Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


2. Chapter two *They are teenagers*

I woke up really early to pack my suit case it was only small but it held all of my belonging in it because I did not own as much as most people do. I was quiet upset that Hayley couldn't come it would have been really exciting if she would have came with me I don't like leaving Hayley behind but this was a once in a life time opportunity for me so I had to go. I took all the unhappy thought out of my mind and thought of how good this experience would be and to finally see Olly for the first time in 6 years.

I was waiting at my front door for Simon to come and collect me. I was hoping that he would arrive before my mom and her boyfriend came home. I had spoken to soon the front door was slammed open and my drunken mum and her drunken boyfriend walk in.

As he walked past me he bent down and got to my high and slapped me across the face and called me a little slut, it was really burning where he had slapped me. I could feel the blood running down my face from where he had slapped me across the face. He then stood up and spat on me and kicked me in the stomach and kicked me out the house throwing my suit case out after me and shouted "never come back you dirty little slapper". Him and my mum laughed and slammed the door shut behind me. I picked my self up of the floor and my suit case that's when I turn around and seen the black limo driving down my street and stopped out side my house.

A man started walking up to my door about to knock on when he seen me stood on the pavement "are you ok love" he asked I nodded quickly wiping some of the blood of my face on to my sleeve. He looked me in the eye's "are you Nicky by any chance" he asked me, I nodded again. He smiled at me and shook my hand and asked where Hayley was so I explain that she couldn't make it. He nodded and we both climbed in to the shinny black limo that was parked up out side my house.

"Hi I am Simon, Simon Cowell" he look at me surprised when I did react to his name.

"Am I suppose to know you or something because you are looking at me kind of funny" I exclaimed. Simon grinned at me.

"Ahh no I did not expect you to recognise me" as he went to pick up my suitcases he looked at me "is this all you are bringing with you" you look at the floor "this is all I own" I whispered slightly embarrassed.

He got the man dressed in a black suit to put my case in the back of the limo and got in and sat facing me In the black leather seats. The limo started to drive of and Simon leaned closer to me with a wet rag in his had "come hear let me clean that nasty cut on your face" as he wiped the wet rag across my face wiping away all the blood away.

"care to explain what happened to your face love"

"oh that, nothing, I tripped on my way out my house" I lied to Simon. He raised his eyebrow at me and asked no more question about it. He turned the radio on and a pop song came on. Simon stared at me when one song came on.

"what song is this" I asked. Simons jaw dropped and he closed his mouth.

"umm this is what makes you beautiful by One Direction do you like it" I shrugged my shoulders.

Simon looked at me "its ok". "I've never heard it before it is not really my style of music" I said. He just nodded and smiled at me with this look in his face. At that moment we pulled up outside a large mansion. Simon slid out of the car and I grabbed my suit case holding it close to my chest as I followed Simon inside the big house. I was looking round and everything looked so fancy that I did not want to touch anything in case anything got broken.

Simon led me in to the massive sitting room.

"wait hear" he said "I will go get the boys" I nodded and he smiled at me before he exited the room. I looked around and everything look really expensive I thought to my self Simon must be really rich. BOOM. I looked over to the door that was swinging open in shock to see a boy my age jump over my head on to the couches in front of me.

"Hiiii!" he said as he got up and nearly squashing me to death by hugging me. "Hi I am Louis what's your name I like carrots do you like carrot's?". I looked at him as Simon and 4 other boys walked in to the sitting room I was sat in.

"Louis move you don't want to break her she has only just got hear" a boy with brow curly hair said to him. The guy was crazy I mean Louis I had been hear 5 minuets and he had all ready put hi face right in my face.

"but really do you like carrots" he asked me in a serious voice.

"ermm yea they are ok" I replied worried

Louis screamed in my face "I like this girl" and began to jump up and down.

"she can stay uncle si" as Simon rolled his eyes and so did another boy the one with straight brown hair. Simon then cleared his trough.

"Nicky I would like you to meet Niall, Liam, Harry and Zayn" he said as he was pointing to each of the boys as he said it. Louis say "you forgot me uncle si"  "oh and of course Louis who you have already met by the looks of things You will be looking after them for the summer."

my mouth dropped.

 "but they are teenagers" I exclaimed.

Louis looked at you and shouted "I'm not a teenager I am 21 tell her uncle si"

I look at him "exactly a 21 year old does not need a baby sitter" I pointed out.

"because he acts like that" while he nodded at Louis trying to lick his toes. As I looked way from him I turned to Simon to see him and the other four boys looking at me.

"ok" I said the boys cheered except Louis who was now trying to lick his armpits. Simon smiled at me and Liam jumped out of his chair.

"well I guess we can go to our flat the now cant we" Liam said

"wait this is not even your house" I replied shocked, Liam shook his head grinning.

"This is uncle Simons house" he started

"wait I thought he was your dad not your uncle" I said confused

"then how do we all look completely different if he is our dad" Niall piped up.

"I don't know adopted or something like that I guess" the boys broke out in to laughter. I rolled my eyes and the boys laughter died down and they started to get ready to go home.

"why is she not fangirling" Harry whispered to Zayn. Zayn looked at me and smiled and shrugged his shoulders.  I thought to my self what is fangirling, I made a note to my self in my head to look up what fangirling meant in the library.

I picked up my suit case and Niall smiled at me

"is that all you have with you" he asked me I looked at him and nodded my head at him.

"GUYS, GUYS" Niall shouted at the top of his voice "we are taking Nicky shopping" the boys all screamed, and Simon shook my hand and said "good luck and thanks for doing this for me Nicky" he said as I smiled weakly at him.

"well it is my job" I replied.





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