Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


27. chapter 27

Liam's POV

I can't do it" Bella said nervously as she began to pace the room.

we have an interview later today talking about our relationship, so we could get rid od all the rumors and such, she was a nervous wreck at the moment. she didn't like the thought of being filmed and being asked questions. she was worried she was going to mess everything up. but I think she's over thinking it.

"yes you can, Bella you'll do fine, I know you will"

"what if I say something wrong?"

"you'll be fine, if you want we can go over some possible questions they might ask?"

she nodded as she crawled onto her bed then lying down on her back and looking at the ceiling.

"I know that they'll ask us how long we've been together. so what are you going to say?"

she bit her lips and scratched her head "two weeks?"

"say a month and a half, and if they ask why everyone says we've been in a relationship less than that, say that we were released to the public for two weeks. got it?"

"yup, but what if they ask about my personal life? what do I say?"

"just tell them that we grew up together in Wolverhampton and that you had a simple life. but they probably won't go into depths about your past"

she sighed in relief, "thank god"

"if they ask your name, what are you going to say?" I asked curiously

"Isabella Stone"

"are you even going to consider telling the world your real last name?"

she shrugged. "I've been thinking about it. but I'm scared if I tell the world Derek might find out and mess with Louis. you know, because he has money"

she did have a point but I think it would be best is she admitted who she really was now. I mean, one day their going to find out who she is, but I think it would be better id she admitted it and not have the paparazzi let out the information by surprise.

"i don't think he would mess with Louis, or any of us to be honest"

"you'd be surprised"

"still, I think it's time to let the world know"

"is Louis even up for it? I mean, it isn't only my decision. it's his too"

"of course he is! I don't think he wants to hide his other sister anymore...he didn't want to in the first place"

"true, but I'm not sure he still thinks like that"

I laughed. is she crazy? Louis wants to show Bella off if anything. they've become so close that I'm surprised that she thinks he's changed his mind.

"you're crazy" I mumbled before I began to laugh.

she frowned cutely at me pouting her bottom lip "no I'm not! and it's funny you ass"

I smiled at her sassiness. I knew that no matter what, she'll always have that piece of her that isn't afraid to offend me.

"sorry" I said throwing my hands in the air in defence.

"but seriously, I think he's kind of mad. I mean ever since I told him about me dropping out he's been acting weird around me"

that was true. since last nigh when he back from his 'visit to Eleanor' he was acting a little weird. but I think he has a reason for it. there's no way Louis can stay mad at her- if he even is.

I think its because-like you said- he's blaming himself. he probably just thinking about how to make it up to you"

"but he doesn't understand that it isn't his fault! I want to explain to him everything so he can understand but I cant just dump a whole lot of information about my past on him. he'll blame that on himself too"

"that's true, but you do have to tell him sooner or later" he is your brother. and he really does care about you."

she groaned before rolling over so she was lying on her stomach. she buried her head into her pillow, grunting.

"why does my life have to be so complicated?" she asked herself.

I began walking towards her bed, and then planted myself beside her. "you know, it doesn't have to be complicated for much longer"

"you could tell him everything just like you told me"

"it's not that easy"

"but it is, Isabella. you're making it harder than it really has to be"

"no I'm not! you don't understand my situation! if it was an easy thing to do I would have done it already."

I let out a long breathe. I could tell she was slowly getting angry at me and that was the last thing I wanted. especially with an interview later on today, we need to be on high couple mode.

"Bella, I do understand your situation. I'm just trying to help"

"well you're doing a bad job at it" she spat before turning her back to me stubbornly.

honestly, I think her attitude was cute. and a slight turn on. although she's mad at me and I should be trying to get her not to be, I cant really help my emotions.

I moved down so I was closer. I slipped my arms around her waist and pulled her so she was pressed against me.


"don't be mad at me" I mumbled into her hair while I drew light circles on her skin by her waist.

"I'm not mad"

"good because I really want to do this" I turned her over and clashed my lips to hers. I could tell that she was trying to fight the feelings and not continue but soon enough she got lost in it.

I know it's completely bad for me to do this. although she said we're nothing serious and that we'll figure out what we are when her life is a little less complicated, I cant just keep to myself. I have feelings towards her that need to be fulfilled. as long as I know that she feels the same way towards me I'm most definitely going to take advantage of our time together.

our lips moved perfectly in sync, I found her hands beginning to lightly roam up my shirt, leaving a tingly feeling behind. once she reached my shoulder she moved herself so she was straddling me. our lips were still locked and sparks were setting off like crazy.

"this...is...so...bad" she said between kisses. she was referring to this whole situation. she's still set on the idea of going back to Derek, but I wouldn't let that happen. That's why I'm kissing her right now.

I'm kissing her for multiple different reasons. It's a plead to convince her to stay, I'm kissing her so she can tell that I'm serious about us, I'm kissing her so we can become something more, and I'm kissing her just because I want to. hell, I'm kissing her because I need to.

I ran my hands through her soft hair as my tongue swiped at her bottom lip.

I shifted myself so I was sitting up and turned around so I was now on top of her. she grated entrance and before I knew it our kiss grew ten times deeper.

our tongues were fighting, and I felt myself getting heated all around. without question I found my hands under her shirt, lifting up and flinging it across the room. her hands did the same thing with mine but I helped her get my shirt off.

remember that day in the studio? well I'm feeling the same emotion (if not more than) I had that day.

I kissed her passionately and lovingly as one hand held onto her waist and the other was lightly placed on her cheek.

I moved the one hand so they were on the hem of her jeans, I looked up at her to make sure she was ok with going any further.

she nodded before reattaching her lips to mine for another breath-taking kiss. I fumbled with the buttons on her jeans and unzipped it and swiftly pulled it off her tossing it to the ground.

I kissed down her neck as my hands ran over her soft legs. she moaned my name as I left little love bites on her neck. she was getting impatient, I could tell, but it's too fun to tease.

I let my lips find hers as I smiled lightly. everything feels perfect. right now I feel like nothing's wrong and finally after all this time she can see that we really do have something big, something special

"hey Liam have you seen Isa-OH MY GOD MY EYES!" I heard a manly but slightly high pitched voice screech. Niall.

Isabella's eyes shot open and she looked horrified. she pushed me off her and hid under the blanket.

luckily, my pants were still on and I was only shirtless so this scene wasn't too awkward for me. I grabbed my shirt off the floor and slipped it over my head so I was now covered.

Niall was standing in the middle of the room frozen in his spot. his jaw was dropped as his hand was covering his eyes. he was shocked- that was for sure.

"what do you want Niall" I said quite annoyed.

"the least you could have done was locked the damn door! oh god, my poor pure eyes!" Niall yelled ignoring my question.


"right, well Louis was looking for Isabella and well, I guess we should be glad that I found her other than him"

"mhm, right well we were a little busy" I muttered while crossing my arms over my chest.

"LIAM!" Isabella yelled angrily from under the cover.

Niall began to laugh and so did I. I could only imagine the tint of red on Bella's cheeks right now.

"get out!" she continued

"you hear her Ni, get out"

"no! both of you get out, I'm serious!"

"but it's my room!" I fought back.

"this is so embarrassing" she mumbled quietly. "Liam. I. Don't. Care. Get. Out" I think it was the violent tone to her voice that convinced me to probably get a move on.

"come on lad, lets go" Niall suggested.

I nodded. "I'll tell Louis you're changing alright?"

she didn't really answer. all I heard was her spit some colourful words towards Niall and I making me laugh while walking out the door.

Niall looked at me wiggling his eyebrows.


"you know what! what were you and her up to!?"

I rolled my eyes at him. "nothing, we were just having a conversation"

he laughed. "you were about to sleep with her! oh boy, you better thank me for looking for Bella and convincing Louis to wait. I knew you two must have been up to something"

"thanks mate, but let's not bring this up? it's a little awkward eh? more for Bella than me, but I can tell she's probably a little embarrassed right now"

is it weird that I'm slightly proud that I almost slept with her?

"I wont, but still this is the second time we've cock blocked you. you should probably think of doing those kind of activities when no one's home?"

"sorry we didn't really plan on doing anything"

"right, spur of the moment huh?" he said as we walked into the living room.

"yeah, something like that"

I sat down on the couch across from Louis and Zayn, while Niall took a seat next to harry. Louis looked a little sad and I had a feeling it had something to do with what happened the other night.

"did you find her?" he asked.

Niall nodded "yeah, she's just changing, she should be here soon"

Louis nodded while I spaced out smiling to myself, just thinking about what we almost done.

A/N: WHAT? hold the train bub! who saw that coming I even surprised myself like what!! they almost had sex and Niall walked in on them ohhh!

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