Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


24. chapter 24

Isabella's POV

I stormed straight into Niall's room, slamming the door shut making him jump. he was sitting at the edge of his bed, in the middle of putting on one of his snapbacks.

"uhm...is something wrong?" he asked questionably.

"yes, something is very wrong"

"I'm guessing it has something to do with Liam...?" he was hesitant with his words. obviously my mood got him cautioned and he didn't want to say something to make me snap.

"yes it does! he is such a jerk!"

he patted the spot the next to him. "come sit, tell uncle Niall what happened"

I could tell he was trying to be funny but all I gave him was a blank look. the only reason I came to talk to Niall was because he was the only person who knew that I had feelings for Liam. I couldn't really go and talk to harry or Zayn about it because it would be a little awkward. talking to Louis about it would be even more awkward, and I'd rather not go through that.

I sat down next to him, crossing my arms over my chest. "he is such a jerk" I repeated as I pouted angrily.

"what did he do?"

"he slept with a girl last night! then he comes to my room and acts all touchy cuddly with me as though he didn't just have sex with some whore the night before! like honestly, who does he think I am? he can't just go out and sleep with a random girls when the world thinks we're dating! he'll make us look bad. me in particular! he goes off and leads me on, and then gets wasted and acts like its okay for him to sleep with someone them come next to me and act all innocent. then he has the nerve to yell at me for not telling him everything, but I tried to but he was too busy drinking. I mean, he's just such a hypocrite! he's so full of himself! he doesn't think about anything but himself! he's selfish and a player and I hate him and I think he's one of the worst people in my life at the moment"

once I finished babbling my emotions I felt somewhat relieved. almost as though a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

Niall looked at me slightly baffled.

"well, it looks like your jealousy got the best of you" he mumbled

"excuse me?"

"I mean, you two aren't dating right?"

I nodded, agreeing with his statement.

"does he know that you like him?"

I shook my head.

"well there's the problem right there. how is he supposed to be 'faithful' to you when really there's nothing committed?"

"well, you'd think he'd at least be faithful to our fake relationship! I mean, he's the one that suggested us to fake date and what if the paparazzi saw him leaving with another girl? they'd question our relationship and start rumours and stuff!"

I probably sounded absolutely ridiculous trying to come up with something.

"well instead of arguing back and forth about this. how about you just go and tell Liam how you feel? it'll make life so much easier, believe me"

"I can't just do that!"

"and why not again?"

"just because! he's probably just as pissed at me as I am at him"

"why don't you just go and see him. go talk to him and I promise that things will get better. I'm sure he has something to say to you. remember, he was drunk, he probably doesn't even remember anything that happened last night"

I didn't answer, I just sat and thought and let his words sink in

"you know, he does really care about you. we've all noticed"


"mhm, why do you think Louis asked you if anything was going on? he asked every single one of us so he could try to make sure that he knew what was happening with you"


"yeah, so go off, find Liam and talk to him, let him explain himself. he might just tell you things you've been dying to know"

I nodded and stood up. I walked towards the door and just before I stepped out I looked back to Niall

"you know Ni, you give really good advice thanks"

"your welcome" he smiled

"wish me luck"

"trust me, darling you won't need it"

Liam's POV

I fucked up. I knew it the second I woke up to find some girl slipping her clothes onto her body. I don't remember anything that happened last night. the only thing I remember was arriving at the club, taking shots with the boys and watching Isabella go off and dance with some random guy.

I don't remember anything that happened hours after that. I don't remember meeting a girl, bringing her home or any of the activities we did during the night.

oh god, what have I done? I didn't think that she knew I had someone, and I secretly hoped she wouldn't ever find out. I mean, I understand we're not in a relationship but we do have something. whatever we have, it's strong enough to prove that me sleeping with some girl was one of the stupidest things I have ever done.

I'm scared I might lose her again. I know that something must have happened to her because obviously she tried to talk to me last night but I was way too drunk to even acknowledge the fact that she needed me.

all I know is that i need to make things right. set everything straight and find out what happened. whatever happened must have been major. if she came to me without me even asking or even pressuring her into telling, it means it was serious.

she stormed off into Niall's room and I felt like I should just let her cool off for a bit, let her settle things in her head.

I also needed time, to figure out what I was going to do to make it up to her. I totally lost her trust. now I have to work even harder to gain it back again, but I'm willing to go through whatever it takes to gain it back again. It was worth it the last time and I'd do it a million times. she needs to have someone she can openly talk to and I know the best person for that, is me

I heard the door shut coming from Niall's room, but this time it was gentler. It had to be her and now was my time to go and confront her.

I walked out of my room just in time to see her walking into her bedroom. I walked to her door and watched her look around the room from her spot. she was looking for someone.

she sighed and turned around, jumping when she saw that I was behind her.

"oh, I was looking for you" she said nervously as she scratched her arm.

"we need to talk, and I'm not taking no for an answer" I turned around an shut the door and began to slowly pace the room

"well, I have something to say"

I shook my head "I'm sure you do, but you have to let me talk first"

she nodded.

"about last night...I was drunk, I don't even remember 90% of what happened last night. It was a mistake. one of the biggest mistakes I've ever made. I ignored you when you needed me and I have no one to blame but myself, but you need to understand that I'm sorry. I didn't mean to do it, it was a stupid drunk decision and if I could turn back time I would go back and fix things, but I can't. so you're stuck with this apology for now.

I let out a long breath, looking into her crystal blue eyes that were across from me. she wasn't directly in front of me but i could feel myself moving closer to her

"i never meant to hurt you"

I was now standing directly in front of her. my hands wanted to grab her waist and pull her against me, but I couldn't do it until I knew she was on better terms with me.

she gulped nervously as she licked her once dry lips.

"I know"

her words surprised me. I was expecting her to yell, or maybe call me a name or two, but she agreed with me? yeah that was a surprise.

"if you know that then you really should know one more thing."

she nodded

"I nodded want to hurt you."

"I already know that too. I guess I slightly over reacted..."

"I don't think so. you have every right to be angry."

"I guess I was a bit jealous too." I barely heard her and at first I thought I was mistaken.

"jealous?" my eyes widened a bit, but a small smile grew on me as I watched her cheeks begin to blush.

was that her way of finally admitting that she felt something for me?

she nodded, refusing to talk. I could tell that she didn't trust her mouth anymore. the words obviously slipped out of her mouth.

"and...why were you jealous?"

"I was jealous because" she took a breath and ran a hand through her hair before continuing "i was jealously because you were with another girl and not me."

I didn't even know what to say. I was stuck in my spot refreshing her words in my mind

you were with another girl and not me.

she looked off to the side, no longer looking in my direction. "are you going to say something?" she mumbled, embarrassed was evident in her voice.

I nodded, stepping closer to her.

"kiss me."

A/N: guess who's started a youtube channel yas its little old me! first video isn't up yet but im not sure on what uploading because I don't want it to be a normal intro video I want it to have a theme ya know? someone on instagram suggested a 'what's in my school bag?' what do you guys think? but im so excited because I love editing videos and its just perfect for me :D

btw if you think Bella forgave Liam to quickly yeah I agree but because there is going to be lots of drama coming up I didn't want to out stretch any arguments or something like that

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