Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


7. chapter 7


Liam POV

It was pointless for me to watch TV because no matter what, Isabella was on my mind

I shouldn't have taken her back to Wolverhampton, hell I shouldn't have left her alone in Woverhampton all those years ago.

I cant believe everything that's been happening to her, the fact that when she came here she looked to happy, nobody would believe me if I said she was faking it.

she made it so believable to look happy, when really she wasn't

I thought that taking her back to Wolverhampton and taking her to the places that we spend the most time together would be a good idea. I thought it would bring the two of us closer again. I thought that if she was reminded of all the good times we've had together she would drop the "I hate Liam" act and actually let me back into her life. I didn't think that bringing her to those places would only ruin her day and remind her of all the bad memories

It broke my heart to know that I wasn't there for her when she needed me. it killed me really.to see in person the abandoned house that was used for her business almost made me go mad.

I was only not freaking out for her sake, I was willing to go find her mother and her mother's boyfriend and knock dome sense into them. But I didn't, that's because I saw the way she looked. the way she pleaded that I not go into the house in the first place was enough to get me to understand that she needed me as a friend to support her choice of letting it go.

When I hugged her, I was surprised that she let me do it, but I'm glad she did. I'm happy to know that I was able to be there for her when she needed me especially when I wasn't there for almost 4 years

It's funny how people can hide behind their smiles. nobody would guess her past by looking at her. they would all think her life was perfect.

The whole ride home from Wolverhampton was quiet. I could tell she didn't want to talk about it so I didn't. I would bring it up later when she wasn't in a sad mood. I would bring it up during a time where it won't ruin her day

Once we got home she ended up going straight to her room. she didn't say anything to me or any of the boys. she just smiled and walked past them and straight to her room

They all questioned me but I just shrugged. I know that Isabella doesn't want them to know and she would be thankful to know that I didn't tell them anything. but that didn't stop Louis. He was smart enough to know that his sister needed someone and he went to her room. H e still hasn't come out yet, which worries me a bit.

I want to be there to help her, comfort her and make her feel safe. but knowing her, she still hasn't forgiven me. she only hugged me because I was the only one there to comfort her

so here I am just sitting here watching some TV show. the other boys are sitting down watching TV also but they were having their own conversations, but I was too lost in thought to include myself.

Isabella's POV

I was sitting up on my bed hugging my knees to my chest just thinking, even though Liam and I only hugged, I had this feeling in my stomach that kind of liked his comfort.

but I can't let myself let my guard down. he'll only leave me again, so why should I get close to him again? becoming close to him again is pretty much setting myself up for heartbreak again, and I don't think I can handle it

Its bad enough he had to see the stupid hell hole that I spent a lot of my time in making money in every illegal way possible.

I'm sure he feels sorry for me, and bad for me, he probably thinks I'm weak and worthless, but who am I to care. I don't care what he thinks of me. At least I shouldn't care and I really don't need his pity.

Not gonna lie, I was shaken up for a bit returning to that place, sure it's only been a couple days since I've been there but, it just reminded me that my past was actually, bad. like really bad. and to have Liam see that hurt something inside of me.

I was interrupted from my thoughts when the door opened and closed. I looked up to see Louis he instantly put a smile on my face.

"hey sis," he said smiling at me. he came on my bed and sat down next to me


"what's wrong, you seem sad?" he asked concerned

"nothing, I'm perfectly fine"

"bella, I think I know you well enough to tell that you are lying, you know you can tell me what's on your mind" he said wrapping his arm around me, he pulled me so I was resting my head on the side of his chest so I could feel his heartbeat.

"I'm fine Louis, I just missed you that's all."

"I missed you too, I really did and I'm so happy that you're here and I get to see your pretty little face every single day." he said poking the tip of my nose

I couldn't help but smile at his comment

"you're such a loser" I joked shuffling myself so I was sitting up a bit just leaning on his side.

"ouch straight through the heart" he said placing a hand on his heart faking pain

"I was joking Tommo, you know I love you"

"I love you too, so are you going to tell me what's really bothering you? I know something is and I wont leave until you tell me."

"I'm just tired really, I woke up early this morning and I'm still adjusting to the new place, so I'm just sleepy is all." I mumbled hoping he'd but it. I wasn't completely lying because I was tired, I just hope that he would believe it and not want me to explain to him the ugly truth.

He wrapped his finger around my hair twirling it with his hand. he patted my head and said "then sleep bella, and relax a bit you seem stressed out lately, shh just sleep"

and just like that I found myself falling asleep.it was easy because Louis is like one giant teddy bear and he has that care in his voice that just helps you ease your mind. he was the best brother I could ever ask for.


"aww look at them, they're too cute" I heard a voice say. It took me a while before I realised that it was zayn. but I still refused to open my eyes

"shut up they're sleeping." another voice said and then I heard a slap noise. it had to be harry hitting zayn around the head

I opened my eyes hesitantly, regretting it instantly because the light shined in my eyes.

I then realised that Louis was still here. he still has his arm wrapped around my shoulder and his head was leaning on top of mine, but I moved my head so his head was now resting on my shoulder

"what do you want?" I mumbled looking at the two boys.

"well its morning time and we were supposed to all hang out today, get to know you better, so we came to wake you up but you two looked so cute and comfy and we didn't want to wake you" harry said cheerfully, but a little too cheerful for the morning.

"yah a little late for that,"

"sorry, but this idiot over here" he said hitting zayn's arms "doesn't know how to be quiet"

"it's alright" I mumbled closing my eyes and trying to go back to sleep.

"no sleeping we have to get up!" harry demanded causing me to reopen my eyes

"no thanks" I said bluntly closing my eyes again

I felt myself being lifted and thrown over someone's shoulder, and instantly realising it was harry

"what are you doing?" I yelled hitting his back

"waking you up and this will work trust me," he said, he patted my butt jokingly but I flicked his back as a warning to not do it again. he began running around the house- which did wake me up, but it wasn't necessary to be done

"Liam take her she's too heavy for me" harry complained- slightly offending me- and soon enough I was over Liam's shoulder

I felt a tingly feeling at his arm wrapped around my leg tightly so I didn't fall. but I shrugged the feeling off, it had to be nothing

"put me down!" I yelled hitting his back

he just laughed lightly and shut a door behind him. he placed me on what seemed to be his bed and he walked to his closet

"why am I here?" I asked bluntly.

"because I brought you here" he said winking at me

"well what do you want from me?"

"why would I want anything from you? can we not just talk to each other for no reason?"

"no we can't because we aren't friends" I mumbled bitterly

"aw you don't mean that" he said turning to face me

I shrugged my shoulders and said "yep I do"

he rolled his eyes and turned back around. he pulled his shirt off exposing his bare back. he had a nice figure. he had nice toned arms and even though I couldn't see his stomach you could tell by the way his body was shaped that he had a six pack

he slipped on a black hoodie with the number 22 written on the back and turned to face me

"now that I forced you to stop checking me out" he winked cockily smiling "we can get back to conversation"

I felt my cheeks blush but I forced them to stop. I rolled my eyes at him "Payne, you've got a huge ass ego, it's going to ruin you one day, I can tell"

"I don't have a bad ego, I'm just confident, and don't use that as an excuse to say you weren't checking me out"

"I wasn't!" I lied

"ok whatever helps you sleep at night" he smirked "I recommend you wear a hoodie, its rainy out and we don't want the paps to see you, since you don't want to be exposed to them"

"I don't really own a hoodie, like you should know, covering up wasn't really a choice" I muttered

he pursed his lips to the side giving what I said a thought before he replied

"take one of mine then"

I was glad with his response. I'm happy he's finally getting the hint that I don't need him questioning my past with every word I say, but I wasn't too happy with having to wear one of his hoodies.

he looked through his closet before pulling out a plain dark grey hoodie. He threw it over me to put on. The material had some kind if spandex-silky feel to it, making it more fitted but on me it was still going to be loose.

I hesitated before putting it on it smelt just like him

"Thanks" I mumbled now leaning on the wall the hoodie was pretty over sided on my petite figure but it would have to do for now

"Any time babe"he said before pulling me out the door and into the living on where the rest of the boys were waiting

"Can we leave now?" Harry nagged

"Not yet!" I said and he turned to face me.

"why? your dressed"

"I need to fix up my hair and put on some makeup"

"trust me you look perfectly hot-"harry was slapped upright the head by Louis, he gave harry the evil eye as he continued

"you look beautiful as you are" he said hesitantly and I rolled my eyes in response. I turned to go to the washroom and brushed through my hair. it had a light wave to it so it was a little thicker, but it looked good. I brushed my teeth and put on a little bit of mascara.

I didn't feel like doing anything else so I just left the washroom and headed back to the living room.

"was that so long?" I said looking at the boys

they shook their heads. "come on lads, lets go!" zayn said ushering everyone out the door

"be sure to put your hoodie up once we step outside the building alright?"zayn suggested to me. I nodded in response feeling somewhat nervous.

I stopped walking and waited till Louis reached my side before I began to walk again. I felt safest with Louis, so I shouldn't have to worry if he's by my side

"who's the girl?"

"is she a secret girlfriend to one of you boys?"

I felt a strong firm arm slip around me holding me tight as I was being pulled through the paparazzi. I thought it was Louis at first but it was Liam. what a surprise?

"Liam over here,"

"is that your girlfriend?"

"how long have you two been dating?"

"is she a model?"

"is she a random hook up?"

that one caught me by surprise but I just ignored it rolling my eyes. I kept following them as the paparazzi kept firing questions.

"lady what's your name?"

"are you hooking up with any of the boys?"

"do you know any dirty secrets?"

little did they know that I was the little secret in the boys life

they kept going on and on and I was truly annoyed. I almost forgot that Liam wrapped me in his arms. soon enough I was pulled into the car squished between Niall and Liam

"they didn't hurt you did they?" Louis asked from the front seat

"I'm all good, how do you deal with that?"

"you just ignore it, its the best way" Niall replied sighing. he then swung his arm around my shoulder and I gave him a questioning look

he just winked at me telling me to let him do it and I did, I liked Niall. he was nice, funny and was a bit of a charmer. but he isn't my type. he's too good too innocent and a little too flirty. I could see him as a good friend, but nothing more, like sure he was attractive but like I said, not my kind of guy.

Louis glanced at the rear view mirror and shot Niall a look. I noticed Liam's arm stiffen as he lightly clenched his jaw looking at Niall's arm around me.

why would he do that?

the car ride was quiet and slightly awkward because Louis and Liam kept sending glares to Niall while he would just fiddle with strands of my hair.

"Niall, do yourself a favour and remove your hands off my innocent baby sister" Louis said bluntly

I cracked a small laugh but stopped so I wouldn't embarrass Niall so badly

Liam laughed quietly as Zayn laughed from behind us and Harry laughed sitting next to Louis.

Niall slowly removed his hands after receiving the "I will kill you look" from Louis

"sorry" Niall mumbled looking down at his hands trying to ignore the awkward stares he was most likely going to get if he looked up at any of the boys.

"alright we're here!" Louis said as he pulled up to the parking lot of what seemed to be a studio.

why would he bring us here to get to know each other? guess we'll have to find out.

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