Louis secret sister

Meet Bella Tomlinson well she's known as Bella stone because she was supposed to be a secret from the media she was the little mistake in the Tomlinson family and was kept with her mother who was not much of a good influence Louis and Bella have a good brother-sister relationship even though they weren't supposed to keep in touch and now Louis had offered her to live with him and the rest of the one direction clan so she can have a better life that's until she finds out her mothers mistakes and her past connection with one of the band member can change her future to points that he never would have imagined.

A Liam Payne fan fiction


15. chapter 15

Isabella's POV

"we'll take two hot chocolates with whip cream and two chocolate chip cookies" Liam asked the waitress. she wrote it down on the paper and left to place our order.

"really Liam? hot chocolate and chocolate chip cookies?"

"C'mon, we used to order that every single day at the diner remember?"

"how can I not?" I answered laughingly.

we were currently sitting in a little cosy coffee shop. It wasn't just a table and chair coffee shop. It was fancier but not fancy at the same time. like the chairs were soft black sofas and the table was a dark brown wooden colour.

"so do you miss Wolverhampton?" he asked curiously.

"I do...but I don't at the same time, you know? there's too much unwanted drama there"

he nodded

"so uhm, how come you never mentioned to me that you and Louis were related?"

"well I'm not going to tell you a sob story so I'll make it short, I wasn't supposed to even keep in contact with him so I tried not to really bring family up in conversations with not just you, but anyone"

"that must have sucked" he said lightly. "I'm just glad you got to finally be with him after all those years"

"I know, and I'm a lot happier now, I guess"

the waitress came and placed down our drinks and cookies.

I mumbled a thank you as I began eating my cookie, and boy was it good. It was obviously fresh out of the oven because the chocolate chips were still melted and the cookie was nice and warm

"this is the best cookie I've ever had" I mumbled as I continued taking abnormally large bites


I eventually finished my cookie and moved on to my hot chocolate and I'm not sure if the cookie or the hot chocolate was better

I looked over at Liam who was drinking his hot chocolate and once he placed the cup on the table I couldn't hold back a laugh

"you've got a little something on your face" I said though laughs. he had a whip cream moustache.

he took out his phone and looked at his reflection

"I don't know what you're talking about" he stated

"I'm serious; you look like freakin santa claus"

"I'll take that as a compliment" he said winking at me

I threw a napkin at him "wipe it off before someone see's"

"there's nothing for mw to wipe" now I knew he was doing this on purpose.

"Liam, ugh just do it!" I said while giggling

he shook his head stubbornly.

"really Liam, you're going to be stubborn. I'm helping you out here; I'm saving you from embarrassment"

he shrugged his shoulder

"oh my god let me do it" I said giving in

I moved from my seat to the spot next to him. I grabbed a napkin off the table and folded it so it was smaller.

I held his chin with my pointer finger and thumb and lightly began to wipe his face

I found myself looking in his eyes. his eyes were looking back in mine, you know he has really nice light hazel eyes.

I looked at his lips...his perfectly plump shaped lips. I tried to resist the urge to kiss me but I failed miserably

before I knew it I was kissing him...again!

but once I realized what I was doing I pulled away.

"I'm so sorry. I cannot believe I did that" I ran my hands through my hair as I looked away from him

oh my god what is wrong with me, this is so embarrassing!

I decided to man up and face him and when I did I was surprised

he was smiling, and when I say smiling I don't mean like a "smile for the camera" type of smile. it was a full on sheepish grin.

"it's alright" he said still smiling

what's going through his head?

I mean, I told him yesterday that when I kissed him it meant nothing then here I am kissing him again? he has to be confused

I know I am

"I knew you wouldn't resist" he said winking at me

"you did not just say that" I said wide eyed

"I mean, I know I couldn't resist myself, so I don't blame you"

I felt my cheeks begin to redden.

"can we leave now, I'm kind of tired" I mumbled as I rested my head on my hand

he laughed "sure thing love"

he called the waitress over and paid for our stuff.

"you ready?" he asked as he got up

I've been ready to leave the second I kissed you. I said to myself.

"mhm" I mumbled as I got up and walked with him out the door

we began walking down the street when all of a sudden I became blinded by flashing lights?

"what the-" I stopped in my tracks as I placed my hand over my eyes so that annoying blur would go away and I could see again.

I felt one of the paps grab my arm trying to turn me around so they could get a clearer picture of my face and I let out a little whimper of pain

I felt Liam's arm come in contact with my waist as he held me tight to I was now leaning my head on his chest.

the paparazzi were throwing a million question at us as we chose to ignore them and just try to get away from them.

thankfully the café we went to was close to the flat so we made it there in no time.

"I'm so sorry about that, they didn't hurt you did they?" he asked with a concerned tne as we walked into the living room

"no I'm fine"

I think he could tell I was lying, but I kept my fingers crossed

"you're lying"

"Liam, no I'm fine trust me"

he walked over to me and looked at my arm that had a red shade due to the paparazzi grabbing it

"I'm so sorry, they usually don't get physical" he had a worried expression like a puppy when your sad which I found super cute...I mean nice not cute

"It's fine, don't worry about me"

he rolled his eyes "C'mon let's get you some ice"

I followed him into the kitchen as he threw a couple cubes of ice in a zip lock bag and placed it on my arm

"this really isn't a big deal" I said to him.

"they hurt you, so yes it's a big deal"

"who hurt who?" harry asked as he walked into the kitchen. Louis walked in right behind him.

"the paparazzi grabbed her arm" Liam said with an angry tone.

"my poor baby" harry said coming up behind me and giving me a hug.

Liam looked slightly annoyed as harry hugged me from behind and Louis didn't seem too fond of harry being so close. so I played my part and rolled my eyes at him

"you okay Bella?" Louis asked as harry let go, I think he got the hint from Louis' glares

"I'm fine Louis, it's nothing bad"

"they hurt you Isabella it is bad. they aren't supposed to touch anyone" Liam explained

"I know, but it happened and we shouldn't need to get worked up about it" I said sincerely

"well if it happens again we aren't going to just let it go"

"thanks guys, but really, just forget about it all. I don't want you guys to worry about me"

I threw the bag of ice in the sink and turned to face the door

"I'm going to go change into something comfy, and just a reminder- I'm fine so you guys can wipe off that worried look you all have" I said laughing slightly.

I walked to my room and stripped from my jeans and t-shirt and changed into some black sweatpants and a grey tank top.

I lay down on my bed and went through my phone.

I decided that I would call up one of my best friends; luke. I knew I could trust him and I missed him a lot too. he was one of my true friends

"hello?" luke said into the phone

"hiya lukey it's bella!"

"hey bell, long time to see girl, how you been?"

I smiled. I missed his positive attitude

"nothing, I'm thinking of walking around downtown London, I miss you, come hang with me" I said using my begging voice that never fails to convince him.

"it's you lucky day. I'm already here! I had some business to do earlier but I'm free. come meet me at the little British coffee house?"

"I'll be there soon!" I answered hanging up the phone

I decided to change my outfit even though I had just changed. I didn't want to walk around in public looking all lazy

I changed into a pair of high waisted black jean shorts and a black sleeveless top with a golden cross shaped in the middle

I slipped on a pair of my gladiators and brushed through my hair and left it down

I walked out of my room and saw Zayn sitting on the couch

"hey Zayn, I'm going out, tell the boys I'll be out for a couple hours

"sure thing, but Louis' going to ask where you're heading, do you mind telling me?"

"yeah I'm meeting one of my friends downtown"

"alright, be safe!" he said waving at me as I left the building.


"I missed you so much!" I said as I approached him. he was standing outside the little café in his baggy jeans and fitted black top. he was wearing the pair of white and blue Nike's I got him a couple months ago when I accidently ruined his old pair

"I missed you too, how have you been holding up?"

"it's been good. how's Wolverhampton?"

"nothing the same without you, that's for sure. everyone is wondering where you are"

"really? am I that important that they're all worried about where I am?" I said jokefully. I knew they were only wondering where I was so I could deal with them or sleep with them

"well if it means anything, Derek has been going crazy"

I rolled my eyes

"do you know if my mum's doing alright?"

"she's still hanging in there, I saw her the other day at your old place"

"why were you there?" I asked him curiously

"I needed some more supplies, and since you've left he has raised the prices"

"like they weren't expensive already?" I rolled my eyes and laughed. he probably had to raise the price because he wasn't making much money without me lately.

he laughed "so have you been clean these past two weeks?"

I nodded "mhm, it's been hard at times, sometimes I just want to take a tiny hit but it's like I have anymore with me. but it feels good not to smoke, you should try it sometime"

he laughed "here" he passed me a bag with 'cigarettes' but I knew what they really were.

I hesitabtly placed it in my jacket pocket.

"thanks, but still, you should try not getting too addicted to this stuff"

"I'll try only because you asked me"

I smiled at him "could I ask you a favour?"

he nodded and raised an eyebrow

"please don't tell anyone I was here"

"sure thing, but why?"

"I just...don't want to be found"

he nodded knowing where I was coming from. he knew how I never really liked my old habits and forced habits too. he probably knew I didn't want to go back there

this is one thing I love about Luke. I know I can trust him. he's never failed me once anf I don't think he would risk our friendship now.


I got home around ten-ish. I didn't expect to stay out so late but I lost track of time.

we ended up lost a couple times which delayed me even more and my battery died on my phone so I couldn't really call anyone to tell them I was going to be late.

I opened the door and was greeted by two faces one worried one angry

Liam and Louis

well I'm in trouble

"hiya, sorry I'm back late" I said so quiet I'm not sure if they heard

"where the hell were you? I was worried sick! I though someone kidnapped you or killed you!" Louis yelled

I flinched slightly

"Louis calm down, I'm fine" I said as I scratched my arm

"you want me to calm down? I though something happened to you! I called you a million times and left you a hundred text messages, you didn't answer one!"

"my phone was dead! and I'm 18 you know, I am an adult, I can go out without your permission! and I told zany where I was, and I'm sure he told you where I saw" I said furiously to him

"you age doesn't matter! you are my baby sister and I need to know where you are at all times! I can't have you walking around looking like that and having no idea where you are!" he yelled running his hands through his hair

"I am not a baby! and what are you saying? I look like a whore? well cheers Louis you're such a supportive brother" I spat crossing my arms over my chest

I don't even consider this a slutty outfit. I mean all I was wearing was what is in fashion. it was nothing over board or anything bad, I saw plenty of people wearing outfits similar to mine

"that's exactly what I'm saying. heck you look like you could be waiting at the side of the road to get picked up by strangers! what do you think people are going to think of me if they knew you were my sister?"

I stopped and gave him a dirty look mixed with sadness.

"Louis!! bella he doesn't mean that" Liam said sternly as he hit his shoulder with the back of his hand

"no I get it. whatever. you're embarrassed of me but just remember Louis, you don't know anything that I've been through or anything that has happened to me. you don't know anything about me"

I don't think I could face him any longer without possibly bursting out into tears, so I left the flat nand walked straight outside.

as I was walking I stormed right past Zayn and Niall

"hey where are you-"

I didn't even bother listening to them and just stormed out the door

I walked down the sidewalk and through an alleyway until I reached a small park.

because it was late, no one was here so it left me here to think.

why am I so surprised that Louis is embarrassed and ashamed of me. I mean, I've never done anything for anyone to be proud of me for.

I did do drugs, and had sex for money. he probably isn't proud of that- and the fact that he doesn't know is worse.

I pulled out the weed that Luke had given me earlier, lit it up and began smoking it.

I didn't think I would use it anytime soon but I feel as though if I don't use it now my head is going to explode with all these thoughts.

I sucked in the smoke, letting my brain ease.

I exhaled and let out a loud sigh

I mean, yeah I've been called a lot of things in my life but usually I would say something back or just shrug it off but the fact that it came from Louis- my brother, it hurts.

it hurt a lot actually.

I mean he's practically my only family member that acknowledges my existence and he's ashamed of me and thinks I'm a slut

that's the worst thing possible

I hopped off the swing and sat down on the bench. I threw my weed on the ground, not in the mood to finish it. I wouldn't want Louis to be more ashamed of me if he found out that I was doing this right now.

a cold breeze came and I felt shivers run though-out my body. I brought my legs to my chest and hugged my arms around them and cried until I fell asleep.

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