Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


18. chapter 18

Liam's POV

"I'm going out for a bit, do you mind watching Isabella, I'll be back in a couple hours" Louis said as he threw his jacket over his shoulder.


"thanks, tell her I'll talk to her when I get back"

I nodded as he walked out the door.

I got off the couch and decided that if I was going to be home alone with Isabella for a couple hours, I might as well do something productive with her

I walked into her room to see her sleeping peacefully, as much as I wanted to just stand here and watch her, I can't. it's a little creepy and I want to talk to her

I shook her, trying to get her to wake up, but she didn't budge. I rolled my eyes knowing that she was a difficult person to get out of bed. I started shaking her again until she finally let out a groan.

"what do you want" she mumbled into her pillow

"come on Bella, you need to get up"


"don't make this difficult, you've slept the entire day away, at least get up for a bit"

"no thanks"

"Bella" I said sternly

"Liam" she mimicked in an annoyed tone

"just wake up, I'm taking you out"

"Liam, I don't want to get you and I don't want to go out, can you let me sleep now?"


"take a hint Liam" she mumbled sleepily. I could tell that she was starting to drift off back to sleep

"there is no way you can still be tired"

she didn't answer. instead I heard her breathing in and out

there is no way that I'm going to let her sleep when she could be spending time with me. anyways, we need to talk. I need to figure some things out.

"you can make this a whole lot easier if you just get up" I said, knowing she was going to ignore me anyways

she groaned as she sat up. she rubbed her eyes and let out a yawn. "where's Louis?" she asked tossing her hair to the side of her face

"he's going out for a little bit, he said he'll talk to you when he gets back"

she nodded "so why are you waking me up again?"

"because, you slept the day away and now it's time to actually do something"

"ugh, fine, but I don't want to" she huffed hopping off the bed.

"dress warmly because we're going out" I reminded her as I was starting to leave the room



it didn't take her very long to get ready to go put. she walked into the living room wearing a pair of  leggings and a blue TNA jumper with her hair tied up in a neat ponytail.

"so where are we going?" she asked as we began walking out of the flat

"I don't know, we can go anywhere"

"really Liam? you made me get out of bed to go out and you don't even know where we can go?"

I laughed "hey what's wrong with just going with the flow and not planning things?"

she rolled her eyes and laughed. "what's wrong with that is we might  get killed or lost or something"

£don't be paranoid. anyways, are you hungry or something, I mean you didn't eat in forever?"

"actually I am"

"McDonalds?" I asked raising my eyebrow

"wow, it's like you read my mind"


we walked into McDonalds and surprising there was a lengthy line up. I mean it's almost half eight at night and you'd think people would be at home or going through the drive thru

"so what do you want?"

"hm...well I am hungry so I'll probably take a big mac" she said looking at the menu "oh and fries, what about you?" she turned to face me

"I'm not really hungry, I ate already. but I think I'll order an Ice cream once you finish eating"

"if you say so, but I want an Ice cream too" she pouted

"of course you do"

she rolled her eyes at me and laughed

after several minutes we placed our order an took a seat on the booth at the back of the restaurant and after a while the food came and Bella began eating her food.

"can you not stare at me while I'm eating?" she said taking another bite into her burger

"I wasn't staring!" I lied

"oh really, so your eyes weren't looking in my direction?"

"no they weren't"

"you're such a liar" she said, a smile starting t form on her lips

"am not"

"don't lie to yourself"

"finish your food already" I said trying to get the topic off me staring at her

"I know what you're doing!" she laughed taking a bite of her food.

"and what's that?"

"you're changing the topic"

"just finish eating" I said looking away from her, trying to hide my laugh.

after about a billion years she finished her burger, drink and fries and we were now moving onto ice cream

"I'll take a kit kat McFlurry" I said to the lady

"and I'll take a small Oreo McFlurry" Bella ordered

"alright that will be five pounds please"

I handed her the cash as she made out ice creams.

"do you want to eat it here or walk around?"

"let's walk around"

I nodded. I was glad we were getting some time to spend together. I miss being with her all the time. Honestly, I don't know how I lasted the past three years without any communication with her. she's just so fun to be around especially when you're on her good side.

we grabbed our Ice cream and walked out of the store.

"why did we order ice cream when it's cold outside?" she asked as she laughed at our mistake. it was slightly cold out but with the ice cream it made it feel even colder

"because we're proper rebels, duh?" I joked, earning a laugh from her.

"so..." she said, stretching out the word.

"so uh, about earlier when you came back to the flat-"

"right, that shouldn't have happened" she shot in right away. I felt this pang in my chest

ouch. I didn't expect that. I mean, even though I suspected she would say something like that I didn't expect it to...hurt so much.

"are you sure about that I mean-"

"I'm sure, I was just cold and it was another spur of the moment. sorry about that" she ended it off with a fake laugh. and there's that pain in my chest again

"right...so I guess-" I was interrupted yet again but this time not by Isabella, it was by flashing lights

I let out a groan. really? sometimes I think the paparazzi just stalk us because they find us everywhere. anyways, shouldn't they be off work or something? I mean it is late out.

Isabella immediately covered her eyes with her hands as she started calling my name "Liam" she called worriedly.

"I'm right here" I said as I wrapped my arm protectively around her pulling her into my chest.

I could tell she wasn't really a big fan of the paparazzi.

I tried pushing my way though the paps but it was difficult trying to guide Isabella through, especially when you're being blinded by light.

"hey Bella, jump on my back" I said into her ear


"just do it alright?"

she kept one hand over her eyes as she went behind me and jumped onto my back.

I held her thighs tightly as I began pushing through the paparazzi. she buried her head in the crook of my neck as her arms were holding me tightly around my chest.

"Liam, who's the mystery girl?"

"what's her name?"

they were all bolting questions similar to that which were starting to get on my nerves. can't they give me some privacy? it's like they must know every person that I talk to.

I knew not to reply to the paps especially because of Isabella's situation. I couldn't just go off and tell them "this is Louis' other sister, but shh don't tell anyone!" it just doesn't work like that.

I kept on a fast pace until the paparazzi lost track of us.

I stopped next to the convenience store breathing heavily trying to catch my breath.

Isabella lifted her head and slowly un wrapped her legs from around my waist and planted herself on the ground.

"they didn't hurt you this time did they?" I asked. I remember last time they physically hurt her and I don't want it happening again "and be honest"

"they didn't do anything, I swear"

"aright, I was just making sure"

"thanks by the way for uhm,carrying me" she said, a light blush forming on her cheeks.

"it's fine" I smiled. "lets start walking home now, we're actually not too far"


once we got to the flat Zayn looked over at us with a worried look.

"hey what's up?" I asked curiously

"uhm you two might want to sit down" he said

Isabella and I both sat down on the couch in front of him

"what's wrong?" she asked

"well to start it off, uhm...just look at the TV" zayn instructed turning on the TV to E!

"Liam Payne has been caught walking around with a beautiful blonde girl around London these past couple weeks and it has been causing us to question what's going on. is this Liam Payne's new secret girlfriend? or is she just a friend. but due to these pictures we can only assume they are more than friends"

pictures of Isabella and I were flashing on the screen. there were pictures where we were looking at each other smiling- laughing, linking arms, and just walking. I'm not even sure when these pictures were taken. obviously these pictures have been taken without us even knowing the paparazzi were around.

"recent pictures only make us assume even more. look at these two love birds in action"

more recent pictures were shown and they were pictures from the coffee shop the other day. the day we kissed.

I felt my stomach twist. hopefully the paparazzi didn't get a picture of the kiss we shared that day. if they did then we're both screwed.

the picture of Isabella and I drinking out hot chocolate showed and there was a picture of Isabella wiping my mouth and the both of us looking straight into each other's eyes.

I looked over at Isabella who didn't look  too happy about the pictures. her cheeks were reddening and she just buried her head into her hands. I could tell she was hoping the picture of us kissing wasn't up there

eventually the picture were being finished off with the one the paps had taken earlier today. the picture was of her on my back as we ran through the crowd.

luckily the picture of us kissing wasn't up.

"so there it is. what do you guys think is going on between these two? who's the girl? let us what you think by posting your comments on our facebook wall or tweet us your opinions. we'll keep you posted"

Zayn turned off the TV

"so uh, management called about that a little earlier"

"we aren't dating!" she blurted out. even through it was true, I still felt like those words weren't supposed to be.

"its true, we aren't. we were just walking around"

"i know, but management wants to know what's happening. Louis' talking to them over the phone right now trying to clear things up but they don't feel as though they're going to make this easy on you two"

"Zayn, please convince them to just let it go, we weren't even doing anything wrong!" she pleaded

"Sorry Izz, but this isn't under my control"

"don't worry about it Bella, I'm sure they wont do anything drastic" I said trying not to worry her

"but what if they do?"

"just try not to worry about it"

Then Louis walked into the room. he had an unreadable facial expression which worried both Bella and I. obviously whatever was discussed over the phone wasn't good.

what's that I hear? a double update as an apology for not updating on Monday!!

next chapter will be up soon I have to eat dinner and have a bath and get my bag ready for tomorrow :*

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