Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


23. chapter 23

Isabella's POV

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't scared. I was beyond scared and I just don't feel like the fact that I have to feel this way. coming here was supposed to be my way out. it was supposed to be my way of running away from my problems and never looking back.

I never expected Derek to find me. well, more like, I didn't expect him to find me this soon. I should have known that Derek wouldn't just let me be. I should have known that whatever I was thinking that could possibly be good happening in my head was nothing more than a thought. my life is never going to be simple. as long as my past is still part of my future, I don't thin I'll ever have it easy.

the worst part about this whole thing is that even though I want to be toughen up and just shrug it odd, I can't. I tried, it's just not that simple. want to know what's even more worse than that? the whole night, I wished Liam was with me, comforting me. I craved his touch, his warmth, him all in general. even though he was a drunken asshole last night, I still wanted him with me. the fact that I cant help but want him with me no matter what just shows that I'm weakening. I used to be so strong and independent, but now I keep feeling the need to lean on someone's shoulder, and in the end, it keeps turning out to be Liam.

I had an uneasy sleep. the boys didn't show up until around 3am and they were all hammered. I'm surprised that they were even able to remember the house address. I mean, obviously they didn't notice I was gone, so how were they able to remember anything thing else? anyways, it's their problem not mine right?

I was eager to see Liam. as much as I wanted to stay mad at him, I couldn't and that's because I truly need him right now. I hate to say it but, I need him to be there for me. I want everything to be ok and he always makes me feel like everything will be.

whenever he holds me in his arms, I feel safe. I wanted to feel safe right now.

every time he kisses me, I feel like maybe...just maybe, things will turn out right. I want that feeling.

I just wish things weren't so complicated then maybe I would do something with my feelings. I cant risk getting attached. I have a deadline, remember? 3 weeks and I'm back to my old life.

I flipped through the TV channels, looking for something remotely interesting to get my mind of the inevitable. I landed on a cooking show, and they were making homemade meals that looked delicious so I decided on just watching what she makes.

I was really entertained by the show, and I almost didn't notice the weight sitting down next to me. I turned to see my brother looking half alive. his eyes were sleepy and his hair was a mess, all together it would make sense to say he looked very close to a hobo.

I couldn't help but smile at him.

"hangover?" I ask laughing at him.

"times ten" he frowned as he rested his head in his hand.

"well that's what you get for drinking so much!"

"but niall was going on about how its in his blood to drink and I wanted to shut him up"

"that's no excuse, Louis. anyways, i'll let it slide since you were celebrating. want me to get you an Advil? it'll make your head not hurt so much"

he nodded "yes please"

"I'm only getting it for you because I hate seeing you look so horrible, but don't get use to this" I teased nudging him arm

"you do it because you love me, don't even deny it!"

"yeah right"

he laughed at my sarcasm.

"go get it now before I die in pain" he whined making me roll my eyes at his over exaggeration, but I laughed it off.

I got off the couch and walked down the hall to the washroom. luckily, none of the boys were occupying it so I easily opened the cupboard and pulled out the case of Advil.

before I walked back to Louis, I stopped in front of Liam's door. it wasn't shut all the way and I could clearly hear him snoring.

being the kind person I am...or more like "can be" I decided to leave him an Advil next to his bed, so when he wakes up he'll be decent enough so I can have a conversation with him about what happened last night.

I walked into his room, not really taking in the messy surrounding and placed two pills on his bedside table.

I looked over at him, his head buried into his pillow- he looked somewhat dead and out of energy. I was just leaving the room when I heard a shuffling. I turned once again expecting to see Liam waking up or getting out of bed, but it wasn't.

all of a sudden I saw a naked girl stretching her legs out of the bed.

a whole bunch of emotions ran through me. I was kind of pissed off, angry, and ready to slap both of them into the ocean, but at the same time I was sad, disappointed and let down. I cant believe I let Liam think he could possibly felt something for me. I mean, he really did lead me on. or maybe it really was all just an act for the paparazzi and none of it was real.

if so he's in the wrong profession and could really make it as an actor, or maybe I was just over thinking things and really, Liam never liked me more than a friend.

I slipped out of the room as fast as I could, hoping that she didn't notice me, but if she was from the club last night, then probably she didn't notice and was busy dealing with her hangover.

I made it to the kitchen and grabbed a bottle of water and walked into the living room where I found Louis in the same position as before.

I sat down next to him and passed him the medicine and water.

"thanks, Bell you're the best"

I smiled at his words, but it didn't last long. I guess it was because I still cant stop thinking about how Liam was with a girl last night while I was thinking about him all night long, hoping for something good to happen between us sometime soon.

he's actually such a jerk.

"I know I am" I replied , acting happy once again.

"so, I never got to talk to you about it yesterday but I might as well get it over with now"


"I saw the picture of you and Liam kissing at the bridge, and I saw the pictures of you two at the car wash as well"


"I just want to know, is there anything going on that I should know about? I mean, I know the world thinks you two are dating and they believe it, trust me. but is it real? I mean, I'm just wondering because I'm your brother and I'm only looking out for you" he continued to ramble, trying not to sound over protective and worried but failed to do so at  the same time.

"trust me Louis" I started off with a sigh and looked towards Liam's room "there's absolutely nothing going on between us"

I turned back to Louis and gave him a smile

he nodded "okay I was just wondering. also because you two have been close lately...it just got me curious"

"yeah, we just get along, it's nothing more." I found myself mumbling those words, probably because I didn't want to say them in the first place.

"okay, I was just wondering. anyways, I was thinking, maybe when I'm a little more alive, we could go out and have some much needed brother-sister bonding time" he asked, throw his arm over my shoulder and pulling me into his side.

I smiled "of course Louis, just tell me when you're ready"


"I'm never letting you take me out ever again, and I mean it this time" I mumbled as I walked through the flat door with piles of shopping bags in my hand.

he laugh as he walked in from behind me "I won't let that happen"

"seriously Louis, you're spoiling me for no reason!"

"I do have a reason though!" he complied.

"and what is it?"

"I like spending money on you...?"

I laughed at him and shook my head. "no more spending money on me. we brought more than last time you took me out!"

"I make no promises" he laughed while walking into the kitchen.

I turned to the right, avoiding the kitchen door and walked towards my bedroom. once I made it there, I plopped down on my bed, letting my bags hit the floor as I rested my body's against the soft blankets.

I did have a good day with Louis, and it helped keep my mind of Liam for most of the time. but the second we got home, the first thing that popped up was Liam. the thought of him sleeping with a girl last night made my blood boil ad anger run through me.

I mean, I thought we both had feelings for each other. heck, we made out last night before I left and I thought that even though he was drunk, he actually wanted to do it. I thought wrong obviously.

I began to rest my eyes, hoping that I'd fall asleep and wake up to a better day, but I was interrupted when there was a knock on my door.

"come in" I mumbled, hoping the person wouldn't come in and just change their mind and let me sleep.

Liam walked through the door, and as much as I didn't want to see him right now, I got this tingly feeling inside me because of his presence.

"what do you want?" I spat bitterly, throwing my arms over my chest.

"someone's grumpy" he replied casually as he jumped on my bed and laid down next to me

"piss off, Liam. I'm not in the mood to talk to you right now!"

"what's got you down, love?"

you Liam. it's you.

"nothing. I'm just not in a friendly mood right now"

"want to talk about it?"

"not really"

"what if I forced you to?"

I rolled my eyes at him, "you can't make me do anything so, don't get your hopes high"

"come on Bella, give me a hint"

"how old are we again?"

"old enough that we can talk about it. I have this feeling it has something to do with me because you were in a cheery mood all day and now you're not"

why does it not surprise me that Liam daw right through my lies? of course he would notice that I was pissed at him. sure I kind of wanted to talk about it but what was I supposed to say? he'll think I'm pathetic.

"so what did I do?" he asked, sitting up straight.


"Isabella, seriously, enough with the little act, just tell me"

I sighed, "I'm just tired right now" I closed my eyes, letting my eyes relax.

"well I won't leave until we talk"

I didn't answer, I just left my eyes shut, hoping he would think I had fallen asleep.

I felt the bed move as his body was laid down next to mine. his arm slid to my waist, pulling me into his warm toned body. his hand slipped under my shirt, making light circles with his thumb on my bare skin.

I felt myself relaxing more, allowing the electricity flow through me at the feel of him. I almost forgot that I was even mad ay him.


"stop it" I announced to him, but he didn't do anything. he probably thought that I was just being stubborn and was going to give in at any moment, and if the situation were different I would have.

I grabbed his arm with my hand, and threw it away from my waist, shooting my eyes open and hopping out of the bed.

I surprised him, and he was on his feet within seconds, walking towards me.

he was standing behind me, his arms found their way around my body, pulling me into his chest once again, swaying lightly back and forth.

"what's wrong?" his voice came out light and raspy, worry was evident in his voice as well

I let out a long breath "Liam this needs to stop"

"what? what do you mean?"

"I mean this" I held both his joined arms and lightly tugged at them, hoping to get set free, but his grip only tightened.

"I know you don't mean that"

I shook my head "Liam, this...this is too much for me. I can't do it. it's not right" I didn't want to bring up him sleeping with a girl last night because I had come to the realisation that we never really committed anything but a fake relationship with each other.

it's not like we are actually dating, so technically he hadn't betrayed me at all. I was just full of jealousy.

"this is perfect, why can't you see that things are finally going right?"

"but everything isn't going right! maybe in your life, but definitely not mine!" I tore out of his arms and created distance between us.

he looked a little taken back, he didn't expect my reaction.

"what happened to you telling me when things aren't right? I thought we said we would go back to telling each other things, even when we don't want to! remember that? now tell me what's going on! last time I checked, things were going perfect! I don't understand why you're acting like this right now!" I could tell he was getting mad, but I was beyond furious.

I chucked at his words.

"well maybe if you weren't so busy fucking random sluts last night, you would know what's going on" I gave him a sarcastic smile

and with that I stormed out of the room, leaving him standing there to think

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