Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


20. chapter 20

Isabella's POV

I felt super bipolar because the second we reached the flat I realised how angry I was at him. he was most likey confused by my sudden change of emotion, but could he really blame me? soon the world is going to think I'm dating him!

so pretty much since we got to the flat I locked myself in my room and went to sleep, hoping that once I woke up I'd realise that this whole thing was just a big misunderstanding.

but nothing goes my way. so yes, I woke up ready announce myself as Liam's girlfriend, well I wasn't really ready, but what choice do I have?

a part of me is slightly happy about this whole situation because I always seem to get this comforting feeling when I'm around him, but the rest of me is telling me that this is way beyond wrong. anyways, since when do I do this kind of stuff? I mean fake dating? really? I didn't believe that people actually did that. it's weird.

I sat up on my bed, rubbing my eyes as I let out a yawn. I forced myself out of bed and changed into a pair of white skinny jeans and a beige long sleeved top.

I walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, did my hair and my makeup. I didn't put too much effort into my appearance today but I honestly didn't feel like looking like a total slag.

walking out of the bathroom, I make my way to the kitchen where I was greeted with a half naked harry

"do you ever wear clothes?" I asked eyeing his body

 "well it's not like you don't like the view" he teased winking at me " and this is way comfier than wearing jeans and a tee"

I rolled my eyes "make me something to eat, I'm hungry"

"feisty" I ignored his comment and watched him as he poured me a bowl of cereal. "so I heard about you and Liam huh?" he said wiggling his eyebrows suggestively

"i don't even want to talk about it"

"come on, he isn't that bad. and it's fake anyways"

too bad he doesn't know the things Liam and I have done. I mean, we almost hooked up. ever since then my plan was to keep a distance between us so we don't do anything stupid and now look where we are, we're "dating", I mean, why cant I just keep my own word for once?

"still, I don't like this idea"

he placed the bowl in front of me and grabbed me a spoon.

"well if it helps, you're not the only one. Louis isn't too happy about this. he doesn't like the fact his 'baby sister is being used'."

"I'm not a baby!" I argued

"that's not the point, the point is, and you have nothing to worry about because Louis will probably watch over you and Liam like a hawk for a little while"

I laughed "yah right"

"you don't believe me? well you just wait and see"

"will do" I said while I devoured my cereal. harry looked at me in slight disgust as I ate, but who is he to judge, he's been hungry before.

"wow, you sure like your food you sure your not related to Niall as well?" he mumbled scratching his head

"fuck off styles I'm hungry"

"watch the language sis" Louis said strolling into the kitchen. his eyes turned wide as he spun around and put his hands over my eyes.

"harry, go put some clothes on for crying out loud!"

"oh come on Lou, she doesn't care" harry complained

"but I do, now go!" I heard harry grunt as he stomped his feet leaving the room. once the coast was clear Louis removed his hands.

"Louis I' not a baby, you didn't have to do that"

"it doesn't matter" he muttered walking towards the fridge.

"but it does Louis. you have to stop treating me like I'm two"

he sighed as he shut the fridge door. "I'm only trying to protect you."

"protect me? from what exactly?"

I think he could tell that he was getting me a little agitated with his protectiveness and decided to change the mood.

"from going blind! that really wasn't a sight to see anyways" he joked making me laugh.

"still Lou, its not a big deal."

"ok, I get it, anyways we need to talk."

I nodded, allowing him to continue this lecture. I already knew what this was going to be about. It was going to be about the whole Liam and I dating thing. too bad he doesn't know that I already lectured myself and set us a whole bunch of rules.

"about you and Liam, I know that this whole thing has to do with management and I don't have much control over this but remember, they cant force you to do anything you don't want to do.

"I know Louis" I said in a bored tone.

"also, I trust you and Liam, but that doesn't mean that I'm okay with him pressuring you into anything, if you know what I mean."

I felt my cheeks blush at the thought of Louis thinking we might do some inappropriate things.

"Louis, you have nothing to worry about, I promise you."

he smiled and chuckled to himself. "I know, I was just putting that out there."

"of course you were" I said messing with his hair

he flicked my hand away and brushed his hair with his fingers. "you're okay with this whole fake dating thing right?"

"not really, its not my kind of thing to do but I'll do it because I kind of have too."

he gave me a sympathetic look. "you know, I could try talking to Simon about this."

I shook my head "there's no point"

"well if you ever decided that you want to end it, you let me know and I'll do what I can."

"I know you will" I said standing up from my seat. I'm going to go check and see if Liam's awake. I'm pretty sure we have to do public things today."

"good luck, he's still sleeping I doubt he'll make it easy for you to get him out of bed."

"trust me, I've got this" I laughed as I walked out of the kitchen.


Liam's POV

"Liam, get us" I heard a high itched voice say, and then a pillow was thrown at my head.

who's waking me up at this dreadful hour on a Saturday?

my eyes peeled open to see a beautiful blonde standing in front of me. this moment would be perfect if Bella didn't look like she was going to murder me.

"what's with the angry face?" I mumbled as I sat up and rubbed my eyes.

"I don't have an angry face" she said placing her hand on her hip. she seems a big grumpy.

I decided on shrugging off her attitude and asking her why she woke me up. "What  can I help you with?"

"if you don't remember, we are supposed to do coupley things in public today!"

oh yeah "right, I forgot about that."

"yah, hurry up I'd like to get this over with."

"you seem excited" I said sarcastically, forcing myself out of bed.

"please remind me why I would be?"

I let out a sign. I didn't expect her to be this pissy about this. I mean, yesterday she was ok with it and now it's like she has completely changed her mind and was awaiting the day she gets away from this.

"just because" I sais sticking my tongue out at her.

she rolled her eyes. "I'll be waiting in the living room."

once she shut the door behind her I stripped out of my clothes and changed into a pair of jeans and a black hoodie. I slipped on a pair of blue and white nikes and went to the washroom. I brushed my teeth, fixed my hair and walked towards Bella who was waiting on the couch.

she was sitting next to Niall, laughing at something he said but I couldn't help but notice how cute her laugh is, and the way her eyes sparkle when she's happy.

I decided that instead of just watching her I would get her attention, so I coughed and her laughter died down.

"you ready?" I asked.

"mhm" she got off the couch and waved at Niall as she walked over to me and said "so what are we doing again?"

"I don't know? things that a couple would do"

"no really Liam? to break it down for you I meant, what will we be doing?"

"coupley things they do in the movies, the paps will love it" I explained, sending her a wink. when I said that the paps will love it, I lied a bit. I mean, sure they would love it and probably make a tonne off the footage, but I'm taking this opportunity to my slightest advantage, if you know what I mean.

she laughed slightly. "so tell me, what movie scene are we going to play out?"

"how am I supposed to know?"

"well you are the guy in the relationship- at least I'm pretty sure. so shouldn't you be the one planning the date?"

"you're right and I think I have a movie scene in mind, but you'll find it out later" I said to her as I unlocked the door to my car.

I opened the passenger seat like a true gentleman/boyfriend would. I could tell she noticed my stunt and she rolled her eyes at me.

I hopped into the drivers seat and began driving to my "movie scene date" destination. trust me, this is going to be really cheesy, I think she'll be surprised but I know she'll think it's cute.

I drove down the main street and pulled up into a "do-it-yourself" outdoor carwash that was in an extremely public area. I knew the paparazzi would notice my car and would definitely come and see what I'm up too.

we both got out of the car and she gave me a questioning look.

"a carwash? really Liam?"

"well my car did need a cleaning"

"I'm wearing white trousers! I swear if I get wet I'll murder you"

I laughed childishly at her comment and she rolled her eyes. "and not in that way, pervert."

I threw my hands in the air in surrender "hey, I didn't say anything!"

"yeah but you thought it, and done even think of denying it because it was written all over your face."

I laughed as I walked to the side and pulled the hose with water. I turned around and pointed it towards Bella

she narrowed her eyes at me. "I'm warning you Payne, one drop of water and you're dead"

I smirked. "give me one good reason not to spray you"

"because, I'm your girlfriend and you wouldn't want me to break up with you so soon" she teased, smirking evilly at me. too bad she isn't intimidating enough.

"that was a horrid answer" I clicked the water button and she let out a tiny shriek as the water just missed her.

"I swear Liam, I'll murder you!"

"I'd love to see it happen actually" I sprayed the water a little closer to her again.

"I'm wearing white trousers! you wouldn't want the world to see my undies!" she tried to reason. but that wasn't too convincing. if anything it made me want to spray her even more...I know what you're thinking! but you have to remember, I am a boy, I'm aloud to think like this!

"you have one last chance to convince me before I drench you"

she looked around, for what reason I don't know. but once she averted her gaze from behind me she said "look!"

I turned around to see nothing.

I heard the sound of laughing and I turned to see Isabella running to the other side of the car.

"wow, I can't believe you fell for the whole distraction thing!" she said between laughter.

I grunted. "come help me clean the car, I promise I won't spray you"

"I don't believe you for one second"

"please, I promise!"

she paused, thinking her decision through. "fine, but I'm keeping my word on murdering you."

I smiled, satisfied that I convinced her to come over, little did she know that, that promise was one of the only promises I probably wouldn't keep to her.

"could you pass me the sponge?" she nodded and turned towards the tools.

once she bent over to pick it up, I turned the hose on and began to spray her bum.

she immediately jumped up and turned around. "did you just?"

I turned to face the car and began to spray it. "I don't know what you're talking about"

I felt a large splash of water hit my back, surprising me. I turned around to see Bella standing there with a now empty bucket. she smirked at me satisfaction written all over her.

"don't spray me again!"

"sorry, no can do" I said as I took the hose and began spraying her. she let out a yelp as she tried to move away but the water was holding her in her place.

"Liam!" she nagged, turning her back to me so the water wouldn't hit her crystal blue eyes.

"Bella" I mimicked in a squeaky tone.

"I'm so getting you back!"

"do it"

she ran from my view and walked towards the supply section. she pulled out another hose, but the hose didn't let out water, it let out soap, and before I could make a run for it she began spraying the foamy soap at me.

soon enough we were battling, waiting to see who would die down first, but surprisingly she hadn't given up, but I could see the was draining her energy.

I sprayed myself for a quick second to get out some soap out of my way. once I was done I saw that Bella dropped the soap and threw her hands in the air.

"I'm done, you win"

I did a little happy dance in my spot and walked towards her with the hose still in my hands.

"you got a little something..." I said smiling at her as I pointed towards her whole body. it was covered in watery soap.

"I blame you"

I turned the hose on and sprayed down on her, letting the water rinse off the foam, as she laughed trying to get out of the way.

"are you done now?" she asked placing her hands in front of her eyes.

"I'm done, I'm done, I swear" I said tossing the hose to the side.

"so, you wanna tell me what scene from a movie we just played?"

"you really want to know?"

she nodded

"don't judge me but I got the idea from the last song"

she grinned widely "aw, you watched that movie!?" she pinched my cheeks

"I only watched part of it"

"you mean the whole thing? how many time have you watched it? 10, 20?" she teased. I could tell she was enjoying it, but me- not so much.

"once, actually. and I happen to remember the car wash part" I huffed earning a giggle.

we suddenly began to hear screaming of people- which had to be the paparazzi bombing questions at us. we heard cameras clicking and lights flashing

I gave her a look that said "couple mode on" as I placed my arms around her waist, clashing her hips against mine.

she didn't look to comfortable with the situation but soon enough she loosened a bit, letting me hold her securely.

"I know you're a little mad at me for causing this whole dating hoax but I hope you know I didn't do it to get you angry or annoy you"

she sighed "I know"

I looked down at her, letting my eyes meet her sparkling blue ones.

I didn't know what got into me. maybe I made the mistake of getting lost in her eyes, or just being so close to her- something took over me and I couldn't take back control.

"just, just tell me of I'm taking things too far" I said more as a whisper

then I leaned in...

cliffhanger I love them don't you?

QOTD: what colour hair do you have?

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