Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


11. Chapterd eleven *Recap*



"What's the matter Nicky" he asked as I was biting my lip and looking down.



Nicky's P.O.V

"I...I can not look you in the eye's though Lou" I said

"why" he pleaded

"because of stepdad" I said quietly

"Oh right" Louis started purred his lips together

"every time I looked him in the eye's h..he would hurt me" I looked down and started to play with my fingers Louis grabbed my chin softly and tilted my head up. I looked at him wincing.

"I would never ever think of hurting you Nicky banana Tomlinson" he said


Louis P.O.V

she was frightened of me. Louis. her own big brother. I could never hurt a animal never mind a human being. Oh except that time when Kevin fell.

oh no dint go thinking of the worst day of your life.

I looked down at Nicky to see that she was asleep. I lay her down on the bed and kissed her forehead. Why has she been crying.

the memory came running back to me. TWO WORDS


Harry... Styles

he is going to get it.

I made my way down satires to go find Harry I went to the kitchen to fine Niall there stuffing his face with all the food per usual but her froze when he saw me.

"you alright dude" he said uncertain

"where is Harry" I growled Niall looked scared and winced.

"he is busy right know" Niall said as he was blocking my path I tried to barge past him. "Zayn.. Liam" Niall shouted for back up. the two of the came running in to the kitchen.

"where is Harry" I growled to them.


Zayn's P.O.V

I looked in to Louis eye's there was so much anger in them I had never seen him this angry. Harry did not mean to force him self on Nicky it was just an accident. Harry had been sat in the front room trying to get his mind of things for the past hour or two.

Louis firced eye's made holes in me.

"Living room" I said Niall and Liam was both giving me evil's when I told Louis where Harry was as Louis ran to the front room where Harry was with his fist clenched. Niall chases after him.

"don't just stand there" Niall said looking over his shoulder. Me and Liam was both quick to agree with Niall for once and ran to the front room with them, where Harry and Louis was stood searing at each other.

"Harry how could you.. you hurt her" Louis shouted. Harry winced

"Lou I am very sorry I did not mean to" he said upset.

"sorry will not cut it Harry" he screamed in his face.

"Lou please just give me a change we have to work together please" he pleaded

"NO Harry"

"but boo bear you at my best friend what would I do without you" Harry yelled

"No not after this your not" Louis said as he left the room. Tears was leaking from the corners of Harry's eye's

"what happened to the saying Bro's before Hoe's" he shouted walking out. A loud cash followed.

"where the heak did sister before best friend come from then" Harry screamed back at him.

Liam got to Lou and try and calm him down Niall you do the same to Hazza and I will go and check up on Nicky see if she is ok I said sternly. we all walked of I went up the stairs to Nicky's room to see her lay on her bed looking up at the celling. I walked over to her bed.

"you ok Nicky" I asked.

"No not really" she answered honestly. I chuckled and walked over to the edge of her bed and sat there with her.

"what's the matter then"

"everything Zayn" she said

"Ok then what's everything"

"EVERYTING ZAYN" she shouted. "Do you not realise how much my life is screwed up urhh abusive step dad, long lost brother, a boy who I have only known for a couple of day's try's to make out with me. not to mention that he found out about Olly.....", she said then burst out in to tear's. I let her burry her head in to my chest.

"Nicky it's all going to be ok" I said rubbing her back. as the tears slowed down. a small laugh escaped from her mouth.

"you know I have cried more times in the past few day's than I have in my entire life" I chuckled.

"it's not that bad to cry" I said

"it's a sign of weakness" Nicky replied

"sometimes you are weak though" I said

"I know but I hate feeling hopeless. my step dad tells me all the time I am hopeless" she mutterd last part under her breath. I thought for a few seconds and clicked tilted her head forward and looked her directly in to her eye's.

"don't you ever say you are hopeless Nicky" I said "I have only known you a couple of days and you

are one of the most amazingist people ever Nicky" she smiled at me brightly.

"Thanks Zayn" she said

"No problem babe" I replied. Then we heard a massive crashing sound coming from outside of the room. Nicky raised an eyebrow at me.

"what was that" she asked.

"I don't know" then we heard another crash rattle through the house and then we heard shout's.

"I will be right back" I said running out the room too see Liam and Louis standing there. Louis was shouting at the top of his lungs, and Liam was begging him to calm down.

"Lou Nicky is alright why don't you go cheek on her" I said

"YOU HAVE BEEN COMFORTING NICKY HOW COULD I HAVE NOT GUESSED YOU LIKE HER TO SHAM ON YOU,YOU HAVE A F***ING FIANCE ZAYN" he shouted at me. I though for a second. Do I like Nicky... no I have my wonderful fiancé Perrie. I love Perrie, right.

"I thought so" Louis wisperd. "can I have some alone time guys, I need it" we both nodded and walked out of the room. Liam raised an eye brow at me.

"soo Zayn Nicky" he asked I shrugged.

"I don't know I love Perrie but there is something about Nicky" I replied and he nodded.

"I do get that" he said.

I sighed.

"well Liam I am calling it a night"

"Night Zayn"

"Night Liam"


Liam's P.O.V

Zayn had decided to go bed early so I made my way to Nicky's room to see if she was alright. she was on the computed slamming the key's down on her key bored. she sighed in frustration and I chuckled at her. spinning round on her desk chair she looked at me and smiled. I could see where she had been crying there was round patches on her eyes and they was all puffy.

"Hey Liam" she said energetically. I grinned

"Hey Nicky" I said mocking her, she giggled

"please could you help me with this thing" she asked pointing at the computer I laughed .

""the computer" I said, she blushed

" yea that"

"sure" I said. I helped set her up a twitter account and helped activate it on her phone.

"this is amazing" she exclaimed. I quickly found her on my phone and followed her.

"umm is that you" she asked pointing at her phone. she clicked on me and followed me back. I showed her Louis and the rest of the boys username's and she followed them all. Niall followed her back instantly then she refreshed her page and had over 1000 followers.

"what happened" she asked as I was grinning at her.

"we have fan's" I said

"oh yea you guys are famous" she said "oh and I am still finding this hard to get use to by the way" I laughed.

"oh you will get use to it since you are Louis Tomlinson's sister" I smiled.

"i guess so she said"

"so do you want to watch a movie" I asked and she shrugged.

"ok what movie"

"TOY STORY" I shouted as I put my hand over my mouth. she looked at me confused

"umm what's toy story" she asked and my mouth dropped.

"well Nicky toy story is one of the best Disney films of all time" I said hopping on to her bed getting under the covers as she slid in next to me. I got Netflix up on the screen and we botched watched as we was falling asleep.


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