Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


9. Chaptet nine *the lad's*

The Lad's




Nicky's P.O.V

I was lay there and I could hear someone talking well I couldn't make out what they was saying because they was mumbling to them self. I was trying to move my hand.

Yes my hand had finally twitched I was waking up. Next I tried to move my feet they started to wiggle. It felt so good being able to move from being in this sore body for so long. Using all the energy I had left in my self I forced my eyes to open. I looked up to see Harry was sat on the edge of my bed with his mouth open.

"Hello Harry" I had said to him with his mouth still open "I think you better go get a doctor" he sat the for a second and jumped up and ran out the room to get the nurse I examined the room. thinking to my self I wondered how long I had been out for.

"Almost 2 day's huh" a voice said.

I turned to look to my left and seen that a nurse had walked in with Harry following behind him on his phone he must have been texting the lad's, but most of all I must have said my thoughts out loud because the nurse had heard them.

"Yes Lou she is awake quickly get hear now Lou" Harry grinned and quickly put the phone down to Lou.

"Ok Miss Tomlinson how are you feeling" I shrugged my shoulders.

"emm like normal I guess.. but why am I hear"

"you had drank some alcohol and you have a serious allergy to it" he said. I looked at Harry and he was looking at the floor.

"which on of you idiot gave me alcohol Harry". He carried on looking at the floor. he could not even look me in the eye's.

"Sorry Nicky it was my fault, me and Lou changed the water in the dispenser to Vodka a few days ago and we must have forgot to swap it back" he said trying not to laugh. The nurse waved the tonometer in Harry's face.

"You silly boy you never swap water and vodka around kids these day" he mutterd the last part  to himself."

"Miss Tomlinson you are free to leave the hospital when ever you want"

"Thank you very much doc" I said to him.

"No problem Nicky lets hope not to see you again any time soon eyy" he said as he walked out of the room shutting the door behind him. I looked at Harry and we both burst out laughing then I stopped laughing and replaced it with an evil smirk on my face.

"do you want to play a joke on the lad's" I said looking at Harry.

"Hmm why what do you have in mind Nicky"


10 minuets had past by and I hear all four of the boy's walk in the room.

"I thought she was awake Harry!" I heard Louis shout at him.

"Oh she was but then she went back in to the coma" Harry said in a sad voice. I herd all the boy's sigh's and groan's as they all surrounded round my bed.

"please Nicky wake up" Liam said stroking my forehead. I jumped up out of the bed screaming.

Liam and Zayn jumped of the bed and Louis was nearly crying because of how scared he was and Niall was screaming like a little girl and me and Harry looked at each other and giggled.

"You.... should have ... seen your.... faces" I said in between laughing.

"I could not believe that you all fell for that" Harry giggles. Louis just frowned at Harry.

"HARRY THAT WAS NOT EVEN FUNNY ONE BIT" Louis shouted "I was really upset for a moment then. I got up and hugged Louis.

"I am sorry Lou" I said as Louis Hugged me back.

"its ok Nicky" he replied and pulled back from the hug to realise that the lads had all left.

"Where has everyone gone" I said Louis grabbed my hand and looked me in the eye's.

"they all wanted to give us some privacy" he said

"why would we need some privacy Lou" I said confused. He sighed

"well I have to tell you something Nicky"

"what's up Lou"

"well umm I am not sure how I am going to say this so I am just going to come out with it"

"go on then Lou"

"well umm your my sister Nicky" I looked at him blankly,

"umm excuses me what did you just say"

"I am Louis Tomlinson I am your long lost brother I, out parents got a divorce when we was younger Nicky you went with mom and I went with dad and then they lost contact and when dad did come back to get in contact you had moved house. This all happened just before you was born so I never new about you" he said.

"No F****ING WAY" I wisperd he nodded

"I know its a lot to take in at the moment Nicky but all I have to say is al least you did not faint when you was told" he said. I looked up and smirked at him.

"You passed out Lou" she said


"haha nice"

"Haha I know" we sat in silence for a moment and he embraced me for  a hug.

"So sis who is this Olly guy you mentioned at the mall a few days ago" he said pulling away from the hug and wiped my tears away. I froze and did not know I was crying until he wiped my tears away from my cheek.

"know or never Nicky" he said

"Olly is my half brother well out half brother Lou" he looked up at me as he was taking it in.

"Half brother" he asked. I nodded.

"Our mum got pregnant to some random man from a one night stand and well when she gave birth to Olly... Oliver well his dad was in a horrific car accident and well the car was set on flames and his dad died and Oliver survived but he was taken in to foster and well he suffers from serious burns to hid body. All the money I make from babysitting goes to him to pay for his hospital bills he is in there know.

this made ma cry with tears rolling down my cheeks and I buried my head in to Louis chest a I looked up too see that Lou had tears rolling down his cheeks as well.

"I am so sorry Nicky" he said looking down at me. "I was never there for you..". I took a deep breath.

"it is ok Lou" I said to him. "it's not your fault" he sighed

"It's not your fault either Nicky" he said as I looked up in to his deep blue eye's.

"But Lou it was my fault you see I could have stopped him from storming out the house and driving down the road at about 100mph" I wisperd. "I could have couldn't I" I burst in to tears when Lou started to comfort me a few minuets later I stopped crying.

"I love you Nicky" Lou said looking down on me as tears started to form in my eyes with a smile on my face.

"Lou you are the first person who has ever told me that in my life and you know what Lou are the only person I can say it back to and mean it" I said.


Louis P.O.V

Lou you are the first person who has ever told me that in my life and you know what Lou are the only person I can say it back to and mean it" Nicky said to me with her eye's as bright as possible. I wrapped arms around her.

"Nicky you are amazing" I said to her with a demented smile in my face

"Lou you are ama-Zayn" she said giggling.

"haha good one Nicky you really are my sister" I said jokingly.

"well Louis Tomlinson I am proud to be your sister" she said seriously with a big smile.

"I am glad to be your big brother to Nicky" I said

"I love you Louis" she said

"I love you to Nicky but form know on call me boo bear" I said


Liam's P.O.V

I can not even believe this.

I have been with Danielle for so long I can not believe she even broke up with me I though that she trusted me.

I tried to take my mind of things as I walked in to Nicky's hospital room. Nicky and Louis was hugging with there tears stained faces of courses they had been crying. I smiled at them both and Lou smiled back. At least Lou still has Eleanor who is Danielle's best friend.

I was chocking on my tears. but I had to stay strong for Lou and Nicky but it was so hard. Zayn had patted me on the back.

"It's ok mate" he said as Lou looked at us with a worried look.

"what's wrong Liam" he asked

"Danielle had broken up with me" he said sadly and quietly. Lou's face turned shocked

"that's wired" he mutterd

"who is Danielle" Nicky asked.

"My ex girlfriend we was together for nearly 2 years" I wisperd. Nicky jumped out of bed and hugged me.

"she obviously was not the one for you Liam" she wisperd with her arms around my neck. "she is not even worth it if she broke up with you" she said as she jumped back in to the hospital bed.

"know get me a cup cake" she order.

" I guess you really are  a Tomlinson the Nicky" I said and she rolled her eye's.

" I'd hoped so" she said in a sarcastic way and hopped out of bed picking up all of her belonging dumping them in to a bed and walked out of the room she had been staying in. she popped her head around the door

"are we not going home know" she asked.

"NO!" Louis shouted

"why I have been discharged" looking down at her watch "at least 2 hours ago" she said. We all turned to look at Harry who shrugged his shoulders with a smug smirk on his face.

Even though I should have felt so happy to be walking out of the hospital because the nurses was scared I might not have made it I could never have walked out of a hospital feeling any sadder.


hope you enjoy,

sorry if it's not any good I rushed this chapter needed to get it done



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