Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


17. chapter 17

Isabella's POV

I changed into my pair of my soft fuzzy pink pyjama pants and a black hoodie as I was hugging my knees to my chest on my bed.

I was still freezing cold and I felt as though I was never going to feel warm again,

I tucked myself under my soft bed sheets, not bothering to leave my room and have my cup of tea that Louis probably made.

it's not that I was avoiding him. I guess it was because I'm a little nervous. even though when I first came back and Louis made it clear to me that he was sorry and he didn't mean a word he said, I still feel as though he meant what he had said.

and yes I know, hiding in my room under my blankets isn't going to solve any my problems but I'm cold and sleepy and that's all I need to convince myself not to leave the room.

I cuddled into my blankets, letting the warmth hit me but I wasn't getting the warmth I wanted

and sadly to say, the warmth I was craving was only provided from Liam.

I just want to run into his room and sleep next to him with his arms around me as I cuddle into his chest

is that to much to ask for?

knock it out Isabella! god what is wrong with me? I can't be thinking of him like this! he is just my friend, nothing more, nothing less

the way my stomach fluttered when he kissed me and held me only proves that I want more of him. but life isn't that easy for me right now.

I have more important things to solve before even thinking about relationships.

like my relationship with Louis. I don't think I will be able to do anything until I know that Louis still loves me and wants me in his life. I just don't want to lose him. he's all I have left.

I rested my head against my feather stuffed pillow and shut my eyes. maybe when I wake up everything will be better?

I felt myself starting to doze off until I heard my door creek open. I then felt a weight next to me as it fumbled with the blanket so it was now covering itself as well.

I opened my eyes and even though it was dark in the room, I could notice the figure, and it was Louis

"I know you're not sleeping" I heard his Doncaster accent ring through my ears

I moved off my side and sat upwards leaning my back on the headboard I noticed him looking at me sadly

"I'm so sorry" he said sincerely "what I said...I swear it wasn't what I meant to say, I wasn't thinking"

I didn't answer, I just let my face hang low as I pulled my knees back to my chest

"you mean so much to me and I was just scared when you were gone for so long. yes Zayn told me you went out but I was...worried. when I called you and texted you and you didn't answer once I just got scared something happened to you. I guess I just over reacted"

my heart was breaking as he was explaining himself to me. I just hated hearing him sound so sad. he always had a happy tone and I wanted to hear that. his happy cheerful voice never failed to put a smile on my face.

"I love you so much Bella, you're the best sister anyone could ever ask for and I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you the way I did"

"Louis you didn't-"

"yes I did" he interrupted "I hurt you enough to make you not want to sleep under the same roof as me. and honestly, I don't blame you one bit. I blame myself completely"

"Louis its alright, I was fine" I said as I turned to look at him

"sure you were fine but anything could have happened to you, its not safe at night and I couldn't sleep knowing you were gone. when I said you looked like a prostitute or something like that, I didn't mean it I swear"

I felt my cheeks begin to burn because even though he didn't know my past, what I did was pretty close to prostitution and I feel embarrassed that he could have thought that. thankfully it was pretty dark in the room and my cheeks aren't visible

"what I really meant to say is that, I don't think you know just how beautiful you are. so many guys look at you and it scares me. I was scared that some guy kidnapped you or took advantage of you or anything!"

"Louis I understand and I forgive you. heck, I forgave you the second you said anything to me, I guess I was just scared to face you. I didn't want to face you knowing that you were ashamed of me" I said hesitantly

"I don't want you to ever be scared of me. I don't want you to have to hide anything from me or be nervous to tell me anything. no matter what I will always love you, you're my sister and I'll always be there for you and I will never be ashamed of you"

I scotched closer to him, linking my arm with his. I rested my head against him as he continued to speak

"when you first walked through the door a couple weeks ago I was so happy and I still am. but I immediately felt as though I had to protect you because you were so pretty"

I laughed as he unlinked his arm from mine and wrapped that same arm around me.

"I don't care how old you are. I will always be worried about you and I'll always want to know where you are. it's just part of my brotherly role"

I nodded knowing that what he was saying was true. I know that he will always be slightly protective of me.

"like I was saying, when you first walked through the front door the first thing I noticed was how pretty you are and there are so many crazy people out there who look for pretty girls like you and I don't even want you to lose to you to some creep"

"Louis I understand but I can take care od myself you know?"

"I know but I like it better when I take care of you because it reassures me that you're ok"

I smiled lightly as his words. it was nice knowing how much he really cared for me

"I love you Louis, and I know you're sorry and I forgive you"

"I'm not done through, I have a lot to apologize for"

I nodded, knowing that even if I objected to him he would still continued to apologize.

"I lost you from my life once and I never want to lose you again. when you left and didn't come back all night, I nearly lost it. the fact that I drove you away from me killed me and I never want that feeling again"

"I'll never do it again" I said confidently

"I want you to know that I am so proud to call you my sister and when I said that I was embarrassed of you, I didn't mean it. I don't even know where it came from. if anything, I want the whole world to know who you are, but I know you don't want the media to find out yet-"

"so you aren't ashamed of me? and you still want me in your life?" I know he pretty much explained that to me but I feel as though I need to hear him say it.

"of course I'm not ashamed. I love you with all my heart and nothing can come between us now, I never want to lose you again"

"thank you Louis for everything thank you for letting me live with you and putting up with me all this time, but can we just put this behind us. I don't want this in the way of our relationship" I asked letting a yawn escape my lips

"ok lets do that, now sleep you must be exhausted. I don't even want to know where you slept because I'll just get madder at myself" he said laughing slightly as he was starting to move from the bed

I held onto his arm not letting him move

"Lou can you stay?"

he smiled sympathetically at what I had asked and nodded tucking himself in bed next to me.

I rested my head on his chest as I shut my eyes, he began humming in a soothing tone and before I knew it, I fell asleep

QOTC: what's your favourite food?

Mine is spaghetti

p.s sorry for late update it was my birthday today and I went out for a family dinner but I GOT MY OWN LAPTOP! so its easier to write and update the story <3 thanks mama and papa <3

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