Baby Sitting One Direction

It was the summer holidays and Nicky and Hayley wanted to get a summer job you wanted to become a baby sitter. That when you receive a call form a man named Simon asking if you baby sit his 5 sons AKA One Direction.


3. Chapter three *Journey to the mall*

At the Mall



The boys all lead me outside to see that there was a hummer wating to pick us up and take use to that mall. The boys climbed in to the hummer I stayed out side then Niall shouted to me "get in Nicky we don't have all day now" as I climbed in.

As the man dressed smartly in his black suit closed the door behind me Louis shouted at the driver "to the mall". for most of the journey the boys where all chatting together and I just sat there quietly in my seat looking at the floor. I was thinking to my self seriously how am I suppose to babysit five grown men they should be old enough to do it there self. That's when I  felt something poke me in the cheek so I look next to me and see Louis sitting next to me with a big grin on his face.

"what, why you looking at me like that?" he asked,

I look at him confused "umm why did you just poke me in the face Louis" Louis was fidgeting with his fingers as he sat in the seat next to you. He looked around the car and pointed at Harry the one curly hair boy.

"he did it" Louis said. I looked at Harry and then looked at Louis.

"How could Harry have poked me in the face if he is sat all the way on the other side of the car Louis" I looked at Harry to see all the boys where looking at me and Louis listening in to our conversation.

"well he was sat there then he ran over poked you in the face and ran back to his seat that's how he did it" Louis replied laughing.

"its not good to lie did you now Louis" I said he look scared

"ok I did it what is so bad about me poking you in the face" he screamed in my face.

"I did not say I had a problem with you poking me in the face I had a problem with you lying to me" the boys laughed.

"sorry Nicky I did not mean to lie to you" Louis said to me in a worried voice.

All the boys laughed when Louis apologised to me. I looked around the car

"well Louis this is just your warning" I said and turned to the other four boys who where still laughing at him "this is also your warning to" I said to them. They all stopped laughing at Louis and seen I had a serious face. For the rest of the journey  I just looked out of the window so I dint have to look the boys in the eyes because I felt bad about telling them off.

The rest of the car journey was really quiet well except for the *tap, tap, tap* noise which was coming form there phones as they typed of course.

When we finally reach the mall all the boys piled out of the car with me following behind them. Then Louis grabbed my wrist and dragged me inside. Then the boys started laughing. This was probably from the horrified expression on my face.

As we walked in side of the mall my eyes widened at the sight of the large mall and so many different stores I could see. I had never been inside of a mall before that was only because I was not allowed to leave the house because my mom and her boyfriend never let me. I was only allowed to leave if I was going to school or I was going to babysit that was only because it was my job.

"hurry up Nicky" Louis shouted to me as him and the boys walked off in to the mall. I was a little shock in how big the mall was I had just froze for a second. Niall looked at me strangely.

"are you ok? your acting as though you have never seen a mall before Nicky?" Niall said to me in a teasingly voice. I looked Niall in the eyes and gazed at him weakly.

"I haven't" I started as the boys jaws dropped. Niall looked at me and grabbed my hand and smiled at me.

"well I guess we have some shopping to do then don't we Nicky" as he smiled at me and pulled me towards some shops.

"yea 18 years worth of shopping" Louis laughed.

Harry eyes widened in realisation he cupped my face with his soft hands.

"hello Nicky" he said as I slapped his hand away from my face.

"don't you even think about it" I say to him in an angry voice. "I am hear with you on a professional level as my job not a personal one" Harrys grin faded away and Liam frowned.

"Nicky we would also like it if you was our friend as well as out babysitter because that would be just boring" he claimed. "babysitter" I replied. His eyes rolled.

"I don't even now why I am hear it is clear enough that you boys can look after your self its not like you are baby's you are adults you don't even need babysitting" I said to them all in an angry voice as I looked at them all.

"well where are we of to first guys" Zayn says trying to change the subject on to something else,

"JACK WILLS!!!" Harry screamed at then top of his voice.

"Toys R Us" Louis shouts at the top of his voice

Niall looked at Louis " you cannot buy clothes from Toys R Us Louis" he said

Zayn said pretending to think about what shop to go to "umm we shall go to umm Jack Wills"

"NOOOO" Louis screamed at the top of his voice sitting on the floor. He turned around and looked at me smiled and jumped up "Nicky is going to have a fashion show for us" he sang to him self. I crossed my arms and give him that look.

"no way you guys are hear to shop not me besides I don't even have any money to spend on clothes" I replied.

"we will pay for you Nicky" Niall said in a enthusiastic voice.

"no way I can not let you pay and anyway it is to expensive" you replied.

Louis said "its not we get played lots of money for working as One" He was then cut of by Liam putting his hand around Louis mouth and gripping tightly.

"work as One what" I demanded,

"One ermm" Liam said as he was interpreted by Niall

"wonderful works at Nandos" he screamed. I just raised my eyebrows at him. As Liam smiled at Niall.

"you work at Nandos" I laughed" judging by the amount you ate on the journey hear Niall they would fire you for eating all the food" I laughed. The rest of the boys all started laughing. Niall cheeks turned a funny pink colour. I stepped closer to Niall smirking and he took a step back away from me.

"I thought that we had already been over this Niall that we should not lie because it does not get you any where if you lie" I explained to Niall

Niall looked me in the eyes and said "sorry Nicky I did not mean to". I saw Liam gulp. Then Niall started to fidget nervously. Then a girl who was about 14 walked past us and started to scream and started breathing heavily and was shaking as she walked past the boys.

"oh my god it is One Direction please my I have all of your autographs I love you all so much" she whisper to the boys. The boys signed the girls small note book that she was carrying around with her.

You think to your self for a minuet One Direction that the song what came on the radio when I was sat in the limo with Simon. Liam looked at you as he was signing her book he bit his lip. I looked away form him for a few seconds then I felt five pairs of eyes on me as the little girl walked away screaming nearly in tears.

"so what am I missing hear" I said in a sarcastic way. Zayn looked at me

"well Nicky we are the world wide famous British-Irish boy band" Zayn said I burst out laughing as I looked at them they all had serious expressions then I stopped laughing.

"your being serious" I said

"umm yes"  Harry said hesitantly. I raised my eyebrow

"ok then prove then" you said

the boys looked around and it was mostly old people obviously because it was a school day.

"when he opens his arm and holds you close tonight,

it just won't fell right

cuz I love you more than this

yeah" My jaw dropped I was supposed to me baby sitting them but they all sang in perfect melody in the middle of the shopping mall. Harry smirked at me after they had finished there song.

"so Nicky do you belie us now"

"well I know you can sing, but how do I know that you are famous" you said to them teasingly. All the boys took it seriously.

"did you see that fan" Louis said. "come on" he said dragging me down to a shop that was all frilly and pink.

I was wondering what we was doing hear. Louis dragged me other to a rack with posters stationery, Jewellery and other bits and bob which had all five of the boys faces on them. They was know world wide as One Direction. The rack was full of there stuff. I looked at them and grinned.

teasingly I pick up a pick bra and waved it in Louis face " do you like having your face on girls bras" His eyes opened really wide and he stepped backwards falling in to Niall's arms.

"They make those, when did they start to make them we never approved of them" Louis yelled. The boys start to laugh at Louis reaction to seeing the bra dangle in his face with a picture of him on them.

"I wouldn't be laughing If I was you four" you laughed as you threw then some bras with there faces on them. Niall looked at you and smiled.

"did you just laugh" he said stepping towards me in a serious way I took a step back.

"no I did not" I said lying of course he took another step forward as I took another step back.

"I thought you said it was no good to tell pokies" as he started to laugh he reached his arm out and started to tickle me. I started to giggle as Niall was tickling me then I gritted my teeth together because he got me where my moms boyfriend had kicked me in the stomach.

"stop Niall" you laughed

"what's the magic word" Niall replied

"please Niall stop tickling me" I screamed between tickles Niall thought for a moment "nope I think the words you are actually looking for are Niall is a super doper mega sexy dude" Niall said

"No I will never surrender" I screamed. The boys where looking at us and laughing at us.

"ok ok" I screamed even loader "Niall is a super doper mega sexy dude"  Nialls hands dropped from my stomach as we both stood up I said "right that's enough tickling for one day" I said as the boys where all giggling at me.

"sure ok" Niall said "you better watch your back though" he winked at me.

"Hey Nicky what sort of phone do you own" Louis shouted from the other side of the store. I looked at the floor in embarrassments.

"I don't have a phone" I replied

" you have never been to a mall you don't own a phone gezz what's next" Liam said

"there is a lot of thing I have not done before" you said going red in the face. All the boys looked at you.

"like what haven't you done" said Harry.

"well say something normal you have done and I will tell you if I have done it" I replied to Harrys question

"umm ok have you ever been to the beach" Harry said

"nope I have never been to the beach nor have I ever been swimming" I said all the boys mouths dropped.

"Have you ever been to a movies" Zayn said "nope" Niall looked at you like you was a ghost.

"had a boyfriend" I looked to see who said  that. I looked to see Niall eyes staring at me. I couldn't answer that one because my eyes started to fill with tears as I started to think about my dad.

"umm sort of" Niall looked at you "what do you mean sort of you have or you haven't" he asked confused.

I looked Niall in the eyes and said "well in school I was bullied a lot and this guy asked me out but he only did it for a dare and one day he asked me to meet him at the lake in the local park so I went and as I got there I could see he was standing there with lot of people from school and as I walked up to him he pushed me in the freezing lake and everyone was laughing at me" you explained to Niall and the boys. you look at Niall and the boy and they are all looking at you with a sad look's on there face.

"can we go to a store now please" you ask the boys. Louis smiled brightly

"Toys R Us" he screamed again

Zayn looked at him "Louis we have been through this already you can not buy clothes from Toys R Us can you" he explain to Louis for the second time.

Harry said "ok we will go Jack Wills now" but you say "before we go in any shop I want you to promise me one thing" The boys look at  you

"well that does depend on what is" Zayn said

you then say "you are not allowed to buy me anything"

"Ok I promise I will not" replied Zayn then Niall grabs your hand with a smirk on his face and walks you to the store with the lads.

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