Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


6. chapter 6

Isabella's p.o.v

"get up" I heard a voice say. I ignored it; I'm tried and have no energy so why would I get up?

"come on Bells" The voice said again, now a little louder

I tightened the blanket over my head, not wanting any light to catch my eyes to wake me up. Not that I could easily open them as it is now.

"ouch!" I yelled as I felt a pillow hit my head

"It's like to get up" Liam said now pulling the blanket off me

"Liam get out" I said sternly

"No, we're spending the day together remember?"

"Not really,"

"I'm leaving, if you aren't ready in five minutes I'll change you into your clothes myself." He said winking at me and leaving the room.

what a pig! obviously he wants to see me half naked. He needs to leave me the hell alone. Can't he tell that he's the last person I want to see? He should be happy that I'm even letting myself have a short conversation with him. He's pushing it trying to spend the day with me

I decided that I don't have to listen to Liam. He doesn't own me. He can't make me do anything I don't want to do. I'm eighteen, I'm my own person now, and I don't have to follow anyone's rules-besides the law which I hardly follow- and especially not Liam's

I forced my eyes shut, getting lost in the comfort of the bed. soon enough I felt myself drifting to sleep



"alright you asked for this." Liam said waking me up. I gave him a confused look and almost immediately I remembered his earlier warning

He wouldn't do it. he doesn't have the guts

"you have one last chance to get dressed" he said waiting for me to get out of bed. I just rolled my eyes at him and rested my head against the pillow

he shrugged and I felt his hands go up my thighs then start to tug at my pyjama shorts

"what the hell are you doing?!" I yelled jumping out of bed like a ninja

"undressing you"


"because we have to leave" he said giving me the 'are you dumb' look

"well that doesn't mean you can just...try to take my clothes off"

"Isabella you've changed in front of me before , what's so different know? I've undressed you before too; I really don't see the difference."

"the difference is; we are not friends anymore" I spat walking towards my closet and grabbing a pair of sweats and a crop top that flowed to my belly button

"well I might not be your friend, but I consider  you mine" he said leaning against the wall

I ignored his comment and said "are you going to get out so I can change or?"

"why would I get out? last time I got out you didn't change, you went back to sleep. I'm staying right here." he answered stubbornly

"are you .kidding me?"

"nope" he said popping the "p"

"ugh, turn around, and don't sneak a peek or I'll tell Louis and your head will get chopped off." I threatened

"alright alright, I wont do anything" he said throwing his hands in the air and turning around.

I quickly changed into my sweats and top and slipped on my pair of flip flops

"I'm done" I said walking out the door and into the bathroom, Liam was right on my tail

"if you don't mind I'm going to brush my teeth and fix my hair would you like to stay and watch me do this too?" I said smiling bitchily at him

he didn't answer he just smirked and leaned against the bathroom door frame waiting for me to continue

I rolled my eyes at him which he cases me to do a little too much. I swear one day my eyes are going to roll out of my head because of him

I applied the toothpaste onto my brush and brushed my teeth spitting and rinsing my mouth. I brushed my hair afterwards so there were no tangles and my long wavy blonde hair was evenly down the side of my head

I thought about putting make up on but I didn't really need it. I had naturally soft clear skin so I didn't really need cover up, and honestly I didn't feel the need to apply any eye liner or mascara. its not like I need to impress Liam- or anyone for that matter.

"you're wearing that?" he asked looking me up and down. he was probably referring to my exposed stomach. his eyes stopped at my belly button piercing. it was nothing special, just a black dangly jewel.

"got a problem with it?" I said smiling at him and walking past him into the kitchen

"yah I do" he answered sternly

"well that sucks for you because I'm not changing"

"just go and change and save yourself the trouble"

"I don't have to listen to you" I said turning around and facing him. we were closer than I thought to be completely honest. our chests were almost touching and it caught me off guard. I looked up at him and was able to inhale his strong but attracting scent

"just do it" his voice cracked a bit

I was shot back to reality. was I really getting lost in Liam's presence? no. I can't be. I'm just not myself today.

I backed up."I don't have to do anything. if you don't want me to wear this than we don't have to spend the day together, and I'm more than wanting to stay home not do a single thing."

"fine, but when you get raped please don't say I didn't tell you so." He mumbled

"whatever Liam. Are we leaving or are we just going to stay here" I said crossing my arms over my chest

He grabbed his car key off the counter "lets go"

I followed him out the door and into the car. But instead of sitting next to Liam in the passenger seat I took the back seat and averted my gaze out the window. I didn't want him to think that I wanted to get in conversation with him because I don't. I don't want him to think that I want to be his friend again. I hate him, he messed me up and I'm not an easy forgiver

sorry Liam

"you know you can sit here, I wont bite." He said looking at me through the mirror

"I'd rather sit here" I answered bluntly

"suite yourself" he answered as he started the car and sped off.

I was in the car for what felt like years, but it was for only 3 and a half hours. I don't understand where he was going. I don't understand why he's taking me out so far away.

Was he planning taking me to some random place and dumping me there? Who am I kidding, Liam isn't that bad, but I like to make myself think he is so I don't let him off to easy.

"where the hell are we going Liam?" I asked breaking the silence in the car

"you'll recognise it when you see it"

"can we at least stop somewhere to eat? I'm staving"

"no, I'm going to let you starve duh" He said trying to make me laugh but it didn't work. he isn't funny to me.

"I have a place I'm taking you don't worry I wouldn't let you stave to death" he smiled at me

"well how far? I'm kind of hungry and I'm about to eat your car seat." I mumbled

"we are 10 minutes away, and trust me you aren't going to be disappointed

"I better not, my stomach kills thank to you"


soon enough we reached the restaurant. As I stepped out of the car I let out a long and relaxing stretch

As I looked at my surrounding, I felt shocked and scared, but happy and excited at the same time

We were in Woverhampton

I was shocked because I didn't think I would be back here for a long time. I was scared because this is the place where all the people know me and my reputation. At least at the bad part of town. This is the place where I'm possibly wanted by a gang. I was excited because as much as I hate this place, I have so many good memories that lie here

But now that I think about it, the only good memories I had here were with Liam. That immediately brought my mood down

"why are we back here?" I said frowning at the good memories that were flashing in my head

"I thought we could come back here for good ole' time sake" he said sweetly


"come on, remember this place? we used to come here every weekend for breakfast and I know that its past breakfast but they sell the breakfast menu 24/7 now."

I looked up at the old diner I remember this place clearly

"we'll have 2 orders of the golden crisp French toast, 2 orders of chocolate chip pancakes and 2 glasses of orange juice" Liam ordered to the waitress

it was his 16th birthday and mine wasn't too far after his and he wanted to celebrate it together. we did it together every year

"that's a lot of food" I said smiling at my best friend

"yah I know, but I'm officially 16 so I can eat all the food I want, and since your pretty close to the age, you can do it too" he said winking at me

"but the plates are huge here! 1 order can feed 3 people, you make no sense Payne" I replied laughing

"we can do anything together bells nothing can come in between us, not even a whole load of food"

He definitely spoke way too soon because that day was the day he decided to try out for the x factor again and that came in between us. Soon after that I just forced myself to forget about him and here we are back at the diner

we sat down at the booth and scanned through the menu. It hadn't changed one bit since last time I was here.

"what can I get ya'll?" The waitress asked us

"I'll have the chocolate chip pancakes and a root beer." I said smiling at her. I could tell she was surprised at my combination but frankly I didn't care, I was craving it so I might as well have it while I'm here

"I'll have the same" Liam ordered, I rolled my eyes obviously he does that, what a Liam thing to do

she left placed the order and soon enough placed us our drinks. I wasn't hesitant to start gulping it down. I loved root beer, it had a good taste.

"thirsty much?" he said laughing

"sorry I wasn't told that we were going to be taking a road trip down memory lane"

"well we had some good memories here" he said trying to light up the conversation

"well I had a lot more bad memories than good ones here" I said bitterly

pain flashed through his eyes and I regretting saying that because now he was bringing up questions

"tell me what happened to your wrists. why did you do that to yourself?"

"Liam, can we not talk about it please? I'm not really in the mood for a heartfelt conversation"

"just tell me please? I cant get it out my head"

"just leave it Liam, it isn't your business to know everything about my life"

"I just want to know that you're ok. I want to know that if there's anything wrong with you, anything that's bothering you or if anything is hurting you, you can come to me. I'm no different than the Liam that you knew before I left."

before I could burst with anger, the waitress came and handed us our plates. I couldn't help but smile when I looked at the pancakes. they designed the pancakes the same, and they even used the same plates. its good to know that not everything changes.

"thank you" I said as I started to eat. we ate in silence for a little while until Liam broke the silence

"Do you remember how we used to come here all the time? No matter what time of day, we made sure we would come here" He said chuckling to himself

I nodded smiling, slightly at the good memories

"I miss you, bells" he confessed, looking me in the eye. I wish it would be easy for me to just say I missed him too, but even through I kind of do, I won't admit it. I cant. I cant just let myself down. I've let too many people let me down in my past and the least I could do for myself was not let me down.

"words can't explain how sorry I am, and I know you hate me, and I know you probably won't ever forgive me but I want you to know that I will always be there for you"

"Liam can we not talk about this? I really don't want to have this conversation."

He nodded in understanding. We finished eating while we made awkward small talk, He paid for the food and we were soon enough back in the car.

"where are we heading now?"

"You'll remember, trust me" he said smiling

We kept driving down familiar roads. As we continued driving I noticed that the roads were getting a little too familiar

we pulled up into the driveway of an old house that was abandoned a long time ago. Liam and I used to come here to hang out all the time, but since he left that house was used for other things

and when I say other things, they're not good things

I couldn't let Liam go in there and see what there is, I cant do it. he doesn't need to see my secret hell hole

"I don't think we should go in there" I said as I stopped in my tracks refusing to move

"why not? I haven't seen this place in a while,we used to hang here all the time!"

"I know that but this place is different now, we cant go in there..."I said biting my lip

I knew I wasn't convincing him

the reason I didn't want him in there is because that little house is the house that a lot of my....business was done.

More like forced business,but at the same time I wasn't proud of it. I used to go to that house to hide there when I was scared, but it ended up turning into a more "private business" place for Derek to throw me in when he didn't want clients at home.

This house was loaded with drugs, it was also the stock place that nobody but Derek and I knew about. he didn't even trust my own mother to know that this house is loaded

"lets go in"

"no Liam!"

"come on, we did everything here" he tried to convince me.

"for once can you just listen to me when I say we cant go in there! its not the same as before, I-its not the same, just don't go in alright!" I could sense myself starting to break down

I didn't want to do this, I didn't want to see him see all my mistakes in one room

"I'm going in..."He said cautiously as he just walked into the house. I followed him, not wanting him to call the police or something for seeing drugs laying around or something he looked around and he was shocked

"what happened here?" he asked turning around to face me.

"I told you it's not the same thing"

he looked around. he walked into one of the bedrooms of the house and saw the condoms on the ground,trashy outfits thrown around the room

he must have seen the empty alcohol bottles because those were everywhere in the house too.

he kept looking around and walked into the bathroom. he saw the empty pill bottles, the dried blood in the sink and the razor blades

"is this...did they...please tell me that this isn't where you were thrown.please tell me this isn't where you were forced to do business?"his eyes were teary

I couldn't answer him I didn't have to because he already knew the answer

"oh god.."he mumbled as he pulled me into a hug. for some odd reason I didn't pull away. I hugged him back I even let one tear slide down my face for once I felt somewhat save

but why in Liam's arms?

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