor our backs against the board of the bunk. 

"Hey," I said quietly. 

"Are you Alright?" Niall asked. I nodded and gave him a small smile.

"Yeah, just tired. I think I might get some sleep," I told him. He nodded and left the room closing the door behind him. I pulled on my P.j's and turned the light off. I climbed into bed and just looked out the window. The moon was up and the stars were out. Suddenly I heard the boys saying how they were all going to bed. I heard Harry quietly sneak past to his bunk room. I rolled my eyes and closed my eyes. Suddenly sleep came upon me. 


I looked around. I was somewhere in the open. Suddenly i felt someone behind me. I slowly turned around. It was him. Him. He smirked. 

"NO!! STAY AWAY FROM ME!!" I yelled at him. 

"GO AWAY!" I screamed, tears falling down from my eyes. He just smirked looking at me and suddenly he grabbed me. "NO LET GO OF ME! HELP!" I cried. "NIALL! ANYONE!"

"No one can help you now!" he said. 


"NO!" I scream/cried. I started crying. Suddenly harry burst in the room. 

"Ariana? What's a matter?" he asked knelling in front of my bunk. Suddenly I started crying more and screaming. I looked at him and he hugged me. He pulled me from the bunk into his lap on the floor. "Tell me what's wrong?" he begged almost.

"He...he! Oh harry he came back for me." I cried in his chest holding onto his shirt for dear life. He started rubbing my back. 

"Shhh, it alright. It was only a dream. Your safe," he said. I just kept crying. It felt so real, like he came back. I started calming down after a while then suddenly Niall came in. 

"What's going on? Ariana?" he asked. That's when I broke down even more. "Oh god Ari, what's the matter?" he asked rubbing my back. He tried to take me from harry but it only made me cling to Harry more. It happened after Niall left me, became Famous and was the number one band in the country. He came for me. Niall left and that horrible man was after me.

"Ariana, it's ok, shh" Harry smoothed me. I buried my head in the crook of his neck crying and clinging onto his shirt. 

"He came after Niall left about 5 months after niall didn't come back to see me," I cried. 

"Who did?" Harry asked. 

"That man, my mother was seeing," I sniffed still crying. "That broke tthings off so he came back for her," I lied.

"Ari, I'm so sorry," Niall said. I nodded and started calming down. I pulled back from Harry with Hair in my face. Harry still held me. Niall moved the hair away from my face. "That shouldn't of happened to you, I'm sorry I left." Niall looked down. 

"It's Ok," I said. I looked up at Harry. "Sorry for wrecking your shirt," I mumbled. 

"Its alright," He said and helped me up. He went back in his room.

"Niall, please don't leave me?" I asked him, shaking. He nodded and climbed into the bunk with me. He held me in his arms. Oh if only he knew what really happened. 




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