Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


19. chapter 19

Isabella's POV

sitting in front of Simon Cowell's desk is extremely intimidating. I mean, I did nothing wrong so I don't understand why I have to be here

maybe if the stupid paparazzi didn't assume every possible thing I wouldn't be here right now about to get questioned about what is "going on" between Liam and I. I can answer that right now actually nothing.

nothing is going on between us. we just happened to kiss a couple times because we're hormonal teenagers well technically Liam isn't a teenager anymore but still we are both hormonal

why am I so stupid? I mean if I hadn't kissed Liam one too many times then maybe we wouldn't be sitting here. once again, nothing can go right in my life. and once again I happen to be the key person in the situation.

but honestly, what is Simon going to lecture us about? I mean maybe we can just be honest and say that the paparazzi have it all wrong and we aren't dating

I looked to my left to see Liam tapping his finger against his leg nervously, at least I wasn't the only one worried.

"is he that bad?" I asked Liam referring to Simon.

"No he isn't too bad, but he can be"

"do you think he's going to be mad about the paparazzi conflict?"

"he might be, but he probably just wants to get things clear" he explained letting out a sigh

I looked back towards the empty desk awaiting Simon's arrival.

I started to tap my feet on the ground. to be honest I was starting to become impatient with him. I mean sure he's the big boss but he doesn't need to be so late. if he was going to be late the least he could have done was tell us so we wouldn't be here freaking out and soon ripping our hair out.

I felt pressure hold down against my leg and I noticed it was Liam hand. I ignored the tingly feeling I got from his touch and gave him a questioning look.

"don't be so nervous, you're starting to over exaggerate this" he said adding in a seductive side smirk.

"i am not over exaggerating. I've watched episodes of X factor and American Idol I know how he can be" I stated crossing my arms over my chest.

"he's really not that bad, just calm down a bit he'll be here any moment now"

when Liam said any moment, I expected he meant he would arrive in a minute or two, but really he didn't show up until about half an hour later.

Liam warned me not to question where he was and said it would only get me in trouble

"hello uncle Simon" Liam said smiling at him

"hello Liam, now do you want to introduce me to the lady?" Simon replied looking in my direction.

"well, this is Louis' oldest little sister Isabella"

I gave a weak smile, not really sure what to do.

"well it's nice to meet you Isabella, I'm Simon if you didn't know"

I laughed slightly at his cockiness

"it's nice to meet you too" I said shaking his hand.

"now, what's all this about?" he asked handing Liam and I several newspapers and magazines with our faces plastered over them.

"this is Isabella and I hanging out" Liam answered smoothly

"well it doesn't look like the paps believe that"

"we're aware, but we ensure you that we're....just friends"

why did I not like the fact he said we are just friends? why am I getting all these weird feelings when he says we're only friends?! ugh, stupid, stupid feelings

"well the only way to get the paparazzi to believe you is to tell them that Isabella here is Louis' sister and there's nothing more going on"

"we cant go that" I shot in right away

he gave me a questioning look "and why not?"

"well you see" I paused trying to think of something to say that wont have me admitting that because of my past I can't really be on the headlines.

"that's exactly what the paparazzi will want. they only want more stories on one direction and admitting that Louis and I are siblings will only make them go crazier and assume more things. you know what I mean?" I attempted to explain

"I understand, but then what so you say we do?" he asked

"I..I don't know"

then Liam sat up and coughed slightly grabbing both of our attention. he looked hesitant to speak but soon I understood why

"i have an idea"

Liam's POV

Isabella is probably going to murder me once I announce my plan but I'm doing it for two reasons. first off, it's a good idea and Simon will most definitely go with it, secondly it will be slightly to my benefit.

I know she might not be happy with it but I think it'll help with bot situations.

Simon nodded at me waiting for an answer as Bella looked at  me questionably. I think she could tell that my plan wasn't going to be her number one choice.

"i say we just play an act that we're dating for a while until the paparazzi cools down, soon they'll leave us alone and we wont have to tell them that Bella is Louis' sister"

I glanced at Bella who's eyes were wide and she also looked like she was about to explode, but deep down I know that she was happy with my plan.

maybe with this we can possibly become something more.

I know it sound crazy but I really think Bella and I could work. I know everything about her or, at least I know the most about her than anyone else she's friends with and that has to mean she trusts me. and trust me on this, having Isabella trust you is a good thing. not a lot of people have her trust and I'm just one of the lucky few who has it.

"w-what did you say?" Isabella said running her hands threw her hair

"I suggested that we fake date"

"that's not a bad idea, I mean they already think you two are an item so they shouldn't be on you two's case for too long"

"i don't know about that" she said between gritted teeth.

"I'm afraid that going along with that or telling the world your Louis' sister is your only options unless you don't have any other ideas" Simon said to her.

I would be lying if I said that I didn't feel bad for her practically forcing her to do this but I swear this wont be as bad as she thinks it will be. maybe she'll grow to realise that she does have feelings for me and that the act will soon be reality.

"i guess you're right" she mumbled trying to keep her cool.

"so you'll do it?" I asked a little too excitedly

"do I really have a choice?" you could hear the bitterness in her voice from miles away, and I only felt guiltier for making her do this. but I know it wont be bad, she'll get over it and eventually go with it right?

"alright then it's a plan, now remember you two, if you're pretending to be a couple don't be scared to be close to each other or hold hands, you have to make it believable"

"Of course we will! I said standing up from my seat. I offered Isabella a hand to help her up but she sent me a mad glare and got up on her own.

"well now that things are cleared up, you two can go now, it was nice meeting you Isabella" he said smiling at her

she mumbled something in reply as I waved over at him and walked out of his office.

Isabella was walking down the corridor towards the exit as though she was running a marathon, I actually had to jog up to her.

"why are you walking so fast?" I asked now walking the same fast pace as her

"because I want to get the hell away from you!"

"aw you don't mean that"

"Liam you practically forced me to be in a relationship with you and we just became friends! do you want me to be happy about this?"

"i did it for your sake" I lied " I did it so you wouldn't have to have the world know every detail about you and Louis and your past"

she bit her lip as she stopped to think. my gosh, when she bites her lip she doesn't know the way she seduces me.

"still, I just...I-I...I don't know, I just wasn't prepared for this to happen" she looked so stressed and over worked and I didn't like looking at her frown.

"come on, dating Liam Payne can't be that bad can it?" I asked cockily winking at her. she cracked a smile which made me smile even more.

"why would I want to date you?"

"the real question is: why wouldn't you want to date me?"

"where do I start?"

I chuckled as we stepped outside of the building into the cold chilly night.

"so you'll go along with it?" I asked. I wanted reassurance that she wasn't doing this against her own will

"i guess so, but I don't really want to" she said looking towards the ground

"well then, girlfriend, lets go home, we have explaining to do" I reached my hand out to her and she gave it a quick look trying to figure out what I was doing.

once I realized that she wasn't getting the hint I grabbed her small soft hand and entwined them with mine, taking in the tingling feeling flowing throughout my arm

ba-bam that is my double update because I love you and because I didn't update on Monday because I'm a forgetful pop

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